Inspector General cautions Cadres against wearing outfits similar to military personnel

Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja
Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja
Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja
Zambia Police Service Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja

The Zambia Police Service has warned political parties to desist from wearing outfits similar to that of the Military Personnel.

Speaking through a press statement issued to media in Lusaka today, Zambia Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja said he has observed a reoccurring trend where some political party cadres have yet again begun wearing outfits similar to those of the military personnel especially during their respective party activities.

Mr. Kanganja explained that party cadres or any person other than the military personnel are not allowed to wear uniform or anything that resembles the military uniform as doing so is a criminal offence.

He stated that according to the State Security Act CAP 111 Section 6(1)(a) of the Laws of Zambia, any person without lawful authority who uses or has in his possession , imports or manufactures any uniform of the Defense Force or the Police Service or any other official uniform or any dress closely resembling the same as likely to deceive or falsely represent himself to be a person who has been entitled to wear any such uniform, shall be guilty of an offence and liable of conviction to imprisonment for a minimum of fifteen years.

Mr. Kanganja noted that there are pictures of some political party supporters clad in military regalia which are circulating on social media of which he has directed officers to investigate and bring those involved to book.

He said political party leaders at all levels should take a lead in educating their cadres and advise them to desist from engaging in behavior that is contrary to the law.

Mr. Kanganja said any police officer who will find any person wearing such an attire should act by arresting and prosecuting them.

He appealed to all Commissioners of Police through their Officers Commanding Districts and Officers in Charge of Stations in all provinces to ensure that the trend is brought to a halt without any delay.

Mr. Kanganja added that the Service will not sit back and watch lawlessness being perpetrated in the country or allow emergence militia groupings in any part of the country.

The Inspector General of Police has since implored political parties to conduct their activities within the Law.


    • How this incompetent man is still IG is beyond me…but am not surprised with mediocrity of this govt that declares 5 day holiday with a second thought!!

    • The IG is both incompetent and impotent. The same guy who fails to arrest PF cadres with machetes and pangas in front of Force HQ, the same guy who employed Chinese Police reserves, can today come and issue empty threats which no one will oblige. The problem however lies with Edgar Lungu, he is supposed to be commander in chief and appointing authority.

    • This PIG is both incompetent and impotent. The same PIG fails to arrest PF cadres yielding machetes, pangas and other missiles in front of Police HQ. The same PIG recruited Chinese to the Police reserves, and now the same PIG is issuing empty threats which no one will oblige. The real problem however, is Edgar Lungu, he is supposed to be Commander in Chief and the appointing authority. PIG= Police Inspector General….just in case

    • The position of lG has been made irrelevant by Lungu’s corrupt regime as far as I understand. Why is he even coming out of the woods to make silly statements? Who’s going to listen to him? Is he just talking to listen to himself?

    • Ignore this irrelevant chap he is just a turncoat, Kaizer Zulu does the IG job, he is just a rubber stamp! I understand that GBM, who I do not quite believe in so much, Offered Kasama residents business of start-up capital which I think is a good idea is a good idea. Not the mockery offer of OLFALS (Matumbo ifyamumala) to the people of Petauke by Zodwa. sorry Dora. Zodwa, sorry Dora should not take people for a ride!

    • Next you will hear that silly woman the Minister of Religion…where was she when Dora was dressed like Serena Williams when she was 14…shameless fooools!!

    • The Minister of Religious Affairs is inconsistent. She should have banned Zodwa, sorry Dora from joining because she was not nice to the PF party of SAT before. Why has she in a very inconsistent denied Dora, sorry Zodwa from performing in Zambia. Does she think she’s the Zambian people’s mother who will make decisions for them? I am going to bed now, I am very angry about these people!

    • These Colonial laws need to be repealed. Military camouflage, U.S. Desert Storm fatigue is fashion even with ladies.

      Only in primitive countries do we have such ancient laws. My friend was accused of being a rebel and detained, tortures in DRC for months due to a camouflage T-Shirt. We need a Govt that will usher us into 21st century, NOT taking us back to 19th century.

  1. Did you clear this with your appointing authority
    Coz you may be reversing it tomorrow like you did the swearing into the service of Chinese nationals…

  2. UNIP vigilantes where given so much power without military style uniforms. It’s about self-help enriching their pockets with disruption.

  3. Okay we hear you IG, but can you also comment on people who are elected to serve the people, but instead of working, they start erecting billboards. What’s your view?

  4. Instead of working on finding and arresting ritual murderers he is busy talking about military fatigue of what importance is that …when have you ever arrested the actual people who fund these ritual murderer? Useless IG get help from FBI or Scotland Yard if you are not up to the task!!

  5. I recommend changing the quasi-outdated look instead. Creating a brand new, unique design will not only frustrate the imitators but also attaract a lot of young men and women to join the police and defence forces.

  6. Dont beat about the bush PF CADRES wear military regallia , me i have a short camouflaged one will u arrest me

  7. 3 – 4 years you were still warning them Incompetent Kanganja.

    You know some of them to be our own PF youths and you can’t use the powers vested in you?

    No youths from any party should be wearing military fatigue

  8. Defense forces are capable of dealing with anybody imitating their regalia and ranks. But it seems nowadays they also enjoy the comedy, even a rapist can call himself General Kanene. Few years ago that wouldn’t happen. The police winifomo is very attractive to comedians, thanks to their behavior. There’s nothing respectable about Kanganja’s

  9. When you live in a corrupt society then getting restricted items becomes just a matter of “when” .

  10. If this nation lets Kanganja get away with this incompetence then we are not seriuos.The abuse this man has demonstrated is punishable and he must be brought to book.People have been arrested on flimsy charges at state expense and the man should be allowed a safe passage and a huge pension again at state expense,the same state he abused?You African male and females how do you think?

  11. So vague and dull. At the very least pictorial depiction would certainly be more informative than this drull of slage. Desire for educated schooling is paramount…but it’s just but nothing a desire.

  12. We all know the IG’s public persona, the message is directed at the opposition, even the PF themselves know it.


  14. Chilishani kanshi is it true HH and GBM pulled a large crowd in Kasama yesterday
    I thought that was PFs master bedroom anyone to clarify

  15. A very compromised papet IG.

    however you can not blame him, the most corrupt president is his paymaster and papetmaster……lungu is so corrupt that he does not dispute that he is a corrupt thief and only gets upset because he is not yet Zambias richest man….

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