Tuesday, July 23, 2024

I’m not a Messiah, there can only be one Messiah-Fred M’membe



  1. You see now lungu and your very du.ll advisors, you have given this man a platform.

    Membe probably calculated the free publicity you danda heads will gift him…

    • Mmembe can have the tallest platform in the world, he will never be president of Zambia. Go and eat a Mango or something!


    • The more opposition parties, the easier it will be for President Lungu and the PF to win. How do you not see this?

    • The man has a ambition, let him fulfil it. Most people think Mmembe has come to fight those who grabbed the post from him and the position he enjoyed for over 20 years as a Kingmaker. That is not a far fetched assumption to make. Lungu started as a humble man but look at the devastation he has caused and slowly he is consolidation his place to rule for years to come.

    • an ambition and
      Mwalishiba fye ifwe we think faster than we type, with a 1000-fold difference between the two senses! You know what I mean anyway. Ndelembafye mucibemba ayi?

    • Nubian Princess

      That’s what they said about sata …..so you can go and scratch you know where….

    • The only problem is membes party will always be associated with gay5 and le5bians and no one in a so called christian but hypocritical country like ours will want to be associated with that.
      So Kabimba just helped to kill this party!

    • Yaba what is wrong for Mmembe taking part in politics? Is he not Zambian? In fact he has done more things for mother Zambia than the many of the ‘presidents’ we have in Zambia.

  2. Sure, Fred so you’re not the messiah and we shouldn’t confuse you with Christ?

    Honestly, what a ridiculous thing to say.

  3. We had no doubt in our mind you were not the messiah. We knew you were with satana from the start kikikikikiki.

  4. Fred Mmembe is a liar. He claims to be a socialist when he is a hardcore capitalist who wouldn’t even allow his employees at the late post newspaper to join or form a union. Zambians I pray that you will not be lied to by this tax avoider.

  5. Just like that UPND loses ground. Yet they will continue supporting this new rainbow party as it steal real estate from them kikikiki.

    • What real estate….the Tonga and southern vote is intact…..one wounder where membe will get his new members from…

  6. Dandahead! The real one! HaLLUCINATIONS! HaILLUSIONS! HaDelusions! HaTribal Party! Sick in the head and in the heart! Anyway, Mmembe, just like the other guy is UNELECTABLE!

    • Pleas don’t start stalking membe now….mutinta won’t take kindly to that and HH might become jealous…..

  7. Someone help please, what accent was that? Another kraal man? Oh no……. M’membe rants, “Am not a politician but a revolutionist” I see danger here revolution means so many things including but not limited to thorough, complete, total, entire, absolute, utter, comprehensive, exhaustive, sweeping, far-reaching, wide-ranging, extensive, profound, going to change everything including what we have worked and sweated for for all our lives? Give us a break, please. Just what is it that hurts these guys so much to an extent of going mad? Just look at M’membe and HH, just look at them very closely, its frightening. One of the them cant believe bite his election losses especially to a new comer and the other his Post newspaper is gone and now his debt is over US$200 million, one can…

  8. contd
    One of the them cant believe or bite his election losses especially to a new comer and the other his Post newspaper is gone and now his debt is over US$200 million, one can understand, its NOT about the people but PERSONAL!!!!

  9. Money has already changed hands let us not be fooled.It will be like HH when he lost he tried to take power by fire by force as directed by his sponsors.His past is stained sorry we are looking for a clean candidate with no baggage attached.

  10. I haven’t listened to your speech but if the LT headline is correct then I agree with you because a Messiah doesn’t install gadgets in his office to eavesdrop on others, that’s very evil. A Messiah doesn’t hate others with a passion but you have continued to hate FTJ even in his death. You hatred for Richard Sakala is very visible, I’m sure he knows that given chance you can send him to the gallows, that’s not how a Messiah behaves. People won’t follow you because of the fear you instill in them

  11. Mwebantu Mmembe is like ice cream in summer weather, hewill not be there tomorrow.
    How can a person with so many enemies become a politician? Like h.h who has not apologised for his clan based ascendancy to the helm of upndeez, Mmembe has also not apologised for the injuries he unleashed on so many people past present and successors, the very same whose vote he needs and the very same people who are supposed to sell him to tge voters. Njoka zamela mendo!!!

  12. Don’t misinterpret our vision!! M’membe is not messiah nor a politician but merely kissing his last episode of fall.we are asking Ecl or HH to join us now,maybe they would be considered as running mates.

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