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Resident Magistrate sends Nevers Mumba to 3 months in Jail


Dr Nevers Mumba in court before he was convicted and sentenced
Dr Nevers Mumba in court before he was convicted and sentenced

MMD faction leader Dr Nevers Mumba has been convicted and sentenced to three months simple imprisonment in a matter where he was facing one count of giving false information to police officer.

Dr. Mumba has however been acquitted in a matter where he was charged with criminal trespass.

Lusaka Resident Magistrate David Simusamba convicted and sentenced Dr Mumba to three months with an option to appeal within 14 days.

“I have heard with deep concern from the defence team of Mr Mumba. It’s my view that the convict being the former Republican Vice President and the public figure should have avoided that. I therefore send the convict to prison for three months from today and the appeal can be made within 14 days,” Magistrate Simusamba ruled.

Particulars in count one were that Dr. Mumba on November 8, last year, did give false information to a police officer Gladson Mwanza that he had an appointment with a Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) editor.

In count two, Dr. Mumba jointly and whilst acting with others unlawfully entered ZNBC newsroom with intent to intimidate and annoy staff on the same date.

Dr. Mumba was also alleged at the time he stormed ZNBC newsroom, to have threatened that he would make sure that the inauguration of then President-Elect Edgar Lungu did not take place.

He is said to have accused ZNBC and its editors of misleading the nation.

Magistrate Simusamba said some witnesses testified that Dr. Mumba used Bemba words, which when interpreted, were meant to intimidate and belittle the people he addressed.

He said when the police officers investigated the matter, they discovered that Dr. Mumba actually had no appointment with any editor at ZNBC.

Dr Nevers Mumba in court
Dr Nevers Mumba in court


  1. ZNBC for real misled the country.Equally am among the many Zambians complaining against the unprofessional and biased reporting.Its only that PF has managed to buy out judges who are their to carry out their evil deeds.

      Brethren for we know the father of lies, NSM lied for double h. God forbid. Liars shall never enter the kingdom of God. Yes all politician’s lie. But I take exception for the son of God to lie with impunity. Now I believe that he is a former pastor.

    • Really laughable…Pastor Nevers even prayers were never gonna save you with Lusaka Resident Magistrate David Simusamba presiding …surely sentencing a former Veep to Jail for giving false information or telling lies, you should have given him community service.
      Meanwhile Lazy Lungu and crooks are stealing with impunity…who will never see a day in jail.

  2. 1. Which is a bigger crime? Trespassing on DeadNBC or selling DeadNBC to tu ma Cho-Cho-Lee?

    2. PF cadres have been storming DeadNBC for ambush interviews but non of them has ever been arrested.

    Zambian law is applied selectively. Everyone is equal but some are more equal than others.

    • This was a petty case. Deadnbc were silly to take this to court. Its a political message they want to send. That we deadnbc only allow the ruling party to push us around not tuma small opposition parties

    • That’s not even selling ..its giving away as we will have to pay back that loan..its sickening…these soulless things have auctioned the country to Chine State Companies!!

    • 3 months is fair. It’s God calling.
      – Jesus was sentence on Wednesday afternoon. Like Mumba.
      – 90 days I rebuild the church, it’s in Bible.
      Go save prisoners Pastor. Am not like the convict on Jesus left.

  3. The PF administration has really turned Zambia into something else..
    Please let the people enjoy their country one day after another sending innocent people to jail…

    • Zambia is at crossroads……Animal farm at work….but time is an equalizer for those who are ill treated.EL should be locked in a darkest place away from earth.

    • Not worry Lazy Lungu will pardon him on Labour day for good behavior and preaching the Bible in prison provided he agrees to certain conditions about who he hangs out with when he is released.

  4. Convicted!! You can never hold public office, pastor…oh, upnd cadre. You have been relegated to mere observer. Cheerio. Next, kasaka hikubi.

    • Ignorance really is a disease, have you not read a part where the magistrate says appeal within 14 days? What if the conviction is reversed in the higher Courts? Please have some shame and avoid displaying ignorance publicly.

    • Meanwhile he is a convicted liar. Don’t you get it? It is bad image for the former pastor. The High Court might as well uphold the sentence, illiterate.

    • @Zambian Citizen – you are a dumb ox..our country is falling apart and you are rejoicing. I am not really surprised given that you believe that an Mercedes Benz ambulance can cost $288K

    • @Jay Jay: the country is only falling apart in your retarded head.You want people to break the law and just because they hate the president, they must get away with it??? All those s.t.u.p1d antics by Kambwili will not save him from jail for the corruption he did. He’s next. After that, kainde won’t stand in another election. Your childish tantrums will be sorted out, 1.d.i.ot!!!

