Kambwili vows to dismantle what he termed the Monster he helped create

Mr Kambwili at ACC Headquaters
Mr Kambwili at ACC Headquaters
Mr Kambwili at ACC Headquaters
Mr Kambwili at ACC Headquaters

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Consultant Chishimba Kambwili says his recent personal humiliation and persecution has cemented his resolve to boldly demobilize what he has termed as the monster he helped create after the death of President Michael Sata.

In a statement made available to Q-News, Mr Kambwili says he’s resolved now than ever before to see to it that state power and its accompanying responsibilities is democratically taken away from the hands of what he has referred to as desperate,thieving,heartless and sadistic people.

He says Zambia deserves better and that what the country has today is not even an inch closer to what can be termed as sensible and credible leadership.

Mr Kambwili says his humiliation and persecution,together with that of other progressive political leaders and cadres across the country serves as a reminder to all, that Zambians are living under a fightened,evil and despotic regime, which is determined to paint decent and innocent citizens as criminals.

He says there is no doubt in his mind that tough times lie ahead, but that he believes in the common resolve to overcome sooner rather than later.

Mr Kambwili says the PF government is panicking because they have realized that while their time is up, their alleged crimes of yesterday, today and tomorrow pose a greatest threat to their alleged looting of the state treasury, livelihoods and comfort beyond their tenure of office.

He states that it is very clear that President Lungu has become increasingly paranoid and desperate.

He says his heavy-handed crackdowns on political opponents and a failure to offer voters anything positive only causes his opponents to multiply.

Mr Kambwili has cited the government’s reaction to the launch of the Socialist Party and the subsequent expulsion of the Cuban Ambassador to Zambia as indication of their fear of the coming of Fred M’membe and other critical voices onto the political scene.

The Roan Member of Parliament says during his humiliation and persecution in the past days, he has gone through a period of intense reflection and soul searching and that what comes out prominently is the fact that he needs to make it right once more with people he might have injured in the course of his political activities in the recent past.

He says nothing surpasses the pain and regret of realizing that President Edgar Lungu’s alleged mediocrity is what he defended and risked his life for in the last two Presidential elections.

Mr Kambwili has since apologised to all those he injured whether knowingly or unknowingly.

He has thanked those who stood with him in the opposition,civil society, the church and other stakeholders during his recent predicament.


    • Nama diabetes and BP katwishi. You might be naive but you created a big monster you claim you can just blow away. Good luck

    • Kambwili you’re even luck you did not dismantle the ZWD and other media for the monster. Hope other overzealous ministers have learnt from your fall from grace.

    • Over valuation of rumpeenism at its worst. If a simple civil detention in a mere cell absolutely non-extra-constitutional detention could spark epileptic convulsions and feigning, where will be the day sledge hummer will fall on you? Just yake care of your diabetic and heart complication issues. Zambia has rational actors to mount pressure constructively on ruling regimes than deluded thugs like you Kambwili.

    • I don’t get how some random big guy comes up thinking he owns all the space. He’s big ok but he’s just another chap. CK Fuseki

      Today you are in love with M’membe but you helped close down his rude paper. I am glad you were kicked out’a Government. The humiliation you suffered was caused by yourself. We picked up lessons as well that you are one weak character. Your kind’a politics are extremely dangerous to our democracy. The monster you helped create has a mandate that runs through to 2021. It is investigating your corruption dealings too. Instead of alarming…

    • … the nation, take up the step and mantle, and report your pals in corruption who are still serving in Government with evidence

    • But are you prepared to faint again just at the sound of police vehicle sireen? Ck you demonstated to us that you are a coward. Is there anything left in that can finght any battle? Get out of my office! Sha!

    • NDC need to look for another candidate BUFFOON CK is incapable to lead….I mean just imagine how he would be under pressure!!


  1. For a change Chishimba I agree with you on one thing. This country deserves better leadership than a clown like yourself wanting to lead this country.

    • Kambwili is no longer relevant he’s off the conveyor belt. The sooner he learns that the better. It’s a harsh reality.

    • Zambia does deserve better indeed and CK like all who repent of their sins for a reset needs all the encouragement from all those who take him for his word on “setting things right.” Alongside reflections those in government must invest in cleaning up the prisons to provide conducive environment in confinement for everyone is a potential occupant going by the high profile incarcerations being witnessed. Who is next and where will it lead?

    • The Veep Inonge has the aces you foolish CK. Go and engage her the way you did when you supported ECL and convince her to do the right thing to be pat of the impeachment process to save Sata’s party. Forget about the evil Lungu, you can get him through Inonge. You mean you cannot see the opportunity here? Inonge is in the driving seat and she can save the PF. If she can do the most honourable thing, this is it! I am surprised that CK has no brains to see the opportunity presenting itself.

