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Why do African leaders seek outside help to solve their political problems?



  1. Africans have no confidence in themselves, particularly sub saharan Africans. Very timid and shallow minded people.

    • Am at work I can’t listen to videos, what was the answer? Write it.
      This website is not YouTube please.

    • @1.2 Zambian Citizen

      Is that what it takes to be an African president – simply to be a blogger on LT? Is it not rather to rig and steal an election even when people have not voted for you; thereafter, arrest any would be complainants, threatening them with reason? In countries where democracy is taking root, we are seeing true leaders beginning to emerge. A good example is Tanzania. In Zambia, the ballot box has been kidnapped, and is being held for a ransom.

    • There is absolutely no moral or intellectual reason to be panting for Western leadership to address imaginary or existential political misunderstanding among us in Africa.

    • @Imute: Tanzania an example of democracy?? One party has ruled that country since the 60s and you call it democracy?? So far 2 opposition leaders have been hacked to death and that’s your version of democracy???

  2. We have been brought up to believe that the social arrangements (economic systems, political institutions, and cultural norms) of the Western world are the global standard that everyone should adopt for their own good. The counterpoint to the assimilation of this ideology is the belief among African elites that our own systems are archaic and backward. Thus African elites are quick to condemn everything in Africa or African – our political leaders, our public institutions, our ways of doing things, etc. This is not always an entirely wrong accusation even though it is an overly simplistic one.

  3. We also tend to hold ideal illusions of the West. We believe Western leaders are noble, loving their countries, and working genuinely to serve the interests of their citizens. We also believe that their political institutions work well. When we encounter the failures in our own systems, failures that may be produced by structural problems, we argue that our leaders are selfish and evil. The resultant social frustrations drive us to hate ourselves, suck our energy to find our own solutions, and drive us to look for external saviours. In a nutshell, Kigame is saying HH and UPND are a bunch of jokers and an embarrassment to Africa.

  4. Our leaders are not grown-ups. They are toddlers. Children will always cry for help. Grown-ups look to themselves for support and sustenance.

  5. The bemba paramount chief Chitimukulu asked the same question Kagame asked, why do leaders want to rush to the west and seek approval from there?? Which brings us to our political dialogue. The opposition wants the west to head it, hh is always in RSA seeking approval. President Lungu rightly singled out ZCID, a local institution, to handle this matter. Yet he is daily receiving scorn from the same opposition. Strong points, president Kagame!!

    • If opposition NDC can be hacked with pangas at central police in front of police , who can trust any institution in Zambia under lungu ??

    • If upnd thugs are murdering people in Kanyama riots and are arrested and in court, I can trust every institution under Lungu!!!

  6. Paul kigame is a great leader…..he could be authoritarian but he is a good leader.
    Just look at how he has turned Rwanda around… take , even if free and fair elections are held there he will elected hands down.

  7. Kagame is a proper military man no taka taka. People always talking on radio no work and no proper analysis of issues affecting nationals.

  8. ” Why do African leaders seek outside help to solve their political problems?
    March 9, 2018 ”

    Because they have been installed by foreign powers. Paul Kagame is a Tutsi in an 80% Hutu country, yet he gets 99% of the vote. He is also a General who was the former head of Military Intelligence in the Ugandan army.

    He was installed by the US/UK, against the will of the majority of Rwandans. His M23 is now occupying the Eastern DRC. No one complains or talk about extradition to The Hague. In fact the ICC prosecutor del Ponte lost her job when she tried to prosecute him.

    • Eastern DRC is occupied understandably to create a buffer zone and keep the war tone DRC at a distance.

      If DRC had wars happening close to the Copperbelt, Zambia would by all means get a share of it to create a buffer zone.

  9. African leaders are not well read. All of the problems Africa is facing have been experienced by other nations and they have found solutions to them. But for those who are not well read they think the problems are new. If you read books on world history from around the world North, East, South and West you will find examples of successful and failed policies. The average African reader has not read anything about economic histories of successful countries. Even after becoming politicians they still do not read, but want to make major economic decisions. That is why their probability of failure is very high. Africans are dying on crowded boats to get to Europe just like their leaders. They have no hope or trust in their leaders ever creating jobs for them.

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