Buildcon fire coach


FAZ Super Division side Buildcon have launched a search for a new coach after dismissing Italian born trainer Arena Gulgleimo on Friday.

Buildcon have lost all their first three matches in the 2018 league campaign.

Club spokesperson Martin Musunka confirmed that Buildcon and Gulgleimo have separated.

“We have taken the decision in the best interest of the club,” Musunka said.

Gulgleimo, 44, replaced Spaniard Hicham Jadrane as Buildcon coach two months ago

He revealed that players will train on their own as the club hires a new coach “soon”.

“In the meantime players are training on their own but a decision to hire a coach will be made soon even before the end of the day,” Musunka revealed.


  1. The problem is that most football supporters believe that anyway white man coach a very good coach.The local coaches need exposure, more training in coaching techniques and creativity.Look back, we had Zambian coached legend players like Chittalu ,Alex Chola,BestoneChambeshi, Moses Simwala and many more.Trained by likes Of Makwaza, Zoom Ndlobvu etc.Why did they succeed?Simple, they were supported the mature patient club executive and supporters.We need patient leaders and supporters. We should not only look st coaches,but at the players as well.The players have a casual approach to the game.They must also be told to perform if they don’t fire them.The coaches association must also wake and spearhead the training of coaches.If anything, they must assume the role of licencing or…

  2. There is too much money at Buldcon.Is this the constuctor of Chingola,Solwezi road?This must be some kind of hobby for him coz i dont hink he is making any money.Meanwhile Mr Big Spender pay the damages for terminating the contract.All this while others suffer and watch a few people enjoying on the gravy train.President we also need money stop campaining and work on the sinking economy.This strategy of just borrowing to run the economy is killing us because we have no recourse.Money should not just be for pro PF people were do you expect others to make a living if you just concentrate on campaining and disruptive tactics like harrassing perceived opponents.

  3. @ ROKA. Good observation. I totally agree. By the way, Chembo the former Zesco coach has been recruited already by Buildcon.

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