Friday, February 23, 2024

GOtv Zambia Limited accepts award of Private Network Licence from ZICTA


Following a rigorous tender process, GOtv Zambia Limited is delighted to have received ZICTA’s notification of the award of a network licence as Zambia’s private signal distributor.

GOtv was established in 2011 as a joint venture with the Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).   GOtv Zambia Limited together with GOtv Broadcasting (the content management business) set out with a mission to provide Zambians with fantastic local and international television entertainment.

In partnership with ZNBC, GOtv has been by providing affordable digital terrestrial television (DTT) services through a network covering 85% of the urban population. This network licence will allow GOtv Zambia Limited to continue the existing network services to the content company GOtv Broadcasting – thus providing great digital entertainment which contributes and supports the country’s move to switch from analogue to digital television.

“As a ZNBC partner and a trusted platform for digital migration, GOtv Zambia Limited will continue to distribute GOtv bouquets on behalf of GOtv Broadcasting, giving subscribers access to the best content on the best digital network. Since the network was digital from its inception in 2011, subscribers already have digital decoders and can continue to watch their favourite content unhindered” said Ngoza Kasungu-Matakala – GOtv Zambia Limited Managing Director 

GOtv Zambia Limited is thankful to the Zambian government and ZICTA for the continued opportunities and for creating policies that are conducive for businesses to grow and make a meaningful socio-economic contribution in the country.


  1. Surely what a rigorous tender process when ZNBC owned by Chines who are the paymaster of the same signal upgrades…only PF is fooooolish and corrupt enough to give away ownership of the national broadcaster to Chinese who see black people as inferior and monkeys. I mean this is a country where they have art galleries of African faces next to chimps, where they have adverts of black people washing their face with soap and turn Chinese. The selfsame Chinese who didn’t want Google to even have 2% in their internet biosphere …as the know the power of media on brainwashing their people.The lazy iddiot in State House approves this for a few coins of silver in his pocket…wasted years indeed.

  2. “GOtv was established in 2011 as a joint venture with the Zambian National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).”

    Lazy reporting here …so the reader is still left asking who is GOtv? Surely what type of journalists and Chief Editors are we producing…

  3. Hope they don’t become big headed and start increasing subscriptions and offering substandard services.

  4. Tonga virus has corrupted most computer s on the south when it suppose to yes it will give no.hate will not reverse things.let youth a one Zambia you talk of tribal but you want to or you are married to the tribe you are attacking very bad spirit you devils abantu mwaipaya tabafula kañshi you devils

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