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Constitution amendment bill to be tabled on 19 June


Minister of Justice Given Lubinda
Minister of Justice Given Lubinda

Justice Minister Given Lubinda says the constitution of Zambia amendment bill will be tabled in parliament on 19th June, 2018.

Mr. Lubinda told parliament in a ministerial statement that government has made headways in refining the republican constitution.

He says his ministry is preparing the draft constitution amendment bill, 2018 taking into account the stakeholder comments and submissions.

Mr. Lubinda says government is expected to finalize the drafting of the bill by 13th April 2018.

He says the draft copy of the constitution of Zambia amendment bill, 2018 will then be subjected to a team of independent draftspersons and eminent scholars for scrutiny between 16th to 20th April, 2018.

He explains that the ministry will then proceed with the process of obtaining cabinet approval in principle to introduce in parliament a bill to amend the constitution of Zambia.

Mr. Lubinda says the bill will then be published for 30 days as is required by law.

He adds that in order to continue on the basis of broad consultation, his ministry will conduct a consultative caucus for members of parliament on 12th June.


  1. Do not trust any amendments that come by way of lungu and his gang of thieves…..close scrutiny will reveal they are amendments aimed at propping lungus stay in power and protect him and his gang of thieves from facing the law for looting….

  2. A Constitution that is subject to manipulation by the Executive and legislature is not a safe one! The Constitution belongs to the people and not the leaders! Any changes to the constitution must have the input of the Citizen through Constitution Review Commission which must get submissions from citizens! Manipulation of the constitution to fix political opponents must be stopped! This is what continues to deprive Zambians of better leaders!

  3. am sure some people mis_understood sir Isaac Newton when he said ” .. to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction… pure physics. he did not mean politics.

  4. The upnd mp recently asked lubinda when the amendment bill will be submitted to parliament. Lubinda is giving further details here. But as can be expected from the bantustans, they did a similar thing with the very constitution (which draft we all had), ask & cry for it. When the president complied with their cries, then they turn around & rejected it. And that became their campaign message. So watch this space. If u listen carefully lately they have no campaign message. They want the reviewed constitution to energize them with campaign. Wait & see!

    • You would think the legal mind in the president would catch them or at the very least, his staffers. Instead valuable time and resources were waisted on the hoopla and confetti at the stadium.

  5. What are they amending? I need to know pa iwe lubinda na PF si constitution ya nyoko ka. I presume 50+1 will removed, handing over power to the speaker etc. Most òf the amendments will do with president issues. SELFISH! GREED! NI CONSTITUTION YA NYOKO!

  6. Please consider. For any impeachment motion to be tabled in arliament, it must be suported by at least five (5) MPs from each of the ten provinces. This is to avoid a situation to remove a popularly elected president by a losing presidential candidate. It can happen to anyone. Today its ECL, tomorrow it will be HH or CK. But generally, let us learn to solve our political differences through dialogue and the ballot box in which all citizens will participate. It is not safe to entrust the security of our beutiful country in the hands of a few MPs. Lets avoid dangerous precedents for our future prosperity. One Zambia One nation.

    • Spakalik lilo, the majority wins. Unfortunately that’s the game in politics. Even if the whole Southern province and western province including the dead voted they can’t win. In fact the next president will be either from central or north western province. There is a slim chance that Southern province with a confrontational stance can give mother Zambia a president. The Tonga-Bemba cold war will not go away anytime soon. The Lozis, are a swing state, depending on who is in charge are easily swayed because historically they are migrants from the South. They easily cooperate with those from the east, because they are descendants of Shaka. Just check facts, wherever there is an easterner, there is a Lozi man or woman. With the Bemba’s and the Easterners they team up not for progress, but…

  7. Mr. Lubinda told parliament in a ministerial statement that government has made headways in refining the republican constitution.

    Refining corruptions and theft of taxes payers money by these callus criminals.

    • Spaka like lilo, in the east, there is a silent adage, keep a Bemba close, but never your deputy, because he can rise against you, get a Lozi, or North westerner, because if he is your number two, he will be very loyal up to the grave. For a Tonga, never trust him because, he will dump you when you need him most. Why, because historically Tonga’s know more of individual communities, never in groups, have had no chiefs until of late. A Tonga always takes a confrontational stance even when he has no capacity to fight back. He can easily be whipped out because he knows only arguments without facts

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