Friday, February 23, 2024

Lusambo led Demolition of an illegal structure built over a public Road(Updated)



  1. The Same Lusambo has built his house in Chamba Valley area on a public road! Let the same be done to his illegal structure!

    • Ever wondered that… at the time it was built, someone from the council may have allowed it to go ahead? Fix the corrupt causes!

    • You are right. One has to address the root cause and not just symptoms. In Zambia people act intrinsically without thinking through stuff. Many don’t even know how this is connected to education and political leadership. We have had a period I guess like 2-3 decades of useless or no proper education and leadership in Zambia . Now we are reaping what we sowed. Raw and unworthy individuals in sensitive positions in the civil service, in government etc basically everywhere. In my mind these consequences are proof of the importance of education and proper political leadership for the good of humanity. Until we get a window of opportunity with a good leader , our country and its people will remain doomed!

  2. Already in Ring Road, residents are extending the perimeter of their fences to the road reserve.

    Council is just watching.

    Time to fire the Council Clerk is now.

  3. Where is the Mayor? Surely it takes the whole govt to come and pull down an illegal wall fence…people need to fired.

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