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Land use plan underway in Liuwa National Park

General News Land use plan underway in Liuwa National Park

Liuwa plains National park

African Parks has announced that it will soon implement a land use plan in Kalabo’s Liuwa Plain National Park aimed at protecting its ecology and promote economic growth.

Advance Africa Consultant Tammy Bean-Klette says the plan will ensure that African Parks secure long-term ecological potential and economic growth for the park.

Briefing Heads of Government Departments in Kalabo at Nalionwa Parish Hall yesterday, Mrs. Bean-Klette noted that the plan has potential to protect and promote Liuwa’s ecological integrity.

Mrs. Bean-Klette said the strategy would also harmonize human-wildlife conflicts which have been on the rise especially among farming communities along the wildlife corridor.

She explained that the measure would address overriding dynamics of conservation against development and sustainable utilization of land, resources and wildlife.

The consultant proposed the correlation of key aspects such as culture, community livelihoods, agricultural practices, wildlife movements and park accessibility among others.

Mrs. Bean-Klette disclosed that the key aspects under consideration would spur increased wildlife, environmental conservation and sustainable use of land and other natural resources.

Speaking at the same function, Liuwa Land Use Planner Bryson Sompa said African Parks has collected immense data among village clusters within Liuwa on the main livelihood activities and geographic locations of key areas of natural resource utilization.

Mr. Sompa further said the project has collected data on human-wildlife conflicts including specific details related to crop damage and animal species causing damage.

He expressed optimism that the cross cutting participatory project would result into enhanced opportunities to optimize land use by all stakeholders.


  1. This story is that;
    Africa Parks LTD who bought luiwa national park wants people get the fuuuuuuck out of there land.

    At least they had a meeting with Community. In Lusaka and Chongwe they just sell land, and protest at whatapp.

  2. They also have Bengula swamps and other lands holdings in the north, they control 7% of Zambian land mass very dangerous for this people to have that power and pay less than $175,000 us in concession fees to Govt.

  3. I know a Zambian lady in the US with a degree (honours) and a diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management who applied at Africa Parks and they never hired her. She is frequently commenting on their Facebook website about sustainable tourism and wildlife conservation to which they never respond. Africa Parks has its own agenda and are there mostly for their own existence and survival. They have been asked to comment about Safari Club International and Dallas Safari Club and how they are depleting Africa’s wildlife by killing our wildlife for sport yet they never denounce the sport. If anyone goes on Youtube and types Dallas Safari Club, you will see what they do with our wildlife. These international organizations make billions off Africa’s wildlife yet Africa Parks says nothing.

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