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Office of the First President denies endorsing Fred M’membe’s Socialist Party


First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda
First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda

The Office of the First Republican President has clarified that the newly formed Socialist Party President Fred M’membe never visited Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to seek support of any kind.

In a statement made available to media today by the Office of the First President Administrative Assistant Rodrick Ngolo, the stories that appeared in the online publication of Daily Nation on 2nd of April and Daily Nation Newspaper on 3rd April 2018 are totally misleading.

“The headlines in the Daily Nation online Publication dated 2nd April 2018 which states ”KK endorses M’membe” and also Daily Nation Newspaper dated 3rd April,2018 which states “Desperation failure” are not true and misleading,”stated Mr. Ngolo.

Mr. Ngolo stated that Dr. Kenneth Kaunda is above party politics and will always support the government of the day.

He further urged media organisations to verify matters concerning the First Republican President with his office in order to avoid issuing unconfirmed statements which will bring the name of Dr.Kaunda into reproach.


  1. Ba Kaunda having tuma dreams of wamuyayaya, ” Ni by air so belenge mayo, so so belenge mayo, Ba kaunda na ba lusa, nabaya by air! so belenge mayo.” kikikikikiki

    • Imwe Ba Nzelu … please ndekeleni Bashi Panji alone, na papata mukwai. This is a real patriarchy who not only led the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise with a steady hand but the rest of sub-Saharan Africa during very difficult times.

      He’s still by far the greatest man I ever met and I am proud to call him, Mr. President … the Emeritus President of the entire continent of Africa!!! Long Live KK, Live Long & Prosper. A true patriot and the first democrat our nation ever had.

      He allowed for the first multi-party elections while he still had the mandate to lead the nation another two more years. And when he lost, he graciously stepped aside. An honorable man, indeed!!!

      Best regards,

    • Ba Nzelu wrote and I quote “… BR Mumba that title goes to Botswana’s presidents.” End of quote.

      Not to me and when the rest of revisionist history is once properly re-written, there will only be one Provost ~ Dr. Kenneth B Kaunda – First President of the Republic of Zambia.

      No other African President ever affected continents like KK did. In America, he pushed President Lyndon Baines Johnson make the final push for the Civil Right Acts.

      In the Soviet Union, he pushed Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, GCL through the Non-Aligned Movement along side Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Wilson Reagan to break up the Iron Curtain.

      In Africa, he helped liberate the entire Sub-Saharan Region … in the Philippines, he helped push the Marcos dynasty out. In India he championed Indira…

    • Continued…

      In Africa, he helped liberate the entire Sub-Saharan Region … in the Philippines, he helped push the Marcos dynasty out. In India he championed Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi selfless rule.

      In Brazil (South America) he stood with the masses as revolt took place, in Europe he was the darling of Africa until he started nationalization.

      The list is endless … you tell me a single Tswana President with that pedigree and I will give you my skull.

    • Abena Spaka … I am in a very good mood today so, I will let Abena Jay Jay slide. Just today though, I can’t promise about tomorrow. But facts still remain … KK is the living legend of this century. All others are gone. What A Sweet Life!!!

      Ronald Wilson Reagan is gone.

      Margaret Thatcher (The Iron Lady) is gone.

      Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev CGL is gone.

      François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand is gone.

      The list is endless … Live Long & Prosper!!!

    • Abena Spaka … even Ba VJ would tell you that only KK, Reagan, Thatcher, Gorbachev and Mitterrand had the full command of the United Nations General Council meetings in New York. When these spoke, the world listened attentively. It used to be so quiet you could hear a pin drop from across the aisle.

      That’s how much clout KK had on the world stage … a living legend, he still is.

    • @BR: I feel you big brother!! KK is a true and exemplary patriot, second to none. “the Emeritus President of the entire continent of Africa”
      “He allowed for the first multi-party elections while he still had the mandate to lead the nation another two more years. And when he lost, he graciously stepped aside. An honorable man, indeed!!!” WORD, BROTHER!!!!

    • A big figure like KK was once made stateless by Kafupi and Kambwili a copper wire thief thinks he has a chance, katwishi! Nalubilafye Kuma diabetes na BP yabo, The guy will not come back from the gallows alive. Give it up you screwed up mate! Lungu, for now has the upper hand and you are in limbo! The guy has all aces.

