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Opposition has no solid ground to impeach President Edgar Lungu – Tembo

Headlines Opposition has no solid ground to impeach President Edgar Lungu - Tembo

Keith Mweemba and Pep President Sean Tembo
Keith Mweemba and Pep President Sean Tembo

Patriotic for Economic Progress leader Sean Tembo says the opposition UPND members of Parliament have no solid ground to impeach President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Tembo says the issues raised by the opposition do warrant for an impeachment adding that the matters raised in the impeachment motion are baseless.

President Tembo charged that the motion is not reasonable enough to gainer the support of other members of Parliament.

He advised UPND members of Parliament to refrain from using the impeachment to settle old scores.

Mr Tembo said the issues contained in the impeachment motion should have been used during the elections to punish President Lungu.

Patriotic for Economic Progress leader said this yesterday when He featured on CBC TV programme “On record”.

On 22nd March, 2018 the UPND opposition members of Parliament led by Mazabuka Central MP Garry Nkombo moved the motion of impeachment.

And Freedom fighters in Mansa has called on the people of Zambia to ignore those calling for the impeaching of the president.

Freedom Fighters Association of Mansa Chairperson Cyprian Mulonda says the impeachment motion is motion that is being driven by those with a motive to fulfil their personal interest.

ZANIS in Mansa reports that Mr Mulonda said this in interview in Mansa today.

Mr Mulonda has since urged Members of Parliament and opposition parties to put aside their differences for the good of the nation adding that motions like the impeachment will not help the country in anyway.

And Mansa District Freedom Fighter Association Publicity Secretary Stanslous Kambobe has called on people to value the peace that the country is enjoying.

Mr Kambobe says the association listen to the lies from people who are risking the peace of the nation for their selfish ambitions.


  1. Oh sure the opposition has grounds to impeach the most incompetent, vision-less and worthless pretender to the throne. Such an impeachment were it to be successful would save and preserve the Republic from the down spiral it is now. What an experiment the wasted three years have been! It takes one empty man to destroy a nation, mortgage it to the highest bidder and become a millionaire in one year! The office of the presidency is respectable but the man in it now has demeaned, degraded and debased in the process. We must weep for Zambia.

    • You can say that again. Their hollow hoaxes have zero grounds to hold. Delusions driven by sectarian causes are not national matters. The list of hallucinations will be luck to find itself in the Chamber of our August House because its frivolous, childish and lacks moral augment of national value.

      In summary, they have resorted to doomed acts of aberration all an effort to detract a people’s Government from working. Uno mwaka in shame, a thousand enemies will fall in shame and agony to the right hand of God’s man servant.

  2. Yea right but they are talking about it night and day. The day the motion was filed, the news went out over the world and the world’s attention is on Lungu. Come on PF with your insecurities, you even send cadres to harass MP’s at the parliament buidling, now you trying to kill Kambwili. You have become too power hungry and big headed, serving no one else except yourselves. Only a handful of PF MPs are benefiting many have been sidelined by the MMD officials. Keep under estimating this impeachment and the effect it is going to have on ECL. Keith himself was complaining about his party not too long ago now imagine the ones who have been sidelined and forgotten.

    • learn to appreciate what your government is doing. There is no war in the country. So you are benefiting indirectly my. Some of us who have been to war zone countries appreciate Zambian leaders every other day. Long live my country. Yes they make mistakes but we correct them together in a peaceful atmosphere

  3. Senior Citizen, keep dreaming Mugabe and Zuma went down the same way with numbers in parliament and looking invincible. People are not happy in Zambia, many are getting over taxed with stagnant salaries. Many are unemployed and now the soldiers Lungu left on the streets are busy harassing poor vendors. It is only a matter of time before they decide enough is enough and ECL is going to get a shock of his life. I can tell you that all the Chinese and foreigners doing dirty deals with ECL are getting concerned no wonder the panic. They might even stop doing dirty deals with him for fear of persecution.

    • @ #3, We all feel the pain brought on us unjustly by a coterie of criminals in the unforgivable privatization plunder matrix of historic damage to our country. They did it heartlessly when the trust was to responsibly manage the process in best national interest with zero malfeasance. Do you know late Honorable Cameroon Pwele the selfless legislator that died in trenches of injustice fighting for our miners who were scammed and succumbed to death due to wanton poverty? In multitudes miners and families died with no dues paid because mine assets were stripped and given to partners. It is pathetic to cheat yourself that People’s lamentations means they are keen to reward criminals of historic malfeasance. Keep selective amnesia to yourself.

  4. Mwikala patalala mwine apatalalika,Learn to lead the times and you will enjoy life.Foolish people always put themselves in trouble.

  5. I think Mr Tembo was given brown envelope to utter those sentiments or he has decided to be conviniently blind. Surely abrogation of the constitution is an impeachable offence

    • Tembo is right. If you read the matters contained in the motion most of them are excepts from the presidential petition 2016. HH and gbm just thought of using a different way of fighting ecl knowing very well that they lost the first battle. If i may ask you who was the speaker 3 months before the general elections because parliament was desolved then that hh wanted the president to hand power to.

  6. Sean Takwete Data.He can’t even satisfactorily explain why there are no valid grounds to the MOtion. Had this been those days I was at UNZA, Sean could have been booed at “WAWA”
    He sounds like a PF proxy!

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