Wednesday, February 28, 2024

President Lungu Surprise Visit to the House of the Aged



  1. This is what Edgar should have been doing since April 2017.
    Abit too late to clean up dirty stains from his drunken aids like Kaiser, Mumbi Fimo Fimo….
    Mingle with OLD-wise minds.
    E.i Not AGED please, we use “OLD” people.
    Aged are things like eggs. Learn morals.

  2. The president with too much time on his hands since he does not have the brains to sort out the disaster he has caused in the country. Useless.

  3. This Lazy Bum has too much time on his hands now he has been clipped from flying around the globe…he is detached from reality go and speak to your Finance Minister.

  4. Amazing, brilliant, humbling and oops what a nice President we have in one Lungu.God bless you abundantly your Excellence.

  5. This is Awesome Your Excellency Sir !!. Keep it up and God Bless You.

    At least you even met Mandela#s Sister..Lol..!!

    • @Sharon, there are disability benefits and also homes for aged. I’ve know about this since the early 80s when I was only a kid.

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