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Lubuto University shut down for illegally offering health courses


Lubuto City University in Luanshya

The Health Practitioners Council of Zambia (HPCZ) has with immediate effect closed the School of Health Sciences at Luboto University in Luanshya for illegally offering health related course affecting over 300 students.

HPCZ Public Relations Officer Terry Musonda said the closure was necessitated by a breach of provision in the Health Professions Act no. 24 of 2009.

Mr Musonda said the University beginning last year in May started offering health related courses without a practicing certificate from the council.

He told Journalists that the council received a tip from members of the public which led to investigations and the ultimate closure of the department.

Mr. Musonda indicated that Lubuto University had failed to meet the minimum requirements such as qualified teaching staff and laboratory facilities among others.

And University Vice Chancellor Micheal Mukonge admitted to having offered illegal programs but that he had written to HPCZ and was still waiting for a response.

Dr. Mukonge stated that over 300 students both in second and first semesters have been affected under public health, Clinical medicine, environmental health and bio chemistry courses.

Lubuto University has however continued to operate it for other courses offered under the schools of business, education and criminal law.

Stranded students being addressed by inspectors from the HPCZ



  1. I suspect that provision is like the reflector stickers’ law on motor vehicles – irrelevant and anachronistic to the times. Just saying… examine it.

    • Yeah, I agree with you, my brother. The Police in Zambia insist on stick on reflectors, which is so outdated it doesn’t reflect advances in technology. Today both the front and back lights are reflectors. Therefore, there is absolutely no need for stick-on reflectors, except in Zambia.

  2. A university without proper infrastructure. No qualified lecturers. Why?? This country is rotten. I even wonder which normal institution can employ students from such a fake school. Shame on the owner. Just profit motivated

  3. You do things illegally, law applied on you and stand on mountain top claiming victim of ruthless system. Why didn’t you wait for acreditation by relevant authority?

  4. The problem is with the Higher Education Authority. How can the Authority allow the registration of 61 private universities in Zambia when Nigeria with a population more than ten times the size of Zambia and tens of thousands of PhD holders only has 30 public and private universities?

  5. Sorry I meant to say Nigeria has 59 universities with 30 private universities, 16 state universities, and 13 private universities. My view is that the Director General of the HEA must be taken to task to explain how he has registered so many universities with highly questionable credentials. More than 90 percent of these so-called universities have no infrastructure or staff! If nothing is done soon, we are condemning this country and our younger generation to a future of mediocrity and darkness!

  6. They were stilling money from people, its good that the HPCZ av cloz so early this school because thy could av still more…..thank you – you people from HPCZ for clozing this ka university

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