Stop borehole-groundwater taxes Immediately-HH

Hakainde Hichilema
Hakainde Hichilema

Opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema has called on the PF government to immediately stop the implementation of the recently enacted Borehole and ground water taxes.

Mr Hichilema said that the UPND has noted with displeasure the levels of yet more punitive taxes being imposed on the country by the PF administration.
He said the latest tax on Borehole and Ground Water is only meant to cripple the people who are already being overburdened with tax.

“In no uncertain terms, we demand that PF through its leader cancels this new tax on boreholes and ground water as it will not in anyway benefit the poor. These taxes being introduced by the PF are being done in bad faith and are only channels for them to swindle citizens through corruption. As a people with common values, we must stop them because it is clear that they are only here to destroy our country and not build,” Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “Our people have lived for centuries especially in rural areas without being taxed for the use of ground water but this new statutory instrument (SI) signed by the PF is shocking not only to us but the country as a whole. A UPND government would have focused our energies on ensuring that we provide safe drinking water for our people regardless of the locality. One cannot imagine a villager in Mbangomba, Kashinakazhi, Shangombo or indeed Kaputa being taxed and in an exorbitant manner for using their borehole, groundwater, dam or indeed naturally flowing water.”

Mr Hichilema stated that this is the highest level of not only plundering of public resources but also daylight robbery from the already over-taxed population by the PF.

And Mr Hichilema has condemned the move by government to demolish over 4, 000 houses in Chipata, Eastern Province, on grounds that they were built illegally.

“Water and land are the preserve of our people. Our brothers have lived on that piece of land for too long and the PF cannot today claim that they are illegally staying on that land. They were given that land by the government agencies such as the council and therefore plans to move them away are unwarranted and must be stopped forthwith,” he said.

“We understand that PF including Mr Edgar Lungu are grabbing land from the poor everywhere and then selling these pieces of land to the highest bidder leaving our people homeless. This is heartlessness of the worst kind. Therefore, we direct that no single house on the earmarked 4, 000 should be demolished by the PF. It has become increasingly clear, that PF is only on a path of extorting our people not only through exorbitant taxes but also grabbing their only capital asset which is land.”


    • – You build a house with your own hands, becoz companies have stopped housing employees, now ati you have to pay tax on rentals.
      – You sink a borehole becoz councils have failed to construct water pipes, now ati you have to pay tax.

      We are now being made to pay for the 42×42 wheel-burrows & for the PF Kaloba reckless borrowing which was used on use-less white-elephant projects.

      As maturity day for Euro-bonds approaches, be prepared for worse taxes & duties from these PF00lish dim-wits.
      Ati “More Money in your pockets”, kanshi ni Matuv1 yeka-yeka, common thieves

    • Welcome to France, Spain, England, Scotland, Germany and Italy exactly 500 years backwards today.

      These countries in the 1400 through the 1559 started developing through all these same taxes you are condemning. It costs money to develop any nation and if you want modern cities all that costs money.

      As for shantytowns, Lusaka had 3 by 1990 today it has 11 all of them unplanned at that rate you will have 25 by 2030 and cholera will be totally uncontrollable.

      HH, what do you want kanshi? We borrow, you condemn; we say no borrowing, we are increasing our tax base; you condemn. We clean street so we can mitigate the spread of chorela, you condemn.

      We move street vendors we the intended goal of giving them dignified trading locales, you condemn. We institute proper town planning to…

    • Taxes is what makes Australia, USA, Britain successful countries. We can not always rely on free hand outs. As citizens we have to fund the government using taxes. So here Mr HH you are wrong.

    • We institute proper town planning to move people from shantytowns to serviced areas, you condemn.

      Kansi iwe muntu ufuna chani? This government is very bold and they are actually doing things that can lose them votes but at the same time looking at a better future Zambia.

      If they were only doing things for political reasons, they would not have chased street vendors knowing those people would vote against them.

      They would not be demolishing shantytowns knowing those are potential voters, they are cleaning house not for a popularity contest for a better modern clean Zambia with resources produced from within.

