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Fred M’membe is Presidential candidate for 2021 general elections for the Socialist Party


Socialist Party's Launch and Unveiling of it's party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party’s Launch and Unveiling of it’s party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections

The Socialist Party has announced that defunct Post Newspaper owner and Veteran Journalist Fred M’membe as its Presidential candidate for the 2021 general elections.

Socialist Party interim General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali will be Dr. Mmembe’s running mate in the 2021 polls.

The Socialist Party has also been officially launched today in Lusaka.

On Wednesday this week, Socialist Party interim General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali revealed that veteran Journalist Fred M’membe had joined active politics.

Speaking when unveiling the party constitution in Lusaka, Socialist Party interim General Secretary Dr Cosmas Musumali says 2021 Zambia will go social.

Dr. Musumali says the party’s vision is to promote justice and peace in the country.

He says the party also has a good working constitution that will govern its operations for the sole purpose of developing the nation.

Socialist Party's Launch and Unveiling of it's party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party’s Launch and Unveiling of it’s party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party's Launch and Unveiling of it's party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party’s Launch and Unveiling of it’s party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party's Launch and Unveiling of it's party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party’s Launch and Unveiling of it’s party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party's Launch and Unveiling of it's party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party’s Launch and Unveiling of it’s party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party's Launch and Unveiling of it's party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party’s Launch and Unveiling of it’s party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party's Launch and Unveiling of it's party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections
Socialist Party’s Launch and Unveiling of it’s party Presidential candidate for 2021 Elections


    • Socialist party, start campaigning in the CB and lusaka…..that is where PF are to be chopped away , slowly by slowly…..

    • He’s Zambian and has a constitutional right to throw his hat in the ring. Now, let’s get ready to ruuuuummmmmblee!!!!!

    • Mmembe’s head needs to be examined..2018 he sounds like he wants to stand against John Cecil Rhodes…Yaba..politics yapa Zambia kuti waseka

      SP dead on arrival, a blessing in disguise but not going anywhere and inflicting serious damage to the UPNDEADs.

      You read him well. He is now in your court. Let the show begin.





    • COMMANDANTE DR MMEMBE this is not humour it’s a joke! The SP has a liability in COMMANDANTE DR MMEMBE. There was a time COMMANDANTE DR MMEMBE could have been a hot ticket not any more, he is a hell of himself. I wish him well.

  1. They all look lost in their socialist scenery. Let’s see how long their affectations and home made poitical comedy shall last.

  2. hahahahaha! Funny Fred. After helping to put the tyrannical PF in power you now want to try and depose them? Useless chap. Lost my respect for you when you shoved Sata down people’s throats.

    • Spaka like lilo – This Party is going to chip away at UPND. All these other Parties are just galvanizing support for PF, unfortunately. None of them have a leadership team that inspires confidence in Zambians. So, PF with equally no leadership will be perceived as the “devil you know….” and ECL will win.

    • I think upnds support base has been increasing not decreasing…..so if that trend continues where will the new supporters of these new parties come from ??? Me thinks pf….

    • ..and NGOs. What a shame, when Nigerians are designing cars for the African market and Ghanaians are developing concrete blocks out of plastic waste.

  3. Its unfortunate that every one wants to be a leader in zambia,how many political parties are we going to have mwabantu.why can’t they join existing
    Parties and help them in areas were they are lacking.

    • Unfortunately indeed. But only politicians do not commit crime in Zambia. If a politician is arrested for a crime, the whole nation will cry ‘intimidation’ So you are better as a political leader than ordinary citizen. Join them Fred.

