I differed with Fred M’membe and Cosmas Musumali over gay rights-Wynter Kabimba


Rainbow Party Leader Wynter Kabimba has astonishingly revealed that he differed with Veteran Journalist Fred M’membe and his then Second Deputy Secretary General Dr Cosmas Musumali because of gay rights.

Dr Musumali and Mr. M’membe were instrumental in the formation of the Rainbow Party but the duo has since gone ahead to announce the creation of a new political party called the Socialist Party of Zambia.

Mr. Kabimba revealed on Tuesday when he featured on a live radio programme on Millennium Radio that Mr. M’membe and Dr Musumali wanted to use the Rainbow Party to promote the rights of people of different sexual orientation.

He said some of the people who wanted to finance the activities of the Rainbow Party if it promoted the gay agenda are the same ones who are promoting the Socialist Party.

“They were there during the launch of the Socialist Party, I saw them and I am happy to tell the Zambian people that the Rainbow Party will not receive funding from individuals and groups that want to promote issues that are at variance with our Zambian and Christian values,” Mr. Kabimba said.

“I will not compromise the values of this nation because of political party funding. Issues of different sexual orientation are alien to the Zambian people and Zambians don’t want to change that on the altar of political expedience,” he said.

Mr. Kabimba however wished the Socialist Party well on the Zambian political scene.

“Why did we have differences with our colleagues, firstly we disagreed with the type of people they wanted to bring as financiers on their sexual orientation. We are not so desperate that we can get money from everybody, some of the characters they brought who even attended the launch on Saturday viz-a viz our moral standing as a political party in a Christian nation, we said no,” Mr. Kabimba revealed.

Mr. Kabimba said the second fundamental difference was on the party’s relationship with God.

He added, “We refused to accept the view that socialism means we can’t pray to God and that there is no God and that we can’t offer prayers when we have meetings. If you follow global affairs, you will remember that renowned Scientist Stephen Walking who died a few weeks ago made a very interesting remark, he said Science can’t prove that here is no God, that Science has not done any experiment to show that God does not no exist. Now you have some of our colleagues who thought they were more educated and more Socialist than us and that they should drive this agenda that God does not exist.”

He said, “These were fundamental areas of difference and therefore because they found that a big number of us could not subscribe to those views which we thought they were crazy, they couldn’t build the pressure within the party, they tried to rally people against me and buy people against me and they failed, the last straw that broke the camel back was the formation of the new party.”


    • I grew up in the 80s and have achieved the highest levels of education; what beats my brains is how I cant find anything gay related in my past, that of fathers or grands parents. I have read extensively viz-a-viz to find anything gay related issues in Zambia or Africa for that matter; the Arabs broke African slaves by doing them backsides and have found nothing to do with ‘thats how you were born’…no such issues as being in the closet either…therefore, my conclusion is that this gay issue is not genetically oriented but a choice. It has nothing to do with me if they are Zambian gays but my morals and the fact that I follow the Christ wont make me condone their behaviour but I have a duty to protect them! Gays in Zambia, go ahead but keep it to yourselves, to prosecute them based on…

    • So Mmembe does double dipping..he married Mutinta as a cover up. People that know him personally say he is gay ..no smoke without fire

    • …Christian values we then need to prosecute our men abusing our college and university girls, the sugar daddies and all the other sins in Zambia…

    • Wynter us picking a fight against a wrong guy

      Also there is such a a person as Stephen Walking with that quotation which has MASSIVELY been misinterpreted to suit WYnter’s needs




    • The most probable reason is that Wyinter refused to step aside for M’membe( who is more marketable).


      LUNGU has steadied or balanced the ship, and I credit him for that, in the following way:
      i) RB-the wolf (in terms of corruption) has had his immunity given back (one agreement fulfilled)
      -Gave him a chance to appoint some MMD fellow wolves like Mutati and Dora (Zodwa) so that they could
      fulfil their appetites for some time then shunted them and no prosecution for Henry Banda (another
      agreement with RB fulfilled)
      ii) Mmembe and his post newspaper has been put on its knees (a potential thorn in his backside)-Lungu used SATA’s formula of appointing post workers to government but LUNGU decided to get rid of the post all together using CK and the post…

    • … and the post inisiders
      iii) CK is currently being tamed, not much threat because CK is dirty anyway
      iv) HH has been softened by imprisonment/detention (GBM is just fat but no brains)
      v) Emmanuel Mwamba Kaizar Zulu, Brian Hapunda, Mumbi Phiri and all these little nuisances have been given chance to steal then told to stop it now until after 2021. Mulusa another potential problem, OUT!
      vi) Nevers Mumba is under management in Mwembeshi prison and he has left Nawakwi to be just music to people’s ears, Tutwa and KBF are of not much consequence, used and dumped
      vii) Inonge Wina, the emerging problem is his work in progress (Lungu is aware she is ambitious and trying to get her head above the water and she’s no sackable, as his running mate)
      viii) Kalaba the whistleblower is a big…

