youths who converged in Lusaka for a two day forum
Youths who converged in Lusaka for a two day forum

Innovative Zambian Youths Organization (IZYO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Joseph Maimba says the institution will this year host a YESBUD entrepreneurship summit for young people .

Mr. Maimba said this is in an effort to contribute to governments’ efforts to close the unemployment gap among youths in the country.

He said the international summit will be centered on innovation and entrepreneurship to help young entrepreneurs develop new skills.

Mr. Malimba stated that the two day entrepreneurship summit will be held on 5th to 6th April, 2018.

He was speaking during a presentation on the forth coming summit in Lusaka today.

Mr. Maimba stated that the summit will comprise of representatives from international business organisations, Non-governmental agencies and the general public who share a common interest in practical solutions in entrepreneurship, innovation and small business development.

And one of the sponsors Q Systems Zambia Chief Operations Officer, Suneel Burra said there is need for youths to advantage of the summit and the available resources to make a difference in their lives.

Mr. Burra said during the summit youths will be helped on an individual level by not only empowering them with knowledge but also creating a sense of responsibility and confidence in dealing with employment challenges.

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  1. There is no such thing as youth entrepreneurship, there is simply entrepreneurship fullstop. It’s not easy to start a business whether you are a youth or older. What is required is a supportive environment from bank interest rates, venture capital support, tax system and appropriate education. We have had science and engineering training for over 50 years at undergraduate level and postgraduate level for some time and our graduates do final year projects. What can be commercialized from such projects? This is how go-ahead countries have made a start. Enough of conferences where politicians come to make platitudinous and banal speeches. Lets make a start.


  2. I hope someone won’t set fire to the red chairs. They are obsessed with seeing buildings burn!


  3. Hi, please , for the time being i am in DRC , i am very much interrested in this YESBUD and i have applied.
    So i want to know, is it free access or chargeable, how much,? Should o start off?? Please i need more certitude before i start off… To avoid kind of ..there is no place for me….
    Jeremiah M



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