  2. …in my dream and siesta , I saw vividly saw the image of Paul Ngozi the legend of the a singer …saying ulemu as the song resonated … ulemu for KK… drag him NOT in the arena of politics …. Thoughts from Dr CM

    • Imagine he knows these illiterate fooools will create a storm in a teacup, he knows them he created them…just imagine when he starts to mobilize membership around the country. If Lazy Lungu was a smart lawyer which he is not he would relish someone like Fred who is not blessed with public speaking skills throwing his hat in the ring but we all know Lazy is coward and has surrounded himself with drunkards like Kaizer as advisers a former lab assistant and Yes men…really laughable…I wonder what would have happened if Kalaba was still in that Ministry; he would have told Lazy to calm down.

    • Nzelu – in any other country..a socialist Party would just attract tree hangers and students trying to find themselves…but in Zambia with Kaponyas such as PF you don’t need to invest in media as they will do it for you.

  3. Why is PF involving old man KK in this rubbish forcing his office to issue statement …I mean his office have never come out when there have been serious issues happening within the region. Is KK’s office afraid of the insecure corrupt coward in State House fearing he could go into panic mode and cut off benefits. His office never came out when the was talk of KK visiting Mugabe in Harare and persuading him to step down.

  4. We all know Richard sakala is a lungu mouthpiece …..lungu ,sack who ever did not advise you about giving membe a platform……

  5. Leave the old fossil alone. you have run out of ideas and want to involve someone who is enjoying his retirement abait after causing a lot of misery to us. UNIP is dead and berried except for my friend Mumba, who apparently sounds intelligent despite the fact the he still claims to the last UNIP fimofimo..kkkkk.

    • Nevermind BR Mumba Jr …the chap is delusional with nostalgia excuse him, he thinks he is the knight in shining amour riding his horse down the hill keeping the UNIP flame burning …really laughable…meanwhile he is ignorantly shameless parading himself as PF cadre spewing utter claptrap with braggadocio.

    • Imwe Ba Jay Jay … not today, please!!! I am in a very good mood today having a great day; please dance with me. And yes, I am the last UNIPist standing. I am blushing blue, even if my parte is actively dead … I am true to my word. I promised myself at a very tender age that I will die a UNIPist and so a UNIPist I will die.

      There’s no single party currently that has my full support, but Edgar, I love … he is a descent man trying very hard to stir and lead the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise under very difficult conditions. His steady hand has averted calamities for us.

      1. 5 General Elections in the last 10 years. One election is a cash cow imagine 5 in 10 years.

      2. $40,000,000 a month alone went into paying for power during load shedding and we still survived.


    • Continued…

      3. Army worms for 2 years in a row and we still had a reasonable harvest.

      4. Became President while the rest of the world was in a recession but we survived

      5. Despite having so many enemies, he continues to focus on the job.

      6. After MCS (MHSRIP) left us, the country was almost on fire, ECL rose from obscurity and with a steady hand he leads.

      I can go on and on … Edgar, I love, but the Current Opposition, I hate!!! As it is written in Scripture … Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. Malachi 1:2.

    • @Jay Jay.
      I like your language. you can make a very good managing editor at Fred Mmembe’s Mast newspaper. Discuss with Mmembe if he can allow you to become the managing editor at the Mast. Your credibility is needed there. I am sure the newspaper sales will shoot to the skies when you start working there. You have a very good combination of humor, sarcasm and accuracy. I don’t know how long you’ve been studying the Zambian political landscape but you seem to understand Zambian politics very well.

    • B R Mumba, Sr

      You also forgot to mention lungu spending $17 billion borrowed money and going back begging to the IMF the same year…….

    • @ B R Mumba, Sr.
      Have you ever met Edigar Lungu in person? Have you ever interacted with ECL? If not please ask people who’ve known and interacted with ECL for sometime. I have never met ECL personally but the information I’ve been getting from people who know him well has been very consistent from one person to another. if not try to also use your own judgment based on the information you get from both public and private media.

    • Abena Spaka … guilty as charged. But we had to and we are going to pay back.