    • …viii) Kalaba the whistleblower is a big one that got Lungu to think and he’s still unsure about Kalaba’s intentions but he has his eyes on him, Ngosa Symbyakula’s ambitions where identified and swiftly acted on-dispatched off to foreign services
      LUNGU’s management skills that he learnt from the days he stole from the client are coming out for him and my! the guy has sharpened them up! He has things under control and no one is going to dislodge him. He has Mambilima and the judiciary where he wants them. LUNGU is in the diving seat; Mumkombwe evacuated and back, VJ is a spent force, KK is just waiting to be buried in a nice way. LUNGU has everything planned out, Mulongoti with the questioning of LUNGU’s nationality is no big deal-LUNGU will just pay some hungry chiefs to claim…

    • MUSHOTA welcome back the daughter of the LT soil! Are you working tonight again? That sleep was of a long stretch!

    • Mmembe has particular interest in LGBT rights. We know why, that said. Every human being needs their rights met

    • Ifya mu musula tafi bomba mu Zambia bane. And that makes a lot of sense because most of these socialists around the world are of that vintage.

      By the way Ba Wynter, please get back home to your PF or at least come and join UNIP; stir the ship back to life. And don’t worry about funding. My UNIP still owns the Chibote Group of Companies, it is still the richest parte in Zambia with assets to fund any operation.

      After Kirby Musokotwane we were left with Ba Tilyenji with no leadership skills at all. Today, I can stand for Mayor of the City of Kitwe under UNIP and win the election hands down if I wanted to.

      Thank you very much for giving us the inside scoop of things on M’membe.

  1. Wynter, there are no rainbows in winter. The rainbow is a symbol for the LGBT people. They used you but thank God you have grown up in politics. Now get back to PF and help revive Sata’s vision which Lungu was clueless about.

    • No space, it’s time for the Lungu boy. He is in control… Zozi saying he is from Malawi are ignorant. His middle name is 10000% Nsenga and can not be found anywhere else…

  2. Wynter, your assertions may be true but the timing raises alot of questions. If you stood on principle you would have raised these issues long ago. Are you bitter because Musumali has left your defunct party? Fred has stood by you even when you lost your job in PF. Now when you feel you have nothing to benefit from him you throw mud at him? Show some loyalty.

  3. Very true JourneyMan. Fred was very royal to Wynter even when there was a storm at the time the entire PF descended on him, he never gave up but continued to support him. The timing is also wrong. At the point of separation why did Wynter choose to remain quiet until now when there is a new party. As for you whynter just go back ku farm. Even if ECL has failed us in many ways he has at least delivered a defective constitution which we can work on now which you failed to do when you were Injustice Minister.

  4. Its strange how vile chaps like Wynter are still walking our streets freely….these are the people who we tasked to investigate why fuel was so expensive at the pump and to streamline the procurement and tender process of crude oil back in 2012 only for him to become a power player in the sector. I mean Kabimba can hit harder punches at PF but he knows better to toe the line now he is back to his filthy old tricks using homosexuality again like he did in Sata’s time. What importance is that to us…are gay people not humans?

  5. Gays stole the Rainbow from God! A sign of Gods covenant with man. That shows what type of people they are. “Gay Pride” they call it. At the root of the homosexual agenda is Pride. Pride is the first sin.
    “I was born this way”. You want to stop being gay? Humble yourself, fast and get deliverance from a Deliverance Ministry. Its not easy but the Sea Serpent (Job 41) can be cast out and you can live a normal life. In fact all perversion can be defeated this way. Humble yourself and submit yourself to God (James 4: 7). The issue of homosexuality is a spiritual one and should not be approached with logic or politics. You will be wasting your time
    Glory to God that he has provided a way out of this bondage!!

    • Is that right…that’s what Wnyter wants dingbats like you to distracted and start talking about and spewing silly quotations from a book that does not respect women and commends slavery of black people. Is Homosexuality going to put food on your table? Why even talk about what two morons do in their house.
      Wake up from your folly!!

    • @Shameless. The enemy has no ideas of his own. He takes Gods ideas and replaces them with the profane. He takes marriages and replaces it with same sex marriage. He is a thief, a killer and destroyer. The rainbow was a sign to man after Noah’s flood that He will never destroy them. Thats why the gays embrace it in defiance!
      For those that think I am smoking too much, start reading the Word of God and you will see your wisdom multiply. God hides his things from ‘clever’ people and gives it to the humble. Humble yourself

    • @Chalwe here says that let’s all read one book called the “King James” bible a thousand times and our wisdom will suddenly multiply …what utter nonsense …there is a word for that its called brainwashing. Scientists their lives reading and their wisdom is still multiplying but smart bible bashers think otherwise.
      Utter folly of the highest order.
      Wake up and study about self!!!

