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David Silubanje alleges that MPs have been promised US $ 1 million each to back impeachment motion


Mr David Silubanje
Mr David Silubanje

David Silubanje, a senior citizen says United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema is with the backing of some foreign backers offering $1 million to each Independent Member of Parliament (MP) to support the controversial impeachment motion.

Mr. Silubanje says at during the one on one meetings between UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and MPs, recently, it has been agreed that each MP who signs up to the petition will receive down-payment of $250,000 , another $250,000 when the motion is tabled after which the balance $500,000 would be paid if the motion succeeds.

Mr. Silubanje stated during a press briefing in Lusaka today that a named Civil Organization in South Africa has provided the funds for the ‘ deal ‘ ,other Legal costs and any eventualities that may arise in the process.

He also disclosed that two PF back benchers he did not name have also been targeted in the scum.

Mr. Silubanje says he felt it was his duty bound to reveal the scum which he said was a matter threatening national security he feels duty-bound to make remarks on the political situation as there is only one country with an obligation to all to protect it.

Meanwhile Mr. Silubanje says it is unfortunate that United People’s Party ( UPP ) leader Mike Mulongoti, was merely maligning President Lungu to justify the monthly allowance that he and minions were getting from the same financiers.

He added that Mr. Mulongoti, who as a former minister had sworn to defend the truth and integrity of the Republican Constitution , could deliberately begin to President Lungu’s citizenship which he said will land the opposition leader in trouble.

Mr Mulongoti, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema together with estranged MMD leader Nevers Mumba and Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) leader Charles Milupi are collectively pushing for impeachment of President Lungu.

And speaking at the same event, PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza says the reasons by the opposition to forge an impeachment motion lacks merit.

Mr. Mwanza revealed that the reasons presented are petty which goes to show the incompetence of the opposition party.

He said the desperation by the UPND to seek back door machinations to get state power is totally unacceptable and must be resisted by well- meaning citizens of the country.


    • What a joke who has that kind of money to give out these days without being assured of some return on top of initial investment? Ya munyokola njala uyu in fact he is the one that has been paid it wouldn’t make sense considering that even if impeachment was to succeed the PF would continue to rule through Inonge…. there is some work for mental clinic here

    • I was very surprised that the whole ZNBC gave this confused character so much air space to talk about his illusions. Does he really know the value of US1 million dollars in Zambian Kwacha.? And why should UPND alias Hakainde spend so much money on the deal which will not land them the presidency? This is madness in high places. I beg to move.

    • He said the desperation by the UPND to seek back door machinations to get state power is totally unacceptable and must be resisted by well- meaning citizens of the is full of dull people,even if lungu is impeached ,the vice president takes over and she has to appt among the current cabinet her vice president.upnd has to wait till 2021.

  1. Silubanje means me a chamba smoker so we may need to check this man’s mental standing. Why make such allegations instead of going to the ACC or the police? Why is he telling us what we already know that the Independent MPs and the two PF Back benchers being Kambwili and Kalaba on the side of the impeachment motion? Is he trying to find relevance in his useless cannabis life?

    I thank you

  2. Whre do these redicoulous dreamers come from ??? Which foringe backers would risk millions on something that has a 90 % failure chance ??
    He thinks people just money

    LT are you running out of news to be reporting such garbage ?

  3. Bane, let’s be serious, no one needs to entice anyone to facts already in public domain, is it a fact that EL didn’t vacate office when the constitution requires him to do so during elections, isn’t it a fact that $42 million fire trucks actually cost jst under $7.5million, and he didn’t even bother to cancel or renegotiate such a tender, is it a fact that in Kenya, a 600km dual carriage way is costing Kenya just under $400million while our 300km dual carriage way is costing Zambia over $1 billion( iyo kweena we have thieves), isn’t it a fact that EL supports corruption “uhubumba mwibala, should not eat kumo nemishila”, and for your information, there is nothing petty about these grave matters. EL and whoever is involved, dead or alive, on these en many other issues, Bazakamuziba Yesu wen…

    • HH has every reason to sue Silubanje. If he could sue Tayali, why not Silubanje? HH is a real fight worth fighting.

    • Well he is definitely lying why wouldn’t the intelligence bring out the evidence and have HH sorted through legal means?? If I was humbly Dumbly I would be worried that such a commoner can have critical information and evidence that my Intelligence doesn’t have

  4. @Nine Chale

    This allegation which is involving foreign interference in our politics is very serious.
    UPND MUST SUE THE FELLOW IF HE IS JUST HALLUCINATING as only a court of law could subpoena him to provide EVIDENCE.

  5. Just shut up you poop you are trying to come up with some fake stories to HH arrested…I am so tired of the PF trush do me a favor burn your self.