    • The Veep Inonge has the aces you myopic CK. Go and engage her the way you did when you supported ECL and convince her to do the right thing to be pat of the impeachment process to save Sata’s party. Forget about the evil Lungu, you can get him through Inonge. You mean you cannot see the opportunity here? Inonge is in the driving seat and she can save the PF. If she can do the most honourable thing, this is it! I am surprised that CK has no brains to see the opportunity presenting itself.

    • CK should spill the beans on how rigging was conducted. The case is still fresh in the courts of law. Then launch impeachment.

  2. One would have thought that the man was going to avail himself adequate Rest and perhaps go on a hiatus from the pressures of Politics deeming his current Health. Alas, no sooner had he felt better than he returned ku malushi.

    • …all that feinting and collapsing was play acting so he can avoid icifungo (the dungeons!!), useless coward….

  3. I doubt u Mr Kambwili and the people following u. U are the most corrupt Zambia and you should pay for the money u have stolen.

    Why is it that when the government wants to pursue corrupt individuals some half minded Zambian people think the government is punishing those individuals like kambwili and HH?

    This guys have stolen alot of money from the country and yet people think they are innocent

    • He was never good to the people on his way up. The down fall is as the result rather lonely. You know the kinds of friends that surround you when they think you have a bit of dollars. The same goes for M’membe. It is now scramble to hit the headlines. PF should be smiling.

  4. Kambwili awe mwandi kuwayawaya fye……Zambia is bigger than you and the government is not Edgar himself, you can not fight a system. Advice; Go and enjoy the proceeds you illegally obtained in peace and preserve your health.
    Otherwise twalashika nombaline!

  5. Is Mushota still sleeping? She must have had a long shift just for a time and a half pay. Does Mushota know who Kambwili is?

  6. CK there is a lot wrong with Zambian politics and the leadership that ECL and PF are providing but please do not even for once kid yourself that you are the solution are saviour to our current situation. Your supporters are equally dilusional. Just when over the last couple of day did you undergo the reflection you talk about when it is common knowledge that half the time you were unconscious having fainted…unless you were faking it? Either way, you are either medically or mentally (or worse still both) unfit for fit for public office. Take a rest. You have no moral, physical or mental ability to take on the PF government, in part as you have rightfully pointed out because you were too intimately involved in creating it. If you don’t heed this advice and still insist on taking on PF…

  7. ….heed this advice and still insist on taking on PF and in the process get crushed be rest assured there were be little or no sympathy for you. Don’t let the few people surrounding you deceive you. It will be your loved ones who will suffer when you are incarcerated or worse still 6 feet underground through your own making.

  8. No, No and No!!! Kambwili is the corrupt b.a.s.t.ard who fraudulently registered a company to siphoned taxpayers’ money and enrich himself. He is not a man of integrity being persecuted, h.e.ll No!!! When he was minister, he blocked an ACC investigation and got fired for that. Now the ACC have caught up with him and je wants to twist the truth. Ba laku kaka, chi kabolala, iwee!!!

    • I could not agree with you more. Trying to re-write history like we were born yesterday. There is no way in this lifetime that CK can divorce himself from any wrong-doings of ECL and PF. The only reason they are at logger-heads is he got greedy and wanted to be at the same corrupt level as ECL himself. Nothing else but selfish vested interests on the side of CK. He cannot pretend that he is doing any of this for the masses. Self-preservation only!! The real pity is that too many people are fooled by him and before you know it he will begin to believe in himself and his nonsense!

  9. Ck if you are serious in your regrets , consolidate with other opposition leaders to save Zambia….

  10. Dr. Kambwili, well-said and intentioned. It is good to know that you are seeking forgiveness for the “monster you helped create”. But the full investigation of PF/Lungu including those who created “the monster” will continue well after the Lungu administration–which should be soon.
    It is painful that a once great and progressive country is now hurtling downhill to the cliff under a self-confessed visionless “leader”. Sad. Very Sad.
    Amidst the cacophony of PF corruption, ills of its intolerance and the vast garbage of PF moral decadence, there lies Edgar Lungu–arguably, the most mediocre pretender to have ascended to the office of the presidency anywhere in the world.
    But hold it. Zambians often can correct a bad governance system they once thought would lead them to the…

  11. If some people are guilty of corruption in the PF, Kambwili is high up on the list. First look into your self before you start other battles. You were just an ordinary human resources officer with nothing much to write home about. Now you’ve lost almost everything you greedly acquired, don’t think the ACC will easily let go of those assets and funds they have restricted. What an ending, just join Fred Mmembe at least you will share something in common

  12. promised land. Yes, Zambian democracy self-cleanses from the governance sewage that washes up under mediocre Lungu-type leaders. The later emergence of the FTJ Chiluba (RIP) and precedence of Zambia’s politics attests to that. Be hopeful. Stay still. And be prayerful. Joy cometh in the morning after a drench of PF-induced tears.