    • @Ba Chalwe … Amen!!! You said and I quote “… God hides his things from ‘clever’ people and gives it to the humble. Humble yourself”

      Now that’s priceless … 1 Corinthians 2:10 – For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God.

      And they wonder why they remain clueless all the time, crying foul … it’s all because they have put their in men and things made of man forsaking the creator of the very man they put their trust in.

      Delusional, they are … Heaven help us all

  6. Winter is correct, l saw these people too. I think as Zambians we need to protect our cultural heritage robustly. Adopting this practices that can’t be found in our core values as a people will lead to destroying the next generation to come.

    • You saw these people where? I see them everyday so what? Does that make me gay? No..does that change my culture? Nope…only weak people like yourself would adopt any practices.

  7. It’s his opinion and he deserves a hearing.

    This duo appears fraudulent in every form and I would’nt entrust my 8 year old son into their care for a minute. What more the entire country?

    • A hearing?
      That is either an impairment or something that happens in Court/
      You think a lot muchibemba mwemost times you dont contribute as sensibly as used to. What happened bushe?

    • Wynter knows docile fooools will jump on to this nonsense of his with their religious claptrap …this is what he was doing in Sata time stalling the draft constitution with this nonsense.

  8. No one says gay people ain’t humans, They are! However, people hate their practices of same sex marriages, such don’t resonate well with God’s plan for procreation. the practices are evil and shouldn’t be condoned everywhere.
    Wynter has done well to alert the gullible masses or voters of Zambia who might not have a deep analytical mind to know things beyond face value. If advocates of gay rights are allowed to ascend to the presidency in Zambia, might attract the fierce wrath of God.

    • No one says thieves and adulterers are not humans but I hate their practices….these are bigger problems in Zambia ..I have never met any gay person in Zambia but I meet gay people in business and social environments in England they go about their business I go about mine simple as that. What is so special about Zambia…you think if you have gay rights they will all want to visit and see your son?
      Wake up from your stupidity!!

  9. This revelation on its own will nail M’membe’s party into the ground. It doesn’t help it that there have been rumors for a long time that M’membe does actually have such leanings. It will be interesting to see their reaction if any.

  10. Mmembe is failing to test his popularity. !!!

    No stamina, No Legs and obviously the flames have gone off from the word go !! Running a political party is different trim running a news print

    Kabimba is comfirming and validating the well known own secret.

    • If I remember correctly he launched his party over the weekend and you are still talking about Mmembe and his Socialist Party.

  11. Come to think of it. The two in the picture above actually look gay to me. Looks like Dr Musumali wanted a gay hug and Wynter could not give it, but as seen above Membe freely gave the hug.

    • Going by your assumption…I think that White Blond long haired blue eyed Character in your novel called the bible must have been gay I mean the guy was moving about with more than 8 men all over the place….that’s suspicious!!



  13. … I did say watching and waiting for now … thoughts from Dr CM, indeed wisdom detects watching from the terraces might be providential…

  14. …The gallant comrade in the name of Winnie has fallen … yet LT brings entertainment in the name of variant to creation is being propelled…. thoughts from DR CM

  15. Comrade you can not trade royalty for a wrong thing.If they want to advocate for guy rights,zambia is a wrong country.winter is right we can not as zambians tolerate guy rights,it is barberic and insane.Dont give davil a platform to bring nonsense in our country.abash guy right and its promoters.

  16. Laso – The only questions we have is why is Wynter saying this today (timing). Whynter according to public knowledge is long time ally of Fred. If Fred has been perceived to have been practising this why did Whynter remain his ally for a long time without breaking away until when he is ditched. The saying of birds of the same feathers flock together here applies. Or has Whynter just realised that now?

    As PF sails to the finishing lap.
    Lucifarians will be at each others throats.
    Politicians will disparage and discredit themselves in a race to 2021.
    A divided Opposition is more meaningful to PF as it takes ages to dawn to them.
    In the political party frenzy and fracas, this guy Guy Scott is more torn part being in love with thick CK, double h and red devil M’membe.
    Wynter will soon endorse ECL.
    Ine ndeloleshafye.

  18. There is an old rumour that Fred is double tobela, they say he used funds from a Gay man to set up the post way back in the early 90s. If you remember Frederick Chiluba once stated this in one of his speeches.
    But having said that attacking someone because of the sexual orientation is an abuse of human rights. God allows us to make choices in life, he may not agree with all the choices we make but he still gives us that choice. What business of yours is it if two consenting adult men want to be together? Some people are Gay live with it.

