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Government has created over 3 million jobs in the formal and informal sectors-Labour Minister


Labour Minister Hon. Joyce Nonde Simukoko
Labour Minister Hon. Joyce Nonde Simukoko

Minister of Labour Joyce Simukoko has said that, according to the 2017 statistics released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), Government has created over 3 million jobs in the formal and informal sectors.

Speaking today during the PF Interactive Forum in Lusaka, Mrs. Simukoko also stated the need for employees to belong to trade unions.

And the Minister of Labour has said that most employees in the country have a poor reading culture and do not know their rights at work places. Mrs. Simukoko added that employees usually want to be head over their employers which is not right because government’s role is to regulate both parties and ensure they are heard fairly.

She said that government is currently working towards improving social security which is an important component that has been neglected in the past.


  1. In your 3 million jobs Are including the seasonal labourer jobs that come with road and other building building projects ?

    Pleas show us statistics of permanent jobs.

    • Those figures look very suspicious.

      Maybe the minister has included in this figure the 2.75 million jobs that have gone to the Chinese, or the jobs created in foreign countries when Lungu visits.

    • This woman looks like na maliketi..with all the intelligent people we have in Zambia how do we allow such dunderheads to be

    • All you 1mbeciles above dont always be negative to govt. Bitterness towards your friends achievement poisons your own life . You sound so disappointed about the development. If you can accept to be led by others you can lead others. Give support and respect to people in leadership if you want the same to apply to you when you assume leadership.

    • Oval head

      To you pf rats Lies ati archivments …..if you be live this lies go to my #3 post and tell us why Zambia would need the IMF if tax collections from workers alone was $60,000000 per month ??

    • It is amazing that D!ck Head (#1.4) call others “imbeciles” and yet he believes any crap originating from the Plunderers Federation?

    • Hahahaha!!! who got these jobs, everyone is still unemployed. THE DOT WAS MISSING, what she meant to say was that government had created 300 jobs.

      The minister of information and government spokesperson Ms. Dora Siliya MP, will issue a statement to correct her counterpart minster of labour.

  2. The only right thing you doing is the funeral scheme and giving us the workers the National Health Insurance as we signed in 2012!

  3. If this true one wonders where PF are taking all the incometax collected….for arguments sake say everyone of those 3 million workers pays $20 income tax/p month , that is $60,000000 per month in employee income tax alone per month ???

    • Complete LIES! Lungus government has LOST nearly half a MILLION jobs due to closure of markets and the fish ban!

      How can this Minister of Labour Joyce Simukoko stand up and tell LIES like this in public?

      Has she NO SHAME? Does she not know her LIES will be found out?

  4. The minister’s figures cant be taken seriously and one can only hope that the figure is erroneously attributed to the CSO. We know for sure that most sectors of outer economy have either been stagnant or shrinking. Could the hon minister give us the breakdown by sector? Three million is not a joke. It represents about a quarter of the current Zambia’s population.

  5. Hahaha,… They claim to have created jobs but majority of Zambians can’t find jobs. Landeni bwino ba minister, Maybe majority of Zambians are blind not to see those jobs!

  6. This is a BLUE lie from this lady! Another let down even old man Shamenda was a little bit better than this woman. Breakdown that figure per sector and lets see those jobs. Does this lady live on the moon,she sounds very alien to whats happening in Zambia! Life is so tough at the moment that qualified people are working for peanuts because of lack of alternatives in the job market. Jobs that used to be for school leavers like meter reading,distribution of bills etc have been held by old old people with families who have got nowhere to go leaving the many school leavers roaming the streets. The situation is so terrible that when recruiters advertise for 2 people,they will be choosing from say 500+ applicants and this lady has got the audacity to lie in this manner!!

  7. In 2016, President Lungu announced that GRZ with create 1 million jobs in the 5 years and now the Minister says actually they have created 3 million jobs within 1 year, wow. This is better than the USA, China and South Africa. The Honourable Minister should know that job creation is a key economic indicator and generally standard of living should be better where more jobs are being created. Can she please tell us sector by sector the 3 million jobs created including income ranges. Populist statements at this moment in time will just embarrass PF.

  8. I am laughing at the comments and bloggers above NOT the Minister.
    The Minister is generous to share her source of information.
    She has clearly said that its 3m jobs according to CSO.

    If you don’t work for CSO,its wise to shut up or visit CSO for your own version of the stats.

