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Stop neglecting youths or be punished in 2021-MMD Youths


MMD National Youth Treasurer Geoffrey Mulenga
MMD National Youth Treasurer Geoffrey Mulenga

MMD National Youth Treasurer Geoffrey Mulenga has advised the PF to take the challenges affecting youths in the country seriously or risk being punished in 2021 as was the case with his party.

And Mulenga has called for the depoliticisation of youth empowerment programs saying in a democracy people can not belong to one political party hence the need to empower youths regardless of their political affiliation.

Speaking when he featured on KNC Radio in Kabwe yesterday ahead of youth day commemoration today, Mulenga called on the PF to stop neglecting the youths in the country.

He said government should take the issues of the youth seriously and ensure that it creates an enabling environment for the youths to achieve their goals and contribute to the growth of the country’s economy.

Mulenga said even the much talked about youth empowerment funds are given on partisan lines saying a number of youths with brilliant business ideas have been overlooked in the allocation of youth funds due to their affiliation to opposition political parties.

He urged people administering the funds to stop looking at the faces of those who apply for funds but instead look at their proposals and nationality as the funds are meant for the Zambian people and not only those who patronise those in power.

Further Mulenga urged politicians to inculcate the spirit of oneness among young people if political violence is to be successfully combatted.

“The youth of today are only good to politicians if its to use them for violence. We need to move away from such politics of using the youth. There is a future after politics for the youth. It is high time that the youths stop been abused as tools of violence,” he said.

He added that it is retrogressive to national development to have youths abused by older politicians who do not fight among themselves.

“Youth day should be a day to appreciate the role that youths play in national development. Youth day should be a day to stock take and audit the measures government has taken to reduce unemployment. Youth empowerment has absolutely failed in this country “lisengo lyambwa” funds are given to youths in the ruling party and it is impossible for all young people to belong to one party because this is not the democracy the MMD fought for, we need to be tolerant with each other.

“There is need to explore realistic alternatives that can create decent employment opportunities like the agriculture sector, young people through the use of modern technology can effectively deal with challenges surrounding them for as long as they are empowered. The concept of FISIP was introduced by the MMD as a way to empower emerging farmers not cadres. Just look at the mess which was created with the introduction of the E-voucher, everyone knows that FISP worked so well for the farmers as for the latter results are there for everyone to see,” he said

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