  19. …Just thinking , what is this hassle concerning KING Fred … is the adage correct to that effect , as stated ; No one kicks the dead dog true then…Thoughts from Dr CM….

  20. Can Zambia stop receiving AID from Ireland because the Prime Minister of the Republic of Ireland is GAY and he promotes GAY rights. Zambians can even go one step further by filling up all wells and boreholes dug through Irish Aid with cement. You are drinking water provided by sinners. Do it now! Or shut up you hypocrites!

  21. Leo Eric Varadkar is the Prime Minister of Ireland, he supports gay rights and he is gay. Zambia should not have get AID from this country? What is Kabimba saying?

  22. Wynter, there are no permanent enemies in politics as you very well know, please remember your very own words you said about PF and late President Sata. We all know that you love and still miss the PF family, so just come back to PF and be there to ensure your children’s children get the value and benefits of what you worked for so hard, go and apologize to President Lungu and the PF family and move on. Life is too short on earth and therefore no one is perfect in that regard. Come back ba Wynter to PF.

  23. Sometimes I wonder. ..are we broiler chickens which can be reared by every Jim and Jack? I repeat my belief why even Tanzania is better than us…it’s because such countries have been ruled by one party but are able to change presidents. KK denied us the chance by not grooming a successor and easily handing over power to that successor. What we’ve is a group of greedy, selfish, hateful individuals. They can’t sit together and talk about Zambia. Even if Kambwili joined Upnd, he would still cause problems because he’s not joining for the love of mother Zambia but for the sake of dismantling Edgar. …nothing else.

  24. Ba kabimba now you just want a free ride on the membe bang wagon.

    FYI your rainbow party flag and Symbol is for gay people, looks like you are in the wrong party Mr kabimba….

  25. This just shows how naive and unprincipled this Kabimba is. Why use the issue of being gay to attack a supposedly fellow opposition colleague. Does he think this will bring him mileage in his quest for leadership in this country. I do not support gay rights, but there are those that do and I have no right to judge them. Wynter grow up or quit politics.

  26. @The 13th Apostle you’re correct,the so called Christian country is so poor and disorganised.Corruption and stealing is our way of life to survive in this so called Christian country

  27. Why spill the beans now? where was he all is this while? Zambian politics give me a headache. Too much Phds'(PULL HIM OR HER DOWN) MENTALITY.

    • This is the right time to spill the beans so that we know the truth. Last time they were under Wynter so he had that part under control – hence the differences that he is talking about.

  28. Zambia a christian nation? What Christian Country? Zambia is Babylon period. The girls are wicked, the husbands are busy with extra marital affairs, AIDS is not feared,y’all been chooking without condoms, The ritual Killings are everywhere, the leaders are ruthlessly stealing without remorse and you still call Zambia a christian nation? Quit insulting God. Zambia has some of the wickedest creature God ever created. The majority of people in Zambia will be going to hell because of the wickedness you and I have portrayed. So quit calling Zambia a christian country because there is nothing Christian about Zambia, its all wicked people everywhere. Mxxxm

  29. Corruption is in UPND’s minds! Something like a Mental problem! HH is the guy who got rich through corruption but the tribal party is so fixated that it can’t see beyond HH’s nose!

    • @42 Victor…Is that your understanding of what Wynter said? Being a tribalist like you must be worse than being gay because your heart is filled with hatred against people who never did you any wrong.

  30. Member has always been gay with his friend Nchito. Just Google around these facts are all over the show. But why promote alien way of doing things. Its like promoting anarchy. The most was full of this always! Beans are being spilled here!! Lets get ready to ruuummmmmbbbbbbblllllllllleeeeeee!!!!!

  31. I’m not gay, however I am against discrimination on a constitutional level. Luckily enough, discrimination on many grounds is already unlawful through the Constitution.

    Having said that, there is no way Culture War issues should distract from the real economic issues that people are dealing with. Or any issue should be hijacked by foreign funded NGOs.

    I like the Socialist Party a lot. They seem to be the only party which puts the interests of the people before the markets and transnational corporations.

  32. What about the Zambian Airways Saga? Mr Fred M’membe and his cohorts siphoned a lot of money from various banks using the defunct Zambian Airways and never paid back. When RB tried to remind them to pay back, they gave him all sorts of names back then.

    Now he thinks that the people have forgotten about that scandal and he comes up with a plan to register a socialist party, my foot!

    Before allowing him to form this party, he must explain how he is going to pay back what he owes the banks. His manifesto looks like he is putting the interests of the people first, but he has a lot of issues to sort out and everything will be revealed in due course.

    • Fred is a narcissist anarchist. Will only drop his hand from his chin when Zambia is aflame so he can write I told you.

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