Kalaba’s Youth unemployment accusations condemned by PF in Bahati

Harry Kalaba minister of foreign affiars with Mrs Esabel Lemba Directo Foreign affiars at AU Summit
FOREIGN Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba, speaking during an interview with Journalists after the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Council of Ministers held at Swazi Royal Hotel in Swaziland’s Ezulwini Town on Wednesday. PICTURE BY STEPHEN MUKOBEKO/ZANIS
FILE: Former FOREIGN Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba, speaking during an interview with Journalists after the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Council of Ministers held at Swazi Royal Hotel in Swaziland’s Ezulwini Town on Wednesday. PICTURE BY STEPHEN MUKOBEKO/ZANIS

Patriotic Front Bahati Constituency Chairperson Wisdom Mpelembe has taken a swipe at former Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba for accusing President Edgar Lungu of neglecting youths in the constituency.

In statement made available to media in Mansa today Mr Mpelembe says Mr. Kalaba’s claims that 75 percent of Bahati youths are unemployed because of the Patriotic Front government’s negligence should be condemned.

He says Mr. Kalaba as area Member of Parliament should instead take the blame for failing the people of Bahati during the time he was Foreign Affairs Minister.

He observes that instead of blaming President Lungu for the high unemployment and poverty levels in Bahati Constituency, Mr. Kalaba should ask himself why he failed to attract a single investor to the constituency to create jobs.

Mr. Mpelembe has since announced that the constituency executive committee has dropped two ward officials from their positions for participating in what he termed as dark corner meetings organized by Mr. Kalaba.


  1. Kalaba is right…….pf and lungu would rather get bribed to award import tenders for ZAF and other GRZ uniforms costing 10s of millions of dollars each year yet we grow cotton and have millions unemployed…

    • Create jobs for cotton farmers and the unemployed youth in sewing those ZAF, Police, Army and GRZ primary and secondary schools and other work cloths.

      Even if those sewing industries do not make profit , unemployment will be created for tens of thousands with the possibility for exports.

      But you see, this will deprive lungu and his pf gang of thieves revenue streams from bribes for personal and campains they get from issuing those tenders. So our youth will have to remain unemployed.

    • Govts create an environment for businesses to thrive. They control fiscal policies and run national budgets. But our country doesn’t plan, doesn’t work to create the conducive environment, doesn’t think of the nation as should be; instead our leaders concentrate on personal gains at the cost of the nation. We don’t need such leaders neither should we condone them. Abash to such people.

    • KALABA did something unprecedented in the history of Zambian politics. I would not like him to suddenly become irrelevant. I got a bit worried then because he was almost getting forgotten! KALABA we await you to show us the way. PF became irrelevant as soon as MCS died and became even more irrelevant to most Pf CADRES as soon as they finished dancing to Dununa reverse and work up to the reality of the mistake they made in voting in LUNGU, actually as soon as they helped him steal the election and he dumped them all!

    • PF has no moral right of defending itself from just about anything. That’s how low they are at the moment. The job of the presidential Political adviser is to work out how much should be used to bribe fake defectors, what? That means things will never change in Africa. Another Mugabe was complaining about ‘his untimely’ removal from, what he thinks was a short term stay in power (37 years!). Africa has very little hope!

  2. How can you have debate with such dingbats like PF Constituency Chairperson Wisdom Mpelembe who think attracting investment is selling land to a Chine to come and employ natives as slave labourers …I mean this is the level of mindsets we have in this govt of utterly lazy daft nincompoops. These are people who are eating with Lazy Lungu hence they will defend their weak leader without thinking as he gives them a GRZ Bank card to go and spend on shopping when they are abroad.

    • Jay Jay seems to be leading a life of misery and frustration. I mean, where do you find the time to comment on every article even responding to your own articles. These are the chaps who thought going abroad would give them greater opportunities than back home only to hit a brick wall. Palast nomba it’s comments 24/7 on Lusaka times. Kkkkkkkkkkk Lazy Scumbag

    • +Ka Popolyongo
      Uli chipuba.Now you are laughing at pipo who went abroad after PF failure to grow the economy?PF dullness…

  3. Kalaba must just learn to respect the law of nature. E.g. those who live in glass must …….. We all know how Mr. Kalaba backed Mr E Lungu passionately why backing out at the middle of the road? Am afraid such leaders like him can equally and effectively abandon the people any time any where. Because when you were supporting ECL didn’t you know what you are supporting? A good leader will stand for his word wether things are good or bad and be able to make a difference. Another concern on my brother honorable why should just always think of presidency only. Is it the only job where one can make a difference? God has given us different abilities to contribute to the well being of the nation. Just like you honorable I know you as a good technocrat who can give support to others. Please…

  4. Now Kalaba accuses Lungu…for how long has Kalaba been the an MP in that area? WHAT HAS he Done for the youths?

    It’s not Lungu’s job to provide for the youths, his the law maker that is why he was voted for , not to day dream just because he wants to make a name.

    It’s foolishness to ask accuse the President when you yourself has done nothing. That’s the problem with African leaders…they can’t think correctly. Do something show us then open your mouth…..what kind of leaders do we have kanshi who can’t think…nothing to show no results but busy accusing others……

  5. You all anti PF and Edgar Lungu are just scam and trying to put the blame game on every government that gets into power. I remember from the 70’s we used to grow tobbaco, repair our owns desks or muscle them to a carpenter who will do it for free. Dr Kaunda taught us self reliance, the ability to survive on your own when chips are down and you have no one to help you. Relying on government or politicians to do and think for you is what we call in literature, taking refuge in wishful thinking. Why not just use your initiatives imwe akapolo bamakaka?

  6. It is important to analyse the goings on in Zambia. There will be minimal development because china is getting all the money coupled with our own corrupt officials. Any transaction is over priced. If an investor tries to put up something there are lots of hands that say if you oil I will sign the papers consequently the chap weighs the costs and takes now the cash to Zimbabwe. Bahati guys your man was minister of foreign affairs and understands more than any of your so called PF officials there. Policies are formulated and never implemented because of oiling. Why are Zambian contractors failing and foreigners succeeding? Do not blame Kalaba mwebantu he is telling you now the real issues for development in your are to have stagnated. Support him to change the system.

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