  13. Kambwili if at all you a clear mind please don’t think Zambians are fools.They know that you are the most corrupt politician and things have caught with you.only desperate HH will support you because equally him has a lot to explain to the Zambian people

  14. Muli bapuba imwe ba kambwili. As a former and senior man in then ZCCM, I am curious to know how a former clerk could have amassed so much wealth even against senior management officials in professor Mwanalushi, Milupi, Shamutete and others.

    • He was a Changachanga at Tailings Leach Plant in Nchanga Division. Started as a Band Leader at Nchanga Social mine club. EK used him as a chola boy. He conducted a Housing Assets Auction Sale at Nchanga Bowling club in 1990 with Late Maliwa, Late Thawete, Late Nyoni and Mr Kapumpa. Joined ZCCM ltd full time at Housing and was accommodated in First street at Flat 79 Room 3. He was Changachanga at the Tankhouses(HGLP) of the Tailings Leach Plant. Was once prunned given benefits and later re-instated, continued working as Changachanga(Section Personnel Officer) for Copper Tankhouses. What followed is drama and for you to dig. That is baShimpundu… CB and Zambia…

  15. Kambwili this time you will be arrested and taken to Chainama that you have gone mad and will be difficult for people to believe who is telling the truth between you and the Doctors at Chainama. May be Kambwili did not watch what we have seen on social media.

  16. The monster that you created demonizing even the very people who are with you today. Politicians must learn to be tolerant because things can change anytime. Welcome one back to reality Imbwili yansala next time don’t collapse anyhow when you see a cell ukose.

  17. Mwapola nomba, mwa?

    This one deserves a nomination at the Oscar Awards. category: “Best Actor”, followed by the other socialist in category: “Best Newcomer”.

    Politics? No, way! More like Variety Show or Non-Stop Nonsense.

  18. Ba kambwili, you are history now after the nation witnessed your antics. No one will listern to you now. If you have followed they political path of Wynter, that’s exactly the direction you are headed – oblivion!!!!

  19. His case hasn’t even started and he is talking of dismantling pf. Pf is zambia and you have to be America to dismantle a nation. Good luck hippo.

  20. @ mpungalume very true discription and the band name was Somosomo, that used to play at Nchanga mine club.

  21. Ba CK you are a coward. ukufenta-fenta after you hear jail. Next time, they will squeeze that cimukoshi full of Zambia’s stolen wealth.
    @17.1 Mpungalume you have data man. Long time since I heard the term ‘changachanga’. You have made my day.

  22. Seeing things from the other side of the river. Kambwili, emotions don’t win any battle! You vow to “dismantle the monister” you helped create and in the same breath you are again apologizing to already self created devil’s in UPND, what then are you creating? Another Hitler? Kambwili, leadership ain’t about self ego or pomposity or money but ability to attract followers based on what you stands for. You, HH and now M’membe are jokers of the century. Please look in the mirror and tell us what you see. Hate, envy, jealous, bitterness, greed, self centeredness and above all emptiness.

  23. A man who was recently admitted to an icu ward yapping like that! This man needs psychiatric treatment. He is not normal upstairs.

  24. Jealousy people may today label Edgar Lungu “mediocre” , but late Michael Sata was a very visionaly and intelligent person, he assessed all his flowers or members in PF, unfortunately most of them he saw them as not worthy leaders of the people, so he settled on one Edgar Lungu, because of his down to earth and non-pompous character/behaviour/attitude! This shocked a lot of presidential hopefuls in PF, useless as they may be, because Edgar was a “nonentyty in their eyes”, hence the jealous to date! Ask Inonge Wins, she holds the secret ” bye, bye” from Michael Sata! No wonder she has stood by Edgar all this long! Bembas are full of jealous , the sooner they realise they are not a super tribe in Zambia the better! Even fools like Kambwili, GBM, little Kalaba, just because they are…

  25. But when did he get all this money mwe bantu, just from ukulisha ifilimba my tavern.
    Ba kambwili naimwe muli ba pompwe mwilatubepa

    • If you want to know what the hippos do ask the crocs, one veteran lawyer said so during the MMD circus. Shimpundu was and is crafty. First let him dismanle the Jerabo clan on CB. And he should explain to his cousin Mr Daka who was at one time Manager in ZCCM where the Ndola – Luanshya rail sleepers went.Hahaha and who was behind the Nchanga mine police events of ………By the way the delayed Chingola Solwezi road who was named in the Contract?? Ati how many flats?500?