      Abena Stephen … no, and I may not even do that. But I know people that have, some very strong advisors to me and some have given me negative reports, but overall I like what I hear. I don’t expect him to be perfect and you have heard me criticize him right here sometimes.

      But I have great vides about the guy and I know his is a hard position trying to fit into Bashi Chilufya’s big shoes. Sata was another legend and anyone coming right after him needed to work thrice as harder with a third of credit attributed to him.

      I have managed a lot of people in my life and I have a pretty good read on character. Have I been wrong before? Heck yeah!!!

  6. Give the old man a break. His unaltered vision of “One Zambia, One Nation” is the reason why we are still enjoying years of peace and stability so why would he ever support politics of division?

    He is a living legacy, standing out taller and more dignified than any other leader Zambia has ever had so keep his name away from mediocre, roughneck politics.

    • His only fault is that he hates paying taxes and cannot run an airline company – other than that he is perfect!

  7. Let the opposition share the spoils of their ponds! Fight among perpetual losers (6 times loser), crafty and tax evaders and young elephant (Kambwili), who shall be in the second position to the master planner President Lungu? Its very interesting that in all these so called opposition, there is no anchor, if you know what we mean!

  8. Zambia needs a government that will come up with a solution for the masses. If Mmembe has that, he has to learn public speaking & sale the idea to the people. We all know now that PF is not for the masses, its about tenders to empower those issueing the tenders. Upnd is about tongas. Kambwili is just someone whose food was removed from his mouth. So Zambia’s, as at now are stuck.

  9. there was a journalist Edward mwango who asked a question was told “stupid question, stupid newspaper, sit down

  10. LONG LIVE KK !!

    Iwe ka Nzelu be careful when you write utter nonsense about His Excellency Dr K.D Kaunda hear me ******** !!!

    Your Rotten mouth is not even worthy of uttering the name of the Great Zambian Statesman..STOP IT and apologise !!


  11. Please leave our founding father Dr Kenneth David Kaunda alone because he is above partisan politics as a liberator of most african countries including our beloved republic Zambia. Ndaponona iwe Richard Sakalanyongo. Mbulali fulu.

  12. And Brave in B R Mumba sr mwana unless someone was not born during our time, all these anti Dr Kaunda are just liars. I am also a UNIPIST till my death because my late mum was one of the first female counsellors right independence. And thank you for standing up for our founding father. From miseshi primary and chamboli secondary with love. As for those trying to undermine our current president, please note that I personally know him from Chimwemwe and Mukuba secondary and my late president Micheal Sata knew his temperament and tolerance even as an easterner over the likes of chipi mukoshi kambwili and baby elephant GBM. That’s why he used to let him act as president more than anyone else whenever Sata left the country. Does president Edgar Lungu make mistakes, or yeah. Who doesnt and…

    • Abena Mulenga ati “… From miseshi primary and chamboli secondary with love” I send the same love back at you, Pal.

      How nostalgic … What A Sweet Life!!!

      Natotela mukwai.

  13. most often I disagree with him whenever he does like B R Mumba does. But we must respect him as our incumbent president. On Dr Kaunda himself, I will go to the grave supporting him however his mistakes and hope and pray I live to his age. Leave the old man alone imwe ba makaka pumbafu.

  14. Great secret!!!,m’membe is the son of kk and his wife muntinta is the young sister of HH.mazoka being the father

  15. Leave big man KK alone; KK is a socialist; a humanist; and even if he says that he is happy with the formation of a socialist party; he should have the freedom to say so and not be demonised; PFis purely evil; i have told you this several times;

  16. Ba Mumba thank you for telling these young people yapping about KK, he is a true legend for me to have this opportunity to lecture at Oxford University wow! bwana i give it to KK .

    • Ba Loliwe … that’s what I am talking about!!! Continue making us proud, we had a great foundation … all laid and provided for us by the selfless KK.

      Endita mukwai

  17. True Mr. Loliwe, I’m what I’m today in terms of education because of this man. I came from a very poor family but manged to go through the whole education system with no difficulties. All you needed were brains and education was yours. Not what is happening now. This time you need money and not brains to learn.

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