      Unlike you trying to appease and would probably do even worse if elected.

    • Civilization is expensive, basa … industrialization even more expensive. KK semi-industrialized Zambia for you and you thought it was a joke!!!

      You are acting like my kids … they grew up in a five star household with everything provided for. Now that they are grown and understand the cost of living, they have come to really appreciate how much I cared for them working those long hours so they would have a decent upbringing.

      Because you went to school paid for by UNIP, you had no clue because under socialism everything was subsidized and you and FTJ were busy crying privatization and capitalism not knowing the real consequences … just grow up and bite the bullet.

      You helped destroy our industrial base, you helped bring in capitalism and there’s no going back now. Kosenifye…

    • You helped destroy our industrial base, you helped bring in capitalism and there’s no going back now. Kosenifye bane and start working 2 or 3 jobs just like industrialized country folk do.

      It’s time work harder not lazy around thinking you have an 8 to 5 and go home, doesn’t work anymore at this level.

    • @ 1.2 BR mumba

      Europe 500 years ago used to charge farmers tax to grow crops , so should we also do that ??

      And asking what HH wants, maybe he wants GRZ to start manufactuctruring in Zambia instead of importing, like how they are spending $65 million on importing ZAF uniforms when we grow cotton ?? Don’t you think that such would that would increase revenue collections instead of trying to make sill.y comparisons to medieval Europe ??

    • Brother Mumba, your ‘solutions’ are only plausible in an ideal situation where 90% of the population is in gainful formal employment with a government that knows what it is doing and has a coherent economic plan in place. You do not live here and that is why your view of Zambia is in rainbow coloured glasses. I live here and the situation is bad. You cannot burden an already struggling working class with taxes without putting in initiatives to raise money without having to tax like you are mad men. I challenge you to name even one government initiative to widen the country’s revenue base that does not involve further impoverishing an already suffering citizenship through endless taxes. You cannot compare France to Zambia please!

    • Iwe @Mumba, wabe lyobe.
      Imagine Ba Mateo is going to pay tax for bathing in Luapula river.
      Come and tax us muli Bangweulu, tukamisakula.

    • Abena Spaka … Axiomatic!!! That’s why I gave that exact era of human civilization because it’s those farmer taxes that led to the commencement of industrialization 50 years down the road. So, yes … tax everything if you want to get there without national debt.

      Brother Dudelove … Virtousitly!!! I feel your pain but that’s what it takes to get to where you want to be 10 to 100 years from. The tapestry of a life worth living requires more input, get a second job or start a SIDO on the side to make ends meet.

      Abena Nostra … Vulgaritous as per usual!!! Kikikikiki, imwe lyonse kanofye mwa posapo ifya bwamba nangu aka mu salula? Ala mwa mfune mbafi nebo … iseni kanshi mu tu sakule!!! Endita ehh; Ba Mateo should pay after all bashila ba mbowa!!

    • @Maloza, I concur with You, ZRA should think before they even start taxing Homeowners. They have provided nothing yet they want to Reap What They Didn’t SOW. The borehole is another Example as you stated. People are digging them because they councils cannot provide water. Look at the Cholera we had, its typical failure of Service delivery.
      ZAMBIAN Some of you can condemn HH but let’s get serious and stop this nonsense of unacceptable taxes. They are not justified. They have Toll Gates Yet we have Pothole on the Roads. It’s sickening.

    • @B R Mumba Sr,
      On a serious note, USA was built on slave-labour. So based on that, according to your rationale, you see NOTHING wrong when Zambian Govt today engages slave-labour tactics on its own people to fund-raise? Seriously?
      Iwe mulumendo, what sort of warped thinking is this? You claim you are educated, but why does it not show when you articulate serious issues? Are you in over your head on this topic because it is outside your field of study or what?
      “Of all ignorance, the ignorance of the so called educated is the most dangerous. Not only are educated people likely to have more influence, they are the last people to suspect that they don’t know what they are talking about when they go outside their narrow fields”.- Thomas Sowell.

