National AIDS Council (NAC) says there is need for Zambians to support the drafted National Health Bill as a good initiative to improve the health sector in the country.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, NAC Director of Policy and Planning John Mwale said that it is important that Zambians okay the draft National Health Bill so that Zambia can afford to purchase ARVs.

Mr. Mwale added that about 80 percent support on the purchases of ARVs comes from the stakeholders like global fund among others and wondered what will happen if stakeholders withdrew their health support.

He explained that about 85,000 people in Zambia are on ARVs and Zambia cannot afford to rely on stakeholders to come to the aid on the purchase of the drugs at all times.

Mr. Mwale added that about 46,000 new HIV infections are recorded yearly and HIV prevalence in people of ages between 15 and 46 is at 12 percent.

He further explained that if the National Health Bill is passed, it means that Zambia will be able to purchase ARVs on its own and will not have to rely on stakeholders to help with funds for any health related issues.

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  1. I still have those yellow-blue box of “Maximum” Condoms, from 90s. That’s why we are still alive.
    Not your current flavored and political NAC some red , some green ones.



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