Leaders should not bury their heads to evil deeds-Shakafuswa

Jonas Shakafuswa
Jonas Shakafuswa

Former Katuba Member of Parliament Jonas Shakafuswa has appealed to leaders to listen to the cries of the people.

Mr. Shakafuswa who is also a member of the ruling PF and seen to be President Edgar Lungu’s close ally said leaders should provide answers to those that are led when they ask.

“Sometimes it is wrong to bury our heads to evil deeds,” Mr. Shakafuswa said.

“Been looking at some street talk and what I have found coming out of the ‘Led’ needs serious answers. I feel leadership needs to have a way of addressing concerns raised than brushing everything aside,” he advised.

He said he has come across genuine concerns which need proper answers.

“Especially on corruption and corrupt practice. Is it true that the Procurement system has been hijacked? Are decisions being influenced by corrupt practices? Are bids reflective of competition and fair pricing? Do we have practical example of corrupt practices?”


  1. Even members of BLAZ(Boot Lickers Association of Zambia) have started talking. Some thing seriously wrong in PF

  2. Jonas your uncle Levy Patrick Mwanawasa was involved in UNZA, Chongwe he spent 300,000,000 Kwacha for Cheris when she won Big Brother Africa, Maureen Nkandu complainted but no one including yourself listened.

  3. “sometimes it is wrong to bury our heads to evil deeds” Surely is that you Jonsa? What about the women you used to SLAUGHTER at parliament hotel using tax payers money was it not an evil deed? Life is like a rotating wheel. You can be on top today and find yourself at the bottom tomorrow.

  4. Well come back to your senses. Finally you can see some sense is what people are saying. Blind loyalty destroys even the brilliant minds. Posterity will always be on the right side of history.

  5. Shakafuswa is a waste of space. He was once a promising politcian. He should now just shut up and sit down.

  6. Shakas has now gone through the mill, he’s ready to take up the challenge of higher responsibility. He speaks wisdom. Truly, some happenings in govt are quite embarrassing. Govt is losing colossal sums through the procurement system. The recruitment of teachers is another grey area. The list is long but no one knows when Edgar will act. ZPPA is moriband and can’t superintend govt procurement, it’s free for all. SHAME! Shakas tell Edgar what you’ve just said, else PF must begin to prepare for opposition politics soon

  7. This is a fair comment by Shakafuswa and requires correct response from those responsible for exercising state power.

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