  5. I don’t see the crime he committed. many people have, in protest stormed znb-useless… Dr Mumba you are being punished by mmd. The ruling party is mmd.

    • Abena, shuwa you can’t read?? Isn’t giving false information the reason?? Nevers fell for hikubi’s agenda and they thought they can challenge a president. Nomba ba pilamo, ba pastor. That’s why he has gone back to the pulpit, no political future. You sow politics, you reap politics. Nevers alemona kwati Lungu ni ngwele, kanshi ena e ngwele!!

  6. It happens when people create a profile for you that you are not e.g they were saying he is a Christian,he is humble,he is God chosen,and that he won those elections.
    I feel sorry for the vindictive soul at nkwazi house as well as the blind PF follower.
    Let his heart be hardened like it was for Rameses the Pharaoh and his end will be disaster his click will scamper in all directions like the rats they are.

  7. This was an unnecessary case and a waste of time time and public resources for a very rouse case. On the other hand the court should have exercised maximum lenient and not given a custodial sentence. A lot of people have been given suspended sentences for assault. When prisons are full, why send someone to prison over such an offense?

    • This is why I say Zambians are forgetful …do you not remember Lusaka Resident Magistrate David Simusamba? Ask Hakainde

    • The word “guiltiness” doesn’t exist. I believe you meant to say: “The facial expression in the first pic seems to admit guilt.” And I concur with you; the facial expression tells it all.

  8. Wamona nomba ka Mumba…

    eeh! Hadn’t you left the pulpit by now you should
    have been the one prophesying that CK shall collapse at court

    Manje ukutemwa plot one, washala muli mwamoneni.

  9. So now the so called utu ma Judge are PF remote controlled cowards who cannot reside on their own. That’s what happen if you got a law degree from UNZA.

  10. Arrest real criminals in the government!! Nevers tells a lie and you give him 3months punishment? What about the $42mil fire trucks, and the Mukula trees that our leaders at highest levels are involved in?? Here you have our leaders stealing millions of dollars, telling lies and even being excused but Our courts have lost their value by going after small issues
    Shame !!!

    • The people who reported Mukula debacle are in prison….this is what happens when you have criminals in State House and crooks for ministers.

  11. The problem in Zambia is that only criminals go into politics these days. They go into politics for payoff. Yes Kambwili, Nevers are all criminals. Remember a certain Kalumba who has now gone quiet. All criminals. Surely we need a new breed of leaders in Zambia. Whatever happened to such selfless guys in the mold of KK, Nkumbula, Reuben Kamanga, Grey Zulu, Sipalo and Mwanawasa? Did you see the picture of Kambwili in one of the online media with his belly out? That is one unhealthy fellow. And he wants to blame his illness to Lungu? That guy needs to lose weight if he has to survive. He is too fat? Does he even exercise?

    • @Zambezian,
      Learn to debate on topic. Is this the best you can do, or have you failed to raise points for or against the ruling of this case?

  12. I am not a supporter of Nevers Mumba’s nomadic ideology, be it in politics or in pastoral duties. But on this case, I have to say this case as described is a total nonsense.

    Any right-thinking normal-functioning adult reading this article will :-

    1.) agree that if a particular place is so restricted from the public, like ZNBC is purported to be, to the degree that it warrants Police Officers to guard it, then common sense dictates that if a visitor shows up at such a place and claims he/she has an appointment with a member of staff, surely the Police Officer worth his/her salt would contact that member of staff to VERIFY BEFORE ALLOWING the visitor in. This is standard practice the World over as many of you will have experienced when vising guarded places when you have an…

    • ….. have an appointment. Failure by the Police Officer to do that is negligent of duty. Pure and simple.

      2.) ask the question:- Why is there total silence on the Police Officer’s conduct on this? Is it in order to leave the evidently negligent Police Officer free of blame, and put all the blame on the visitor alone? , particularly a visitor to a public place funded by Tax payers? The ruling in this case is clearly subjective, and not objective, and sadly very damaging to the Judicial system of our Country.

      I have no doubt Nevers Mumba will appeal and win this case in the next 14 days, but by then damage i.e. loss of confidence in our judicial system, will have occurred at a time we want to strengthen Rule of Law in our motherland.

  13. The wrath of God is on this hypocrite. Ba Mumba God cannot be mocked now you see? Had you remained truthful with the poor masses you used to lead to God all these things shouldn’t have followed you. Flee from HH please.