  7. Worried about foreign interference in Zambian politics? Really? Are you talking about Lungu, RB, Kamba and all those Malawians littered all over PF? Or to you anything foreign must look white like Dr. Scot who was born in Zambia and you denied him presidency but allowed RB who was born in Zimbabwe to Malawian parents? Or is it Lungu who migrated to Kitwe Chimwemwe when he was 4 from Malawi with his Malawian/Zulu parents? Which foreigners are interfering?

  8. IMPEACHMENT is a welcome move those who are opposing it are actually people that are eating with pf or have been paid to defend pf with no facts.

  9. David Silubanje (drug dealer) is known for his wild outbursts. In 2014, All constituency officials in Kabwata (PF Constituency chairman then) rose to have him removed for what they termed as incompetence and promoting divisions in the party. The officials felt he was being used to demonstrate against area member of parliament, Given Lubinda, issuing disparaging statements against the MP. When the PF held a mock funeral for Lubinda, David Silubanje was leading the ‘mourners’ carrying placards matching to State house, singing anti Lubinda slogans but were not allowed inside sate house . The man hated Lubinda to the core making all sorts of unsubstantiated accusations. He, however, admitted later on that Wynter Kabimba was using him. Now he has resurfaced with more unsubstantiated claims…

    • Thank you for reminding us about the past of this buffoon! I thought the name rang a bell and yes! He is trying to find some relevance with the defunct PF. Why even Antonio found the time to sit and try to give credibility to this idiocy is a wonder. He has sure resurfaced and joins the bandwagon of those of his kind.

  10. If this is truth then we should give HH to rule the country because he is known than ECL who goes for credit’s because he will not go for kaloba they will be helping him I see that’s why ECL finds it difficult to ask for people to help him with money maybe he buys beer

  11. This is PF at work, I can tell you this man is lying. Afraid of the unknown and now we ‘ve started monkey games. It’s what we did with burning of markets. Let him provide evidence and take the matter to court. Koswe tactics.

  12. Before you brush this aside just think of the implications if this were true. If it’s true what makes them different from the people they are accusing of corruption. If it’s what would be the long term impact on the country. These are serious allegations and serious people should take seriously.

    • This is too far fetched , who would risk 10s of millions of dollars ? Remove lungu and still end up with PF ? Plezzzze

      However 42/42 is real….

    • Spaka I am not saying he’s saying the truth, but suppose he knows something ? Are we going write him off ? It’s better he’s summoned so that he he can back up his claims. The habit of burying our heads when something doesn’t support us is retrogressive. Just like Mr Kambwili failed to substantiate his corruption allegations, when I posted this I got 10s of thumbs down. But the guy failed to give tangible evidence but because of of our blind loyalty we want to believe him when he doesn’t believe himself.

  13. Zambians will kill themselves. There is hate in Zambia. Whatever is happening will backfire although some of you are excited.

  14. This report by this useless man was prepared by the useless OP to divert the attention of Zambians from the impeachment debate.
    If you watched his so called press briefing, the ***** was failing to read his ‘own’ report. What a foolish man who is risking his meaningless life.
    Even that Malawian Mwanza was just detailed to be there. This Mwanza was very uncomfortable during the so called press briefing. Liars, you are on way to hell.

  15. I have no doubt this guy got a million. Accusers are victims of things they accuse others of.


  16. Silubanje afweba lubanje. Can’t never! If Hichilema were given that kind of money no one would know, not even Nkombo or Mwiimbu or Syakalima. It would be in Caymen Islands in no time, Hichilema doesn’t even account for smaller donations do you expect him to give anybody that kind of money? Jesus wept

    • He smokes ganja and likes to be in the limelight only after smoking. Last time I checked he was a PF constituency chairman in Kabwata. When Lubinda joined PF from UPND, apparently Kabimba was comfortable for unknown reasons. So he contacted this ganja-man to raise dust, and for sure dust he raised.

  17. Fellow country men and women. “PF” postponed the motion exactly for such maneuvers. They are buying time so that between now and then(June), they can discredit the motion as much as possible. However, it won’t work. Actually the country will be very upset with the MPs if they fail to impeach Lungu. Please MPs be informed that the only people being targeted in this whole thing are those that surround Lungu such as Kaizer,Amos,Lusambo, Dora,Chitotela and Kampyongo. These people are a bad seed and they are the main beneficiaries of the current corruption. Citizens are looking upto our law makers to rise to the challenge and save mother Zambia. PF can then have fresh start with sober people arround. We know that there are some good people in PF. Please just help us the once by disposing…

  18. If this was true, it would not warrant a press conference from PF cadres but seriously investigations by security wings. We are being abused in Zambia and no wonder the impeachment motion has been done. It is a shame Antonio sat at such a press conference. Is this how lowly you regarding the people of this country?

