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We have not threatened to evict villagers from our land-Kansanshi mine

Economy We have not threatened to evict villagers from our land-Kansanshi mine

Kansanshi mine plc has refuted allegations made by Sub chief Ng’ombe of Kabitaka south in Solwezi district that the mining firm is threatening to evict villagers in the area.

Kansanshi mine Public Relations Manager Godfrey Msiska says his company has not asked sub Chief Ng’ombe’s subjects to leave despite them having encroached its land.

Mr Msiska said the mine acquired the land from Solwezi Municipal Council and that the local authority was currently dealing with the problem concerning the villagers settled on it.

“We can confirm that we acquired the land in question which is in Kabitaka south,known as lot Number 522/2 from Solwezi Municipal Council some years back,” he said.

He said in a statement availed to ZANIS that the meeting which has been called for by Sub chief Ng’ombe and his head men should be restricted to the community which is claiming to be disadvantaged, their traditional leaders and the council adding that Kansanshi and Government should only attend the meeting as observers.

Meanwhile, Solwezi Municipal Council Assistant Public Relations Manager, Esther Chirwa said Kansanshi mines are the legal owners of land in question.

Ms Chirwa said Sub chief Ng’ombe and the aggrieved members of his community should request for a meeting with the council through the office of the Mayor or Town clerk in order for the local authority to address their concerns.


  1. Kansanshi should instead fire all the white South Africans working there so that they can go and find jobs in SA. This country belongs to Zambians. Why do white South Africans jump at every opportunity to get employed in Zambia? They have found that they cannot practice racism in SA and get away with it. On the other hand, Zambia allows its citizens to be treated as second class citizens in their own country by white racists. Racism is like food for white South Africans. They can’t live without it. Why allowing them to come and get employed in this country. SA is about to start grabbing land from racist B0ers but we’re allowing them to treat us like animals. I once knew a South African white man who was saying that Black people are children of the devil.

  2. @kanda Bongo Man I’m with you baba….some of these Boers are habitual racists they can’t help themselves and always find an excuse to see us as in the worst way. Yes we have messed up with running our own country due to material selfishness but at least show some respect to the owners of the land such as these villagers who were there even before this company came to Solwezi. SOME are racists not all so let’s not generalise- I believe majority are alright and helping the nation its us who are messing things up. As Jesus said let us remove the giant log in our own eyes first-why did the council sale that land when they knew there were many villagers living there. The funds these big mines pay to the State rarely benefit the populace so what benefit is this whole nonsense? Only the fat…

  3. @ Kanda Bongo Man, that is hate related please stay to the point. There are thousands of us Zambians working in other countries. There laws and rules to be followed to get land.


    Journalist report anything at the behest of invisible puppet masters. Reporters take news releases of public relations officials or spokespeople of government institutions, the private and other sectors of society virtually word for word, and publish or broadcast them under their own line by line, without any input of their own.
    This journalism in which every possible rumour, allegation or story is accepted without asking any critical questions IS BUSH JOURNALISM. Someone noted that the rise of social media AND the unscrutinized acceptance of “news” is becoming one of the most serious dangers threatening democratic Zambia’s institutions – and the credibility of journalism as a whole.

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