  1. Hh is right, so are people who use streams and wells as a source of drinking water also going to be taxed ??

    Pf have run out of ideas of rasing money.
    That is the problem when you have no clue about how to industrialise a country to create jobs.
    Soon they will be taxing farmers for using rains to grow crops.

    If the aim of this tax is to improve quality of ground water those unlined pit latrines polluting ground water should be dealt with.

    For once do the right thing for the country and forget bribes……stop importing ZAF , ZP, Army and school uniforms, make them in Zambia and there will be no need for wild taxes to get money.

  2. HH forget it.No much how much you plead with this government they won’t change their minds. They have to pay back the huge loans they got.And it is us the commoners to pay the highest price.

  3. I support HH for this one.I don’t know if our president is thinking.Whatever his thieves tells him he is implementing.How can u tax people like this ba Lungu.Do u really care about the pipo. Why have u failed to provide water to the pipo?are u sure pipo can become so mad to dig boreholes if govt provided water?This is very annoying to the pipo.i wonder if the pf members are telling what is happening to the pipo.If u go ahead a do this i can assure u that come 2021 u’ll be arrested.Most pipo are not happy.I’m PF but stopped supportig u coz u have destroyed the party.

  4. HH are you complaining or giving ADVISE..? And WHY HH is fond of POLITICAL BITTERNESS. In January, HH spent the whole month PREACHING his usual lies that ECL sold NRDC which is a LIES ,February he came up with another lie that ECL has sold MFUWE another LIES. Mr Tonga president please tell the Citizens of Zambia authentic information and verified one not puddles for rumors.THE PROBLEM is that you want to imitate our PF late hero MCS , him was an avancular political figure.

    • P you think from from your other holes.

      Don’t you know NRDC is being sold ?
      And the selling of game parks is a very tempting thing to pf who are cash straped.

      And in any case I would rather trust HH than a convicted fraudster.

    • P you think from from your holes.

      Don’t you know NRDC is being sold ?
      And the selling of game parks is a very tempting thing to pf who are cash short

      And in any case I would rather trust HH than a convicted fraudster.

  5. So even poor villagers who draw their water from rivers and wells will be taxed? I ask because what’s the difference between a well and a borehole? It is just that in the latter you use machinery for drilling and for wells you use picks and hoes but the same ground water

  6. This president has no heart for the pipo.If you go to Nakonde the road is in terrible go southern the road is in bad state.Why is the money we are paying for toll gates?In Lusaka it’s the same thing.why do u want to take pipo for granted.are u really out of touch Mr.president lungu?This is too much.I wonder if you have even political advisers to help u.Their interest is to amass wealth period bcoz Zambia can rise against you the way things are going if u’re not careful.A president should listern to the ordinary pipo.

  7. On this one I concur with HH. Government has run out of ideas. They have not specified whether this is also applicable to the boreholes in rural areas since they all fall under the same category.

  8. Under Five politician, you started off well and lost it through your usual emotions. I agree that PF must with immediate effect stop these taxes on Borehole water.

    The question you must ask PF is whether the demolition of the unplanned settlements comes with compensation for those on title, and or if this is an upgrade of housing units. Not what you always want to gain political mileage and just turn out into your usual evil being. I agree with your headline but your ending is lousy.

    • Totally agree with you.

      HH lost it further down with his rumblings about demolitions ………HH is not reading the public right. Most citizens are in favour of structured settlements and bringing sanity to the breakdown in town planning…

  9. Taxes alone are not a bad idea. What we condemn is the way this money is being spent. How can The Lusaka Province minister make so much money in a short period of time to enable him donate to multitudes of people in a space of less than two years. How could Kambwili, before he left government put those flats in Ndola in less than one year.

    We are not happy with the way you are spending the money. You cant grab money from us and use it on your girlfriends whilst we watch helplessly.

    Making money is not easy. You cant just come to grab it from everyone and use it carelessly.