  19. it is very bad to rely on hearsay or allegations. Firstly, the David fella can’t name the foreign backers he is alleging are financing this action, he doesn’t look like he has the proof. Secondly, he can’t produce a signed document or agreement where the MPs have agreed to back the impeachment motion in return for the promised “benjamins”. Without emperical evidence, this should be treated as hogwash. The guy is trying to make himself relevant and popular in a dull way. just thinking.

  20. he is another Tayali…………. Ignore him………………. With or without impeachment motion , the Pharaoh is evil…………………
    Watch his steps…………………. Pharaoh loves frivolity, evil surmising and partying…………………………….

  21. How do such chaps attract the attention of journalists? This is hogwash. It should not be in the news. Why is LT supporting unsubstantiated and wild claims?

  22. The man has seen an opportunity to make quick bucks. He knows ECL very well, if exposed to these levels the man pees in his pants so anyone with this kind of information to discredit HH he pays handsomely. So when he was told that there is a bafoon with implicating information to discredit HH. He was quickly summoned to state house 4 a briefing, soon after the briefing arrangements were made to have him live on dead NBC accompanied by a foreigner in the name of Antonio Mourinho mwanza . this foreigner tried to resist avoiding an embarrassment been seen by the bafoon but the foreigner was told off that this is why we are paying you all this money, Just go or you will be sent back to FDD.

  23. What everyone should know is that this is not a small matter. Do you honestly think government can give coverage to someone to raise issues of this nature without having anything whatsoever which they would use in case HH tried to sue this man. One lesson we should learn Zambians is that politicians can be selfish HH included. What is $20 million if you can in turn be in control of a nation full of business opportunities and natural resources like Zambia. Its very possible that the intelligence system have evidence on money being given to HH by the south africans friends. This could be even during 2016 elections or after. Politics is a chase gave. HH made an impeachment move PF have also made this move. HH’s response is what will vindicate him.

    • zambians try to read and understand your constitution ,thats y those in power take advantage of misinterpreting the law,if a president dies,or is impeached the vice president,mama WINA takes over till 2021,so under which law will HH have all the powers from your qoute,What is $20 million if you can in turn be in control of a nation full of business opportunities and natural resources .

  24. cont. If HH does not sue this man like he did when Bishop Chomba brought the Mason issue at a rally saying HH drinks children’s blood, then those who think this man has smoked dagga should think twice. I expect HH and UPND in particular to commence legal action against this man. They should not just say Njala ya munyokola. Once HH or UPND takes legal action then OOP will show them evidence of monies they receive and ask them if they would like the nation to know about it. The next thing is withdraw of the case. Also we should understand that chances of HH receiving money from foreigners against PF are very high and thats what can be used against him. Lets enjoy the chase game. No insults please but opinions and analysis.

  25. Let’s face the fact .mulongoti , hh gbm & Dr Mumba cannot be entrusted with the affairs of the nation. Allowing such people is suicidal to the nation.

  26. Ooh! So this is how marijuana looks like…like a person! If such amounts can be mobilised by people out of govt, then, they are the right one to run the national affairs, unlike these thieves, in the morning, day and night!

  27. In following Zambian politics, I hope we soon realize the following: ‘That are politicians serve no one but themselves. Those who attempt to actually serve people ( The likes of Magufuli and Co.) are both rare and unpopular among their peers.’

  28. False alarm is crime hence the police have all the rights to summon the whistle Brower and if proven true then the whole issue be treated as terrorism act which is treasonable

  29. So it’s true Pf only has numbers in name only. It means Pf is not solid, if a good number of its MPs can easily be bought. This means that Pf MPs don’t believe the Government under the leadership of ELC is good for them or Zambia, hence their desire to have Inonge Winner has the president of Zambia. They actually know that getting rid of Ecl is not going to make Pf lose power but perhaps gain some respect like the case of Zimbabwe and South Africa. It is then a fact that the motion is headed for success. We encourage Ecl to let the motion be heard and prove his popularity among Pf MPs.

  30. You people think, the issue here is that I don’t think the upnd can squander such kind of money. $1,000, 000 for each member along side the impeachment of the current president, of which they know already that even if the president is impeached, the law states clearly that vice must run the affairs of the country.$1,000,000 by zmk9.87=zmk9,870,000, then how much will it be squandered for 2rd of the members of the house? you are talking of more than a trillion Zambian kwacha, are you sure that can’t happen? it can’t happen. WHY? the opposition knows that they can’t get into state house using the back door hence pushing for the sanity in our current government.

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