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Zambia Airports Corporation Limited statement on fake pictures of KKIA


Zambia Airports Corporation Limited notes that there are pictures of an airport on social media purporting to be for the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Terminal 2. We would like to advise members of the public that the airport depicted in the pictures is not of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport Terminal 2. KKIA Terminal 2 is still under construction and is currently 77 per cent complete. The current construction progress at KKIA is as follows:

New Passenger Terminal


Hotel 67%
Air Traffic control tower 86%
President pavillion 78%
Cargo Terminal 85%
Commercial Complex-Airport Shopping Mall and Airport Office park




The overall completion is at 70% and the completion date is October 2019. ZACL endeavours to keep members of the public informed and updated on the progress of the construction as well as other news and activities relating to the Corporation which is done daily through our various social media platforms. We also kindly urge members of the public to only recognise information officially released by the Corporation as being a true representation of current affairs.


  1. So show us the exact plan and how did it cost to build terminal 2. We need to know this is a public asset and not a PF asset.

    Crooks and criminals

    • It is of no good when we, ourselves, are the architects of our own demise; when we steal from our own pockets, and later turn around and lie to ourselves.

    • Yes this cannot be KKIA if it was every sign would be Chinese or broken English as everything is imported from China including paintings and furniture no value addition whatsoever to SME.

  2. Great pictures though. I wouldn’t mind if Zambia Airports Corporation used them as an inspiration for KKIA.

    • @Nine Chale those great pictures cost the Tanzanian Government only $9.4m and took 3 years to build and was a loan from the same funders as the Zambian one. However, our bill is over $425m. It’s already been 3 years! I’m sure ours will be better that Heathrow!

    • @ MB : “Seventy percent of the construction of the airport, expected to cost about 300 million U.S. dollars, is completed, said the statement issued after Prime Minister Kassim Majaliwa inspected construction of the terminal.

      The new terminal III building at the JNIA will have capacity to park 24 large aircraft at once and handle 6 million passengers each year, said the statement.”…….
      Where did you find the cost of USD 9.4 million? As we comment on our government, let us do it intelligently, without any malice

  3. Ba UPND, you are gigging yourselves a very deep and dark grave from were you shall never rise, watch this space. President Lungu in particular has really ashamed you because the man is delivering infrastructure beyond even PF zealots expectations. Now that the C400 (road works on all Copperbelt Towns is to start in April 2018) what will cow dung HH do, hey? All shortcut maneuvers to discredit President Lungu have failed what will Kachema do? The Under 5 doesn’t even know that each day he comes up with a lie driven by hate and envy will be ammunition and info that PF will use against him in 2021.
    For instance at the peak of load shedding due to drought in 2016, HH and his calves went flat out to lie to the masses that President Lungu had bought fake turbines and thats why Zambia was…

    • Malinso, you are so dull. ECL is delivering overpriced projects that mean that Zambias debt has increased to unsustainable levels. The interest that will be used to pay these loans means Government will have no money for social projects. Think before you write.

  4. contd
    For instance at the peak of load shedding due to drought in 2016, HH and his calves went flat out to lie to the masses that President Lungu had bought fake turbines and thats why Zambia was experiencing load shedding. PF reminded this HH that he was lying and today the same machines (turbines) are continuously generating power without interruptions, why has Akainde gone back to apologize? These and many more lies will be brought the fore so that this red blooded chap is erased from our politics and vocabulary.

    • BaMalinso, Airports are elitist. How many villagers from Mungule will benefit from your airport. instead of supplying agriculture inputs in time. We would do better with good airstrips that connect us to regional airports like Oliver Tambo (SA) Jomo Kanyetta (Kenya) or Bole (Ethiopia). No need for fancy airport when 70% of your 15 children live beyond the poverty line. You are the type of parents who buys an expensive Car( X5 BMW or Range Rover) meanwhile you stay in a rented house. please leave HH alone. He has nothing to do with the fake images. Which were too good to believed anyway. You can only find those airports in the middle-east. Dubai, Dubai so.

  5. The UPND believes its own propaganda. Almost everything is photoshopped, including Hichilema’s election victory. They celebrated just after the results for Dundumwezi were announced. Why would normal people engage in so much self deceit? They’re beyond redemption

  6. But imwe na imwe if 70% is where we are and the completion date is October 2019. It means you are now very very very slow

  7. HaJAH, HaJealousy. HaFather of Hanegativity! HaOnline Chieftainess of the HaNamwala! Hatribalist community HaMakes No sense, right?

    • Just show us the real photos and cut out all this talk crap. Let your works speak for themselves. No need always beating own drum.

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