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ZICTA awards a fourth mobile license to UZI Mobile Zambia


ZICTA has awarded a fourth mobile license to UZI Mobile Zambia.

The company has once made a US$350 million investment pledge into its business in Zambia.

The company hopes to create 450 direct jobs.

UZI Mobile Zambia is majority owned by Unitel International Holdings B.V which is registered in the Netherlands with a ten year presence in Anglola, São Tomé, Cape Verde and Portugal.

The firm promises to deploy 4.5 G and 5 G technologies countrywide and will deploy 100 sites in undeserved and unserved areas of the country.

The country already has MTN, Airtel and Zamtel as the three mobile service providers.


  1. Apart from Unitel, Who are the Zambian shareholders/directors in UZI Zambia Limited? When was it formed? What’s their business history?

    Those are the most important questions

    • The only company with that much presense in Angola is Santos firm…they choose a company with presence in only one country…i wonder how was on that shortlist.

  2. Some people were saying Sherpherd Bushiri was entering this kind of business in Zambia. Why don’t we have locals competing? Can’t that man who made a fortune selling companies and that one who uprooted the railway line from Ndola to Luanshya unite and found a company on the same line of business? They’re just good at insulting Edgar? No wonder Chibamba Kanyama failed to profile any of them, I’ll gotten money can’t be profiled

    • And how do u profile Chagwa?? Just keep to the topic here. One of the issues u ought to be looking at is this is a state owned company in Angola …

  3. A can of worms has been delivered, just wait for the rot to be revealed. Uz3, this stinks of corruption, again. Nafuti nafuti at work

  4. Registered in the Netherlands, a tax haven. Not many in Zambia know that. But we do not care do we? Osama bin Laden’s agents can register a company here and no alarm bells will go off in watchdog organisations.

  5. Looks they are a small company in Portuguese speaking countries.
    Do they have the technologies and huge financial muscles?
    I see them borrowing from local banks to pay for investment funding!
    Mickey Mouse Investments.

  6. This will be very confusing. Ba UCZ please bear with us for using your name. Like everything that smells PF, it would be interesting to know the devil in the details! Vodafone would have been the best since we already know them. Why not register Vodafone as well?

  7. And how do u profile Chagwa?? Just keep to the topic here. One of the issues u ought to be looking at is this is a state owned company in Angola …

  8. What expertise do we actually have at Zicta? I don’t think they fully understand the business side of things apart from trying to stifle democratic debates.

  9. Google about tis company and this is what you will find it ws founded in 2015, what experience are thsy talking about?
    “Company Overview

    Unitel International Holdings B.V. was formerly known as Jadeium BV. The company is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    Zuidplein 36 H-Toren

    Amsterdam, 1077 XV


    Founded in 2015”

  10. Unitel S.A. is a private Angolan mobile phone company which was established on 8 March 2001[1] as a joint-stock company. The company is owned by Oi and Helios (through Africatel), Angolan state-owned oil company Sonangol and local firms like Geni holding (through Mercury), and Vidatel owned by Isabel dos Santos, each holding 25% of Unitel. Tony Dolton is the Executive Director of Unitel since September 2013.

    The seat of the company is Luanda. It has about 2.000 employees and a network coverage nearly in all the provincial municipalities since 2002. It is expected to reach all of them by 2012.[2]

    Unitel sells its services via a network of shops; recharging cards for pre-paid contracts are also sold by individual street sellers all over Angola. Prepaid cards can also be recharged via…

  11. Continued
    5. Question: What method was used to select this company?
    An example how others have done it:
    6. ZICTA: I do not know why you exist. You do not serve this country at all. In this country people move with more than two cell phones just to avoid cross network charges, internet is still a luxury (way too expensive) and you choose some unknown company based on unknown criteria. Stealing people’s money in the form of talk time and sub standard cell towers continues i.e you part of the scheme. Whoever made this decision remember you lost another opportunity to make a positive contribution to your country for the sake of personal benefit. Just know we see everything.

  12. Do you people honestly expected Vodafone to be awarded the licence? Not under Chagwa’s government. Everything in the Chagwa’s government is shrouded in corruption, stinking corruption. Any sensible human being would have expected Vodafone to be awarded this, since they have an established presence in Zambia. Not under Chagwa. Mwa Chagwa or Changwa, kuwayawaya fye.

    • Not with docile Zambians …they wouldn’t boycott Shoprite if they found out they send expired rubbish to Zambia.

  13. It’s a big shame how we Zambians think.We are so backward and yet we want to sound clever for nothing.
    First of all,why are there no Zambians applying for the same.
    A Zimbabwean owns the largest mobile network in Africa.They had zero experience and yet they were given the first ever license in Botswana ahead of Vodafone.
    Even Swazis can run their own home grown mobile network.
    Why are Zambians not asking for their own citizens to be given the license.
    Instead, out of ignorance people are speaking for Vodafone and begging for foreign companies to come and exploit them.
    I am also pissed off that we are not supporting each other simply because of politics.
    The UPND will insult any Zambian who would get the license as being corrupt and in bed with the PF.
    No wonder they are crying for…

    • You need the bribing to do so. The call for companies such as Vodafone is because they have deep pockets. The $350mn pledge is less than what both Airtel and MTN have spent in less than 3years – on towers, infrastructure and backend processes! Our industry is still behind other SADC countries, and the most expensive to do business. Mobile Voice License =$65000 non-refundable, and placing a bid was more than $20,000, additional costs ie renting existing infrastructure – means this is capital intensive!

  14. When we go for big business meetings that’s what we are told that Zambians are not reliable business partners.
    Am not surprised.That’s why we don’t have rich people in Zambia.
    When people get a little bit of money through government,the next thing is they want to be president.
    All they want is to milk government.
    Learn from business people with real money like the South African,Nigerian and Egyptian billionaires.
    They have created business empires across the continent and employee hundreds of thousands.

  15. I remember having a conversation with one of the current ministers at a SADC meeting.
    The minister complained bitterly about how Zambians are so into politics while investors are hungry for partnerships to do big projects.
    If I had my way I would ban political parties so that people can spend more time discussing business and development like they are doing in many parts of the world.
    The Russians have had Putin since 2000 and yday he was given another 6yrs.
    The Chinese have changed their constitution to give Xi their president an endless term of office.

  16. If u go on social media like facebook,you will be shocked how many groups Zambians have created for politics .
    There are very few Zambian groups where people can come together to do development projects for themselves.
    Nchito nikutukwana boma daily.
    Na nsoni tilibe…

  17. Let them come and compete with airtel who are stealing day and night, mtn be at steady fast to introduce the 6g network to beat Uzi with their 4.5g and 5g network

    • Its not even worth developing 6G when they have failed to deliver 50 Mbps on 4G and 7 Mbps on 3 G

      The” G” thing is just a marketing exploit

  18. Thought Vodafone would stand a chance to be awarded the same license as fourth network provider.
    Unlike these so called UZI busy prophesying 4.5 and 5.0 G network.

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