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Former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar dates Zambia


former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar
former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar

Standard Chartered Bank in conjunction with Liverpool Football Club have brought former Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar in Zambia for the standard chartered tournament to be played at Falls View Arena in Lusaka.

Grobbelaar, upon arriving in Zambia at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport stated that, the tournament is important because it will give an opportunity to winners to visit and learn about Liverpool FC.

He explained that the winners of the standard chartered trophy will go to Liverpool, United Kingdom to watch Liverpool FC live at Anfield Stadium.

The Liverpool legend explained that the tournament will attract unforgettable experiences to the participants adding that, it will link Zambians and many other countries with Anfield.

He however, thanked Standard Chartered for the great partnership the club and the Bank has enjoyed since 2010.

Grobbelaar who is also former Zimbabwean International Footballer will be in the country until Sunday 25th March, 2018.

He was at Liverpool FC in United Kingdom between 1981 and 1994.

Kenya, South Africa, Zambia are among the countries holding this tournament.


    • It used to be Grobbelaar wearing Shirt No. 1 and Rush wearing Shirt No. 9 for Liverpool … those were legendary years.

      The duo made Liverpool autarky with two lines as Grobbelaar managed the defense and Rush in charge of offense. What A Sweet Life!!!

      Great Kalu was Grobbelaar‘s only shocker when he goalied for the Zimbabwean side. A one time shocker header Grobbelaar still talks about to this day.

      Great to have you back, Grobbelaar … welcome back to your neighborhood.

  1. I called him the “Monster Goalkeeper” He was prolific, agile and very very good. That Kalu goal. am sure the man still remembers. He made Zim hard to beat. Good to see in (Z). welcome home bro!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was at the Harare National stadium way back in 1993 when Gibby Mbasela gave the Zimbabwean defense a run for their money and to Kalu’ s header was an icing on the cake. After the game we went to the Ambassador hotel where Lubumbashi stars entertained us. Kalu’s young brother Joe Bwalya was wearing all black that night. The Zambian national team traveled by road back to Lusaka….fond memories

  3. Do you remember what the late Gibby Mbasela did to him. and do you recall what Bruce’s comment was about the master dribbler?

  4. I remember watching him on a 14 inch black and white TV,as a young boy in the eighties ,when Liverpool were the kings of England and Europe.He was a great goalkeeper.Him and the likes of John Barnes, Ian Rush and Peter Beardsley helped endear Liverpool fc to me.

  5. He is not a native zimbabwean, but liked by Zambians for his alertness on goal keeping, even though Gibby mbasela scored him olilo its just one of those things in football, the man is an English man, even when he speaks english all zambians end up saying akamba chani ??

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