Health Minister calls for reintroduction of basket fund

Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya has appealed to cooperating partners to reintroduce the basket fund for financial services in the health sector.

The Minister noted that the reintroduction of the basket fund will help in financing other aspects of health programmes.

He assured the cooperating partners that the resources placed in the health sector will be prudently utilised adding that, his Ministry is targeting zero queries at both international and national level.

Dr. Chilufya said this in Lusaka today at the Annual Consultative Meeting (ACM) held at Intercontinental Hotel in Lusaka.

And the Minister of Health has called on cooperating partners to work with government by providing expertise in the implementation of the National Health Insurance Bill.

The Minister said among other areas of focus in health service delivery, government is prioritising health care financing to ensure that no one is left behind in the universal health coverage.

Additionally, the Minister of Health has indicated that Zambia is on the right track in achieving the set goals for health in the 2017- 2021 National Strategic Plan with consistence support from cooperating partners.

He said the year 2017 has clearly shown evidence in the country’s meeting the legacy goals looking at the successes that have been recorded in health service delivery.

Meanwhile, Cooperating partners have pledged their continued support in working with government to ensure that no one is left behind in achieving universal health care.

Representing the cooperating partners, World Health Organisation (WHO) Country Representative Nathan Bakyaita, has however, urged government to also ensure that there is an improvement in drug debt in the supply chain.

The Annual Consultative Meeting was held to provide a platform for the Minister of Health to meet Heads of Missions and Ambassadors of countries accredited to Zambia which support health including other country representatives of international and local NGOS in the health sector.

The meeting focused on reviewing the health sector performance during the year 2017 and the required support towards the Medium- Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF).


  1. “Chilufya has appealed to cooperating partners to reintroduce the basket fund for financial services in the health sector.”
    Look at this shameless man appealing to donors to fund his budget …tomorrow he will be talking about sovereign this and that..I mean where do you take all the money from tax, just yesterday some minister was talking about creating pointless 6 new districts.

    • Bakachikaka ichi. You used to be a decent Mansa resident, but just turned into money monger.
      Give them cholera money, don’t bring any stolen property ku Mansa.

    • Fool. Can’t you think and come up with a proper strategic plan?? These PF leaders are shameless they take bagging as a right. They like free things. This attitude has to change. It encourages laziness. Make these Hospitals run professionally and Profitable than asking for donations.

    • I still have this question. Was cholera real or just a money making story? Who died from it? Nobody knows but the government.
      Just like you are saying amongst yourselves, mukakakwa