  14. Crime doesn’t pay, what Nevers did was shameful especially that he’s a former Vice President. However the judge should have considered a fine instead of a custodial sentence, even if it’s simple. Nevers behaved like he was overcome by an evil spirit, that’s not the you address a grievance


  16. All HH’s blind followers are going in one by one!!they were excited for nothing before 11/08/2016 as they though an expert in losing election HH would win-SEE NOW NEVER MUMBA-YOU ARE MUNDENDE(JAIL) while the tongabull-Kainde you supported is busy enjoying Mutinta at his chalala house-kekekekekeke!!!!
    Zambians should desist on supporting evil Kainde who has put nany innocent souls in hell!!
    Well done Hon.Simusamba for jailing Nevers Mumba!!


  18. Nevers, Nevers this is called Politics ba Pastor, Politics and its a tricky game. There are 2 kinds of politics- clean politics and dirty politics. Ba Nevers you opted to take part in dirty politics and as a result you are now facing the consequences.
    Once again an irony is at play. Nevers you just like CK were once at the helm of power but you did nothing to push for the improvement in the judicial system whereby simple misdemeanours result in custodial sentences and poor prison conditions remain. Now because of your silence you too will feel the hospitality of Zambia Prisons. I’m sorry for you but such is life and let this be a lesson to even those in power today-improve our prisons and judicial system because you too may fall victim to your own injustices in the near future!

  19. All law breakers must face the law.
    Mwanawasa would open threaten these law breakers.
    The law has no eyes and so it shouldn’t see who is former VP and who is not.
    Besides,which law says he can be fine.
    Please Tu UPND stop smoking that stuff.
    Leave the law enforcement agencies to do their work.

  20. When is this foolish man going to let go of the MMD? Zambian’s are being brainwashed by the so-called opposition, wait until there is a power vacuum and see how they will turn against each other.

  21. Is this not the judge who posted some pictures of himself celebrating being PF .These are the morals which lazy and Born idle Lungu was talking about as if he has got any . Zambia has gone to the dogs and is being run by clueless amateurs .

  22. It does not add up. What is the function of guards at the gate? The gate keeper failed in his duties. The gate keeper could have verified with the person (s) Dr. Mumba had an appointment with.

  23. Ba Nevers be strong. Everything happens for a purpose. Ask God what lesson is He trying to teach you or why is He allowing you to go through what you are going through. There is an answer somewhere. I pray to God that you will come out of this ordeal stronger.

  24. My words for Dr Mumba are borrowed from late Robert Schuller one of my greatest influence on belief philosophy. TOUGH TIMES NEVER LAST BUT TOUGH PEOPLE DO!!!

  25. Even for telling lies to the police I think the court was too harsh on him. He’s a first offender. He should have been warned and cautioned. I’m sure he’s learnt his lesson.

  26. Dishonest Nevers, please don’t complain, & just enjoy Prison, as despite being fully aware Jona was a dishonest Mbava who embezzled a widows cash, & lacked leadership qualities, you went ahead & put him in State House, coz of your ingrained Cadre Belly instincts.
    Only when Jona let you down, & chose Mama Inonge did you “a Religious Chameleon” change your colour from Green to Red.
    Like another dishonest Belly Cadre Kambwili, it’s time to pull up your socks, tighten your belt, & ENJOY THE FRUITS OF YOIR LABOUR!

  27. I told Nevers go back to the pulpit u refused.Now u will be a girlfriend to another convict.Kwashila wa enda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. @BRABUS. You are very ignorant. How he got there may be immaterial. A former Vice President can be trusted my friend. A former Vice President can bribe. He can do anything to enter a government premises. Unfortunately in this case he was going to help HH get the Presidencyy. TETI

  29. @Sena. Please do not be brainwashed to think the President can stop anything. That in itself is abuse of authority. In this case be reminded that Edgar Lungu is not the one who imprisoned Nervers. And there is very little Edgar can do about it. Just be a law abiding citizen. Being in opposition does not mean breaking the law any time anywhere buta.

  30. We know who is most evil man in Zambia…………………….Let us pray for such a man that he repent…..Always pray for him……………. He is the Pharoah of Egypt but very soon he will be no more………….

  31. Munshebwa aile no busali kubuko! Ba Mumba I advised you in one of my writings on this plat form not to be over zealous with your associates, “impamwa miseke, balunkuntwe”. You thought it was just one of those sentences you read in any tabloid! People you were trying to help are no longer with you!
    Ba Mumba you missed it all when you forego the flock in your church and that will keep on haunting you. Take a leaf from Bishop Imakando and other credible men of God who will NEVER be found in a political campaign team because they know what it takes to be a man of God. This time your followers in the church you abandoned will not take you seriously even if you decide to resume “Zambia shall be served”. Can you ask for forgiveness from God for your love for earthly titles and wealth.

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