    Besides,all the above people are jobless and have all the time to visit CSO and educate themselves on several fronts.

    • I beg to differ for two reasons, first its suspicious that CSO would honestly get these figures correct if not just using extrapolative figures while sitting on their desks for they have no tools to make them effectively collect data. Second reason it is a must that the minister cross checks data with the source to align it with her party’s position on job creation policies. I wonder if during the same interactive forum no one had seen the need to ask for a breakdown by sector distribution of the 3 million jobs! The minister is just trying to be noticed for the vibe lost from being a trade unionist, she’s simply been ineffective!

  9. Yangu ubufi! ubufi! Nokumoneka bulemoneka. What is Zambia’s adult population? Employable population mwebantu! 3million jobs wound completely swallow it up

  10. Minister, let me put it this way. Zambia has a population of about 16 million. The vast majority of this are underage (for employment purposes) plus the over aged (again for employment purposes) plus those that are voluntarily unemployed. Further add those that were already in employment. This already takes up a huge chunk of your total population. So if you off loaded new 3 million jobs, you would be talking of a situation of full employment in Zambia. You wouldn’t be seeing those youths in the streets. You wouldn’t be seeing those prostitutes hanging around everywhere , not even those jerabos let alone cadres because every eligible person will be working.

  11. In Zambia, a minister can wake up, open her mouth say anything anyhow. 3 million jobs, something could have been felt in the country.

  12. Not convinced at all, especially living in a home with two recent university graduates who have failed to find work! This cannot be true. I think the minister mentions the CSO just to lend credence to her outrageous figure. Three million jobs would clearly have an immediate impact the economy through expenditure on consumer products, which is not apparent, at least not here on the Copperbelt!

  13. Jobs have been created but what are the terms of the employment which is being created in Zambia. There is alot of casualisation and underpayment of wages and employees are not protected by GRZ at all. Government does not take particular interest in regulating emoyment. Every investor can come up with his own policies and they are accepted my the ministry of labour. There is need for government to check on the contracts of employment which the Zambian people are subjected to. The employment act needs to be revisited to make people enjoy work. The main culprits are Zambians themselves who have the capacity to employ and often tell staff that you can go anywhere. And then the so called investors who bribe officials in higher offices. At the moment its like the Ministry of Labour has no…

  14. Correction, I checked with CSO i have been told they erroneously added three Zeros, the true figure in 300 jobs/yr

  15. Hon. Minister,
    Why are you LAYING?
    3 million jobs created when and where?
    Do you know how much cost to create ONE new job?
    Please, stop with this *****ic non-sense.

  16. Someone does not know figures well here. Really? So she cannot even make her own judgement to see that these figures are fake and are way too much for a small country with a small population of only 16 million people. The impact could have been felt if these figures were true. What a minister!

  17. If indeed this is what the minister said, there is not only acute statistical illiteracy at play but serious lack of reasoning and common sense by those we have entrusted to run our public affairs.

    Three million jobs is such a huge nember for a country of our population size. If indeed such s number of jobs were added to the existing ones, Zambia would probably even run out of labour.

    This is extremely annoying and embarrassing

  18. The only Trade Unionist who deserves respect is FTJ Chiluba (MHSRIP). After tackling so many labour issues and understanding the workers plight, FTJ fought for multi partism. Yes, he received a lot of support from the labour force because of his stance. He became Republican President. He started off well…but lost it along the way…

    Joyce is the worst former Trade Unionist turned to Labour Minister. The woman is truly embarrassing.

  19. This useless sorry excuse for a minister who failed to resolve the Horseshoe saga after recieving “The Brown Envelope” is now peddling half baked truths.
    Caliber ya ma Ministers & Government officials ku Zed is really down the tubes, as all one needs to qualify is be a Thug like Bowman, & Kaizer, or a Belly cheerleader like urinating Mumbi, or brown envelope loving Joyce Simukoko.

  20. What the fuuck is she talking about? This n0nsense is way too much for me to stomach. These m0therfuuckers just wake and start giving us figures they can’t even justify. you don’t just sit down and start dreaming numbers and present them to the public as truths. What the fucck? What sort of country is this?

  21. I hope it’s true. But let us forget the myth that rich people create jobs. It is ordinary people who are the job creators, even if it is through their governments. The strength of a pyramid is at its base.

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