    This money will haunt you. I command evil spirits to possess those girls you are going out with. May confusion prevail in your heads.

  10. Where will the 60 to 80% folk living in abject poverty get the cash to pay the so called borehole tax? This government is in disarray and a total shambles.

  11. The first opposition leader to raise this as an issue was Peter Sinkamba Green Party President, it is a welcome development to see HH is finally starting to raise real issues to do with development and challenges facing the people. It would be a welcome move if HH went a step further and made his MPs give up their luxury SUV vehicles and hefty allowances plus gratuity as a sign to show that he will not just follow the status quo of poor self centred leadership. Sad his MPs are just a decoration in Parliament and have lamentably failed to fight for the people on issues such as unfair expenditure on themselves. @BR Mumba Taxation is a problem when you use that money to buy luxury SUVs and pay allowances rather than fix roads in neighbourhoods, build drainages etc. The likes of Kaiser and…

  12. Ctn..The likes of Kaiser and Dora were suppossed to be fired a year ago from govt and not to be resfuffled, transfering rotten eggs from one basket to another will do no good. It shows sadly things have gone wrong.

    Where PF had an opportunity to run a govt that wouldve been lean, to cut on unnecessary expenditure, to reduce taxes (which was PF’s first pledge under the Late MCS back in 2001 at its formation, to provide efficient services to the public)- these are now just broken pledges which is a betrayal to Zambians and believe it come 2021 bwana PF is losing because they have scored too many own goals. As a former pro PF commentator I predict PF is losing in 2021!

    • 2020vision

      I think the corruption of PF and the fact PF is a party that found itself in an ocean of borrowed money without having to work for it is its downfall.

      They are punishing the electorate with heavy taxes instead of cutting down on importing goods that can be made in Zambia. Like $65 million to import ZAF uniforms is criminal and is how PF work.
      Another criminal act by PF is giving the RATSA partnership to the lebanses of lamise instead of empowering Zambians to take our destiny in our own hands.
      People may argue that Zambian contractors have been a let down , but that is the role of GRZ , to nature and grow local empowerment despite the disappointments , there is no room to give up on Zambians.

  13. 2020 vision i have not always agreed with you but you are proving that you give thought to your posts and say it as it is and for that i give you credit.
    Zambia, its pipo and its future is what we all should be trying to progress

  14. I can support HH on the issue of taxes BUT I DISAGREE ON DEMOLITION OF ILLEGALLY BUILT STRUCTURES!! WHAT IS ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL, there is alot of land in Zambia so people SHOULD NOT RESORT TO ILLEGALITY TO SETTLE. The issue of illegally built structures has brought us shanties, dirtiness and shame and has led us to where we are now- LAWLESSNESS, all bcoz UNIP tolerated this situation by usurping town planning powers from qualified experts and vested them in party cadres!! This continued in MMD,PF and now it appears HH wants to continue on the same path, earning votes by authorizing illegality!! NO, THEN THERE MAY BE NO NEED FOR CHANGE TO VOTE UPND!!

    • I agree. I wish HH could get better advisors. HH People will respect you for being tough on law breakers. I know you would love to please everybody at this stage but it does not work.

      Do not right the wrong. You will be wronging the right that way.

    • Yes, illegality should not be condoned. But the reality on the ground is that a common citizen can not get land from the council – bank statements??? Employment income????. And where was the council when the 4000 houses were taking shape?

    • They make not make it – but if you think that someone else will come and reverse these taxes, then you better think again.

  15. B.R. Mumba, your thinking is partially correct but mostly warped. imagine my retired grandmother paying K833 for a borehole she drilled at her own cost. What service has govt provided to charge her for that borehole? Are we saying they should be drinking water from shallow wells which wont be taxed? Tax is supposed to be calculated on income my dear. What income is there on a retiree’s borehole?