  4. Kekekekekeke…….paipa pano for Kainde…..kekekekekeke….all those politicians who have been supporting HH before 2016 have either formed their parties or left HH alone.here is the list pf prominent Zambians who supported HH in 2016 but have since left Kainde now;Miles Sampa,Dr.Guy Scott,Dr.Canicius Banda,Fred M’membe,Bob Sichinga,Dr.Kaseba Sata,Mulenga Sata,Bridget Atanga,Prof.Atanga,Lifwekelo,Edward Mumbi,Maureen Mwanawasa,etc.THESE POLITICIANS ATTRACTED A LOT OF VOTES TO HH OR UPND IN 2016!!in 2021 HH will compete with these politicians plus Kambwili and Harry Kalaba’s party,together with MIGHTY PF!!SO SURELY,THE WINNER HERE IS PF AS THESE OPPOSITION PARTIES WILL SIMPLY SPLIT THEIR VOTES!!

    • Consoling yourself I guess! If anything, Kainde needs a proper winning team not these who jumped on for an opportunity

  5. If you are a journalist you are journalist. Though he is not, any way. Even if you have the constitutional right, weigh yourself first. I am not a prophet of doom, but a realist. THIS PARTY IS NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

  6. Look at yourself man, u are not a politician man, you not even presidential material, insanity at its best! SMH

  7. Looks more organised with a commonly well understood objective than tu mambwili with ya Sikazwe bootlicking both sides. However, crooks can be attractive in Zambia.

  8. He could have built schools and hospital in Zambia or in his village. He defrauded the treasury of a lot tax dollars and got fraudulent loans now he comes back claiming to be fighting for the poor. Zambian Airways, Post, Post courier WTF? He could have used all those opportunities to make a positive difference. No need to come here and start quoting useless facts about Cecil Rhodes etc, history is there and it is not always good, those people you mentioned benefited from shade dealings including selling their own people. Most of them were and still are very greedy people. We need proper collective action to develop our motherland not always talking about “fighting” , fighting who? Imagine what you could have achieved by now with opportunities you’d been given.

  9. Advice: Your ultimate goal shouldn’t be to wrestle power and revenge for what has been done to you, some of it were consequences of your own misdeeds. Our current politics comprise two extremes of childish intolerance, the country is being torn apart so there’s need for a third moderate force. If you can fill in that gap then people will follow you. If you have come to call others minions then you’re not different from the current crop. Mind how you use intelligence information that comes your, it’s gross mischief to publish private phone conversations. Good luck

  10. This Membbe scatterehead reminds me of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), in the Kaunda of Malawi era, Kaunda of Kenya era etc. In this era someone still dreams of socialism and those fallen dictators of the likes of … awe its too long cannot remember much but all that I can recall is that that was a dead era.
    The guy really looks degenerated.

  11. 2021 maybe a repeat of 2001. A ripe context to unseat the PF but too many political parties which work to the advantage of the ruling party. Unfortunately, asking these clowns to unite and filled one candidate is mission impossible. History after all has a tendency to repeat itself.

  12. Mmembe lost the opportunity to be president when post was still very popular. Now people know him as a tax evader. It will be very difficult to sell himself after being silenced by slender one Edgar Lungu, a friend to rumba music revelers.

  13. This a copy of EFF bullcr#p. People need education not senseless patriotism. African educated people need to guide the partnerships we form with other countries. Cut down on the greediness! Priority number one is to have educated citizens in Zambia who can distinguish between left and right put simply. Remember majority without knowledge is equivalent to quantity without quality and ultimately self destruction. It is true for example, that SA needs the skill of white SAs, so pretending otherwise is scoring own goal!! BTW Zambia needs to open up its borders for those who want to settle here. We all know the past so do even go there, let us face the future with the lessons learned on both sides in an opportunistic way. Stronger Together!

  14. All these so called opposition parties have something in common, personal hatred against President Lungu. Read the political landscape, HH can’t believe that 70% of Zambians don’t like him and unfortunately there’s is nothing He can do about it, period! M’membe, like HH is a confused man after President Lungu made him accountable by paying taxes which he felt no one could ever do, again there is no real drive but personal hatred against President Lungu. Further all these time wasters have no message for Zambians. Now the opposition will be fighting each other for the second position. Socialism in this era? Please, we don’t want to like Cuba NO!!!!!

  15. But why Clenched Fist , symbol for FP? Did I see well or my eyes are deceiving me? This is the last wrong step Mmembe has made! He’s too artificial he can’t be grass roots Leader! And anyway Socialism died long time ago, may Mmembe should go see the graves in Eastern Europe! It never worked because it breeds dictators through creation of superficial empires and retrogressive tendencies! Remember Tito, Brezhnev, Chairman Mao, Cescu, and also our own Super Ken! And how many young Zambians are going to buy into socialism? That’s just total rubbish!

  16. Interesting to see how he will convince tribes he referred to as Bantustan, Kolwestan & Mbebastan. Will die at lightening speed like Rainbow Party

  17. Surely this party will steal some votes from HH in Western and North Western province. PF will have it very easy in 2021.

  18. Where has consultation and self observation gone? Where are our true friends and relatives disappeared to? It’s only when one is in true desertion that they can make such a mistake? Am sorry Fred, this is a wrong move you’ve made because I feel you never meditated on this with your true conscious!

  19. The temerity of it all can’t be described.
    On the most important day in a christian nation, the remnants of the loot of our tax money stashed in his a…..which Mosho’s Speculum could not expunge is used to launch an Atheists’ presidential ambition.

    As if having a Satanist Party in the nation was not enough!!

    Behold Christian Fellows, the Devil is reinforcing!!!

  20. In Zambia, if you feel you have been insulted enough and you can not insult back, your attempts at getting are not bearing fruit, you have suffered a lot and you do not want to suffer any more, or indeed you have lived in poverty and you can not take it anymore-the best advice is form a sweet sounding party and many of your problems will be gone! You will dine and wine with both national prominent national and international citizens, not forgetting the traveling to affluent places and being visited by chiefs (or indeed visiting them). At least when you are called to the land we are all finally called to rest, a lot of dignitaries will come to send you off while saying very colorful and usually meaningless words about you. (An afterthought,-“Am getting old and I need to form one of such…

  21. Fred Mmembe has 100% constitutional rights to form a political. However, the most painful challenge is for him to convince Zambians as to whether Tax evasion and offshore banking of Zambians money would be the best criteria to dupe the voters to vote for him. This is the man who was supported by HH to the hilt to an extent that he would have just joined the UPND party that his wife’s father formed. All dedicated readers of the Post/ Mast will switch their allegiance to Mmembe’s Club. We wonder how Mr. Zimande’s Communist Party and Malema’s EFF will view the Zambian Black Guptas after booting out the corrupt Zuma from the ANC and the South African Govt. This spells doom for HH, Kakoma and Katuka.

  22. Interesting developments.
    (1) Wife to the late Anderson Mazoka engineered the ushering-in of HH (the Tonga) to lead UPND at the exclusion of Sakwiba Sikota (Lozi) and Patrick Chisanga (Bemba). (2) Mmembe married Mazoka’s daughter for political expediency to gain Tongas support to fight the ZRA. (3) HH (an economist) openly supported Mmembe’s acts of tax evasion. (4) Mmembe’s Tabloids (The Post & The Mast) vehemently attacked PF’s Lungu Govt in appreciation of HH’s political gestures.
    Yet Mmembe has refused to recognize UPND as a potential ruling party by forming his own party. Interesting scenario indeed.

    • Mmembe cannot be a socialist, unless he doesn’t understand what socialism means. He’s got insatiable appetite for money. Just look at the salary he awarded himself as MD for the Post, the loans he got from DBZ, the way he hounded out the original directors of Zambian Airways from the company. Maybe he’s lost it and we should keep a spare bed at Chainama

  23. Well anyone is free to form a party as long as they have support and a plan in place. Let the guy do as he wishes

  24. Mutinta needs to step up to the Plate and run for President, in her fathers party. She is righteous.

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