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Bonang Matheba to Attend Champagne Picnic in Lusaka


Bonang Matheba

Bonang Matheba, the South African TV personality and entrepreneur is headed to Lusaka to attend the very first Champagne Picnic in Zambia, the newest addition to PR Girl Media’s calendar of premier events. The star has become a continental sensation featuring on Africa’s most popular Magazine covers and after the release of her hit reality show and autobiography, From A to B, tongues will not stop wagging about this mega celebrity.

The Lifestyle PR Agency, PR Girl Media has consistently introduced trend-setting events that showcase Zambia’s luxury and premium brands. “Bonang is quite the Ambassador for the potential and luxury that Africa has to offer so we are excited to show her Zambian talent, fashion and beauty. We trust that the message our country will put out to the rest of the world through her will echo on. We’re ready to see Zambia glow.” Managing Partners and sister-duo, Monde and Chishimba Nyambe confirming Matheba’s attendance at the champagne picnic.

The event will be an outdoor marvel in the plush gardens of the Taj Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka. Under the theme “splash your colour”, Lusaka’s socialites and celebrities are encouraged to attend in their most fashionable to indulge in a glamourous afternoon of champagne, gourmet food and music. Zambian leading fashion designer Esnoko will showcase a preview of his latest line scheduled to dèbut at SA Fashion Week in April 2018. Also present, musicians Kuni, Roberto, DJ El Mukuka and Sebastien Dutch will perform at the colorful experience.

Stella Artois, the recently launched premium beer has sponsored the event to highlight their support of the culinary industry in Zambia. More details of the event can be found on the PR Girl Media social media pages and event tickets can be purchased from The Wine Shop at Arcades or Centro Mall.

Bonang Matheba


  1. Champagne picnic? ama do that in my backyard. Braii na michopo za mbuzi na champagne mu dispenser. Slay queen pambali. Insansa ni weka.

    • The first question she will be asked at the airport in Lusaka is:
      Question: Are you wearing panties (Knickers)?
      Answer: No.
      Action: Deport back to country of origin.

  2. Iam in South Africa. The Zambian embassy has told me that she has assured them that she will be wearing panties. Mr Mwamba provided her with samples of knickers that our immigration department approves for visitors from South Africa.

  3. @1.1max. You got it right! That’s the drill nowadays. We are jokers pa Zed. Meanwhile, someone is back in ICU or wherever. And the drama continues until 2021.

  4. I hope the Minister of Religious Affairs will preside over the picnic by officiating with a prayer and speech, highlighting the sound and robust moral policies of the Zambian government under the able leadership of His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. It is also imperative that all the women at the event to flash their knickers for the state cameraman as per state approved procedure. Photos will be reviewed by a committee comprising Zambians of the highest moral standing such as the good minister herself, Ronald Chitotela, Bowman Lusambo, Mumbi Phiri, Hakainde Hichilema, GBM and the committee chair, Kaizer Zulu.

  5. She will have to declare her panties at the airport before she gets into town. I am sure some minister is waiting to see the declaration of her panties. If they are loose she maybe turned away.

  6. Alangizi have now been incorporated into the immigration service for purposes of inspecting knickers and the type worn by any of these foreigners.

    She has to convince them beyond any reasonable level of doubt that she isn’t wearing g-string is none, otherwise she goes back

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