  26. But mr Kambwili, are you not going back to the soil soon? I dont see you living much longer. But then that is what they call ukusabaila,

    We have had enough of the pretence and wolving in sheep’s clothing. The very opposition you are trying to mobilise today are the same characters you demonized with impunity when you enjoyed the comfort of Government it hand outs. When you were on at the helm, you rubished everyone in opposition and looked elite and untouchable. Remember your Sunday interview with Zulu? It is now their time to brush. You got yourself clobbered with very few genuine friends if any.

    • If you care more about the truth, you don’t have the numbers and frankly, youtube, LT and other social media platforms have your vids, scribes and scrolls; and dumb asz rudeself puking unprintables directing them at your perceived political enermies. Thick CK do you remember your encounter with one Fr. Frank Bwalya on Radio Phoenix? He promised you something very important. Remember the bashing of the Tongas including my Tonga girlfriend on TV? Do you remember mocking the Post Newspaper reporter in your office? The list can go on and on. In fact you still have a lot of reflection to do.

  28. This man must pay more attention to his health than rantings and politics. He recent collapsing should serve him as a lesson. Please Kambwaili get yourself very health and stop your outbursts, you are not strong enough to be in this game.

  29. Please can we have unity of purpose for once. CK join forces with other political parties like UPND to hold rallies and spread the message of Impeaching the Monster you created. This is a golden opportunity to flush our the messy fown the drain. Citizens once aware will pressurize the representatives to ‘get this out’. Remember chance comes but once.

  30. Kambwili stood to be president then he was not sucessful and that is how he jumped and change camps. He had lost to Miles Sampa. What monster did he creat?

  31. This chap CK used to brag that EDGAR is the best leader Africa has ever produced!!!!!!!!!!! Now who can believe this Politically frustrated Kambwili? Ulu ulubuli wabala ukose mune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I only know of Mandela as a person who fought for freedom from prison. But with his recent faintings and resurrections, can Kambwili follow those footsteps from the infamous Chimbokaila? Anyway the bembas say Mukaishi wandi njipikila isembe indye.

  33. Kambwili, Why did the late president sat refer to as your excellency ku mufumbwe solwezi when you came to campaign for steven masumba ? You forget that naba Sata balimishibe mukati bakambwili, you are not an honorable man to say the least. I know Edgar is not blameless like any other man on earth, but one thing am certain of is that you are a selfish hypocrite trying to deceive the poor Zambians. But you are at liberty to say what you want your excellency, Tukamona kutanshi uko tuleya

  34. Meembe on 20/10/2015 said “the people you choose to be your closest friends or associates is one of the most important decisions one makes in his life” and went further to say” there are good ships and bad ships but best is friendship”. Do you guys want to be friends with this man who called others Dogs, Hyenas etc etc? A man who has been fighting to dislodge ECL from day one to date. A person who cannot forgive and forget? He has won the sympathy of Kambwili and HH but not mine because his coming to politics is not to serve but to go for some one’s neck. Like they say “birds of the same feather flock together”. I am not surprised the two have given him solidarity.

  35. It is actually more than dismantling a political party’s hegemony; it is about reordering the governance system. There is this song about reducing presidential powers, for example. That must be done. Has anyone noticed how quietly the transfer of power has happened in Botswana? That is what we are talking about.

  36. He is not my cup of tea!!! He made ZNBC to be the worst broadcaster in Africa,closed radio stations, destroyed the only hope and voice for the people in the POST NEWSPAPER and was part of thieving in government. I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR KAMBWILI AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. You readers and viewers, You remember what Kambwili said about ECL… He said and roughly I quote: “Edgar, you have started, it is punch for punch, here I come, kwati pali na kamuntu, kuti waputafye mwela, kapona no kupona”. But what happened to you..?. Before even Edgar enters the ring, you fainted,,.. Is that Punch for Punch? Ba CK, be serious with your life… In fact you are not fit to be president, not even of a company,,, You have filthy mouth and tongue not fit for presidency.. I would rather vote for Chipimo, he is humble, cool and mature.

  38. Soon, the monster itself will be dismantled! In fact it has been dismantled already, that is why it collapses easily, every time it has to answer charges!

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