  16. I hope you guys vote them out…..with huge #s such that even their vote manipulation won’t help them.

    i hope you take this anger out at the polls and reclaim your country. it’s a shame how a government can have no regard for the general population.
    if ever lungu comes to my city next, i am going there to tell to his face how much he has f ucked up. he’s protected by cadres in Zambia, i’ll buy a ticket to his so called meet the president dinners and go tell him to his face

  17. Zambians never cease to amaze me. They want to compare their situation with other countries of 500 years ago? Can’t we think for ourselves for once and come up with unique Zambian solutions other countries can copy and emulate? Just because country X and Y did this and that does not mean it’s the right solution for country Z! The other problem with Zambians is lack of togetherness and patriotism! We are so hopelessly divided across tribe, politics, denomination, social class, etc that we cannot speak with one voice on what is best for every Zambian regardless. A Zambian with a full stomach and a few possessions and ramshackles here and there does not think of his or her Neighbour next door who may be struggling under the myriad punitive taxes the political th1eves are heaping on the…

  18. citizens! They borrowed in the name of the country and its citizens and ransacked every dollar borrowed through inflated road and other projects. Now that pay back time is on us, we find all the taxes we have been collecting to be inadequate for social services like health care. Not long ago some parts of the country had no anti malarial drugs like Coartem. More than 60% of what is collected is now going towards debt servicing leaving less than 40% for everything else. To make matters worse, we have hidden Chinese loans we don’t even have an idea how we’ll repay. The KK international Airport project and other lucrative projects will have to be leased for 99 years for China to recover their money. What this means is our great grand children will be asking the same questions we are asking…

  19. today as to how Galaun came to own the whole of Lusaka and today we find ourselves buying the same land at expensive rates! This is the folly of we Africans! Wit fails us! We get too greedy like monkeys to the point that that greed traps us in a viscous cycle of poverty and backwardness! To right the wrong, a few selfish politicians who borrowed and pocketed everything have the audacity to want to pass the cost of repaying to us who never benefitted from the borrowed money through laughable punitive taxes. Why should a government that has failed to provide piped water to all be asking citizens to pay for using their own initiatives to provide themselves water 24/7? Most people have on average 3 to 5 boreholes and with each borehole asking for K1,666.00, you are talking of K4,998 to K8,330…

  20. and most of these boreholes are not making money but are purely for domestic use. Does it mean government will now be repairing or replacing borehole pumps when they stop working? Will they be sampling and treating our borehole water?Meanwhile people’s disposable incomes keep going down with time because of the rise in the cost of living and the other taxes. Where are we going as a country? What is our country vision, mission and our values to enable us stay the course of our mission to realize our vision? We must go back to the drawing board. Those that have put us in this mess should be ready to be auctioned of all they have amassed through stealing and corruption and must be subjected to firing squads! Enough of this looting of public resources and corruption!

  21. @B R Mumba Sr,
    On a serious note, USA was built on slave-labour. So based on that, according to your rationale, you see NOTHING wrong when Zambian Govt today engages slave-labour tactics on its own people to fund-raise? Seriously?
    Iwe mulumendo, what sort of warped thinking is this? You claim you are educated, but why does it not show when you articulate serious issues? Are you in over your head on this topic because it is outside your field of study or what?
    “Of all ignorance, the ignorance of the so called educated is the most dangerous. Not only are educated people likely to have more influence, they are the last people to suspect that they don’t know what they are talking about when they go outside their narrow fields”.- Thomas Sowell.

  22. When my late father retired from ZCCM, he used part of his retirement money to sink a Borehole back at the village in a rural area where him and my late mother retired back to. I financed the purchase of the hand pump for the Borehole.
    Needless to say, the Borehole became the communal source of clean water to curtail waterborne diseases instead of the nearby stream, and is still the case to date.
    So now, all of a sudden, this has to be Taxed?? Govt wants to discourage these villagers from using clean ground water and stick to surface water from the stream full of waterborne diseases??
    What is this?

  23. How do you charge some one for contaminated group water.
    Water is God given, why should of benefit even where there nothing to benefit.
    These guys are really stup*d to say the least. They should be in chainama not state house.

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