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Socialist Party set to present Fred M’membe to the public


Socialist Party interim General Secretary Cosmas Dr Musumali
Socialist Party interim General Secretary Cosmas Dr Musumali

The Socialist Party is today expected to president for defunct Post newspaper owner and media activist Fred M’membe to the public. According to the notice, the Socialist party said that it is expected to launch the party today and unveil the party’s presidential candidate for the 2021 elections.

“The launch of the Socialist Party and the unveiling of the party’s presidential candidate will take place today 31.03.18 at Kingfisher Lodge in Jesmodine at 08:00hrs”

Early this week, Socialist Party interim General Secretary Cosmas Dr Musumali revealed that veteran Journalist Fred M’membe had joined active politics.
Dr Musumali disclosed that Dr M’membe is a member of the Socialist Party.

He said Dr M’membe could no longer continue to play an advisory role to every political party, but that it was time for him to join fully.

“Comrade Fred M’membe is a member of the Socialist Party. This is a comrade who for years has always worked in the background. There is no political party in Zambia where he has not participated. He was there at the founding of the MMD with Mbita Chitala, Akashambatwa [Mbikusita Lewanika] and others. The National Party, he was part of it. Let’s not forget that he also supported the PF; he worked closely with Mr Sata, but he was aware of his role as a journalist,” Dr Musumali said.

“And now time has come for him to play a different role. He is not going to be an advisor anymore; he is part of the leadership of the Socialist Party,” Dr Musumali said.

He added, “If you attend our launch on Saturday, you will see him. And we have no apologies about it. Comrade M’membe has mentored a lot of politicians who are now Members of Parliament, both from the opposition and in the current government. In fact some of them are occupying very senior positions in the current government, so his input should not be questioned; it speaks for him. And now it is his time to be fully involved.”


    • I don’t know what Mmembe is trying to do here, but this one has me puzzled.

      For the little I know, the man should be in Jail.

      he is no hero for what he has done to the employees and all of you by refusing to pay the same Tax that has derailed you from being rich to the state.



    • If M’membe supported any of those political parties, why doesn’t he join any of those? There is something he wants to secure or achieve. Maybe scores to settle. Him and CK and double h have foul mouths. They don’t build but destroy. Their slanderous mouths may be a danger to Zambia.

    • This sounds and looks like a replica of the EFF.
      An arrogant egotistical leader with an axe to grind and an ideology he thinks can psy for everything with nothing.
      Should Fred win be prepared to earn K10. Per month and drive old cars!

    • His goose is cooked … you can drain my brain from my skull but I can never give you my tooth.

      An axe to grind and politics to hide under, that’s the real motivation. 2021 is looking really good.

      May the best man win, let’s roll as the dynamics are changing. No credible opposition in Zambia and that’s a sad state of affairs.

  1. Dr Membe I suspect the name ” Socislist” party is born out of deep conviction and probably nostalgia but a word of advise , that name does not resonate with the electorate……i thought you were smarter than that……come up with another name to be of any revelance..

  2. M’membe dreams of Zambia being a Cuba. How conceivable is that? One begins to question his metal state…

  3. This is not Cuba gentlemen….those guys have had strong ideals based on what they believed in… thats why we see Cuba is where it is today…ok let’s wait and see

  4. Capitalism has failed us and seen the rise of political sangwapo and thugery. If Fred can take it the Chinese or Putin way then, it will be good buying into it. Another problem is socialism is seen as the enemy of the West. bound to face a lot of opposition.

  5. It is rather too late Dr. M’membe. You have entangled yourself in too many unexplained accusations. You are no longer clean. Even those who sympathized with you now take you as a criminal hiding behind the pen. You never wrote your paper out of self-conviction to hold leaders accountable but lies and settling political scores. You made others believe in you including myself, but along the way, I looked at you critically and stopped buying your paper. The tax issue made me lose faith in M’membe that wait a minute so it is never out of self-conviction but deceit. That is what attracted me to liking Edgar Lungu, as he promised to deal with you. I doubted him at first, but when I went to look at Edgar closely I saw Shaka and Kagame embedded in him. That is when you deeply injured my…

  6. Fred is 200% a Capitalist by nature of his practice. The Cubans via its consulate have been funding and brainwashing him for years.

    The world is moving away from Socialism. China and Russia has been adopting capitalist frameworks for the past 25yrs. They don’t just to admit in the face of the world. This the more reason why China has the fastest number of millionaires popping up every single day. China and Russia are the among top 5 New Frontier Emerging Markets.

    Even Cuba has admitted that the propagandist does work anymore. It was only that Castro was so stubborn to prove a point to western national, which isolated it from the world.

    These opportunists are just Champagne Socialists, & Gucci Guerrillas, who LOVE MONEY SO MUCH, they would sell their own Grand mothers @ the drop of a hat, are now busy attempting to dupe gullible ZAMBIAN’S.
    If any Zambian dares to buy this cr@p & attends meetings hosted by these Spivs, then you deserve the stunted development, & hunger currently afflicting you, & your Nation!!!

  8. Another big fool who thinks that he can walk into state house Zambians must know that is the same ***** who was in the for front now he thinks by forming his party he will voted any ways you can’t tell as there are to many like him in Zambia

  9. Thumbs up!! You have my vote Fred. At least there is some decency in you than the current crop of politicians whose stock in trade is looting state resources to enrich themselves at all costs.

  10. The Post was positioning itself for this and all its reports were political and for selfishness! Second losers after HH!

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