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Police arrest over 300 Hone students for rioting


Pix: Evelyn Hone College riots on Wednesday night

Police in Lusaka arrested 207 more students in the Evelyn Hone riot which happened last night at about 23 Hours.

Police say this brings the total number of those arrested to 333.

The students were protesting against delays by TEVETA to release their 2017 end year exam results.

Among the 207 arrested last night, 119 are male while 88 are female students.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo said the students were repelled from going to the main road and later caused damage to the infrastructure at their school particularly the institutional Clinic and Administration block.

Mrs Katongo said the students further pulled down the wall fence that demarcates Evelyn Hone and NIPA and the one that demarcates Evelyn Hone and ZICAS.

“We have information that some of the students from NIPA participated in the confusion while there was none from ZICAS. Officers are still screening the students so as to establish the number of those coming from other institutions,” Mrs Katongo said.

All are detained in police custody.

“We wish to advise the students at Evelyn Hone especially their Students Union to find amicable ways of addressing their grievance and the best approach would be to engage relevant authorities. As Police, we are not going to tolerate any lawlessness and those found outside the boundaries of what the Law provides for will be dealt with accordingly.”

Pix: Evelyn Hone College riots on Wednesday night


    • These are the same students that will be leaders in the near future.

      The current crop of leaders went through the same behaviour. That is why the system is broken. Lawlessness prevails.

      Damaging property is not the answer – what will you be using once the fires have been put out???

      Students must start using their brains, otherwise Zambia will always have rotten leaders like Lungu and HH.

  1. What is broken is not the students. What is broken is first TEVETA. It has to take a riot for the governments of Zambia to realise and accept that TEVETA as it is currently managed is a disaster. ECZ runs exams for over two hundred thousand students and results come out on time. TEVETA runs examinations for less than fifty thousand students and they can not produce the results. This is now late March. Colleges will be closing for holidays in April and they still do not have definitive results. Secondly, what is broken is the government. Students held a peaceful protest on Wednesday and were arrested. It is only after the arrests that they resorted to the night riot. When will Zambians ever enjoy their right to demonstrate peacefully in their own country.

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  3. Teveta has failed to work,its high tym the government did something abt that,a person writes 5 courses but the results come out nd it shows that the person wrote 10 courses.TEVETA must go.dont condemn the hone students u don’t knw wht they hv Been through.

  4. We don’t deserve to be independent. We have no capacity of doing anything positive by ourselves. Zambia needs a reset.

  5. But why resorting to destroy property?and when they go to the main road they destroy innocent passers’ by properties.its not fair.they are just a bunch of thugs,they have the relevant authorities to stand and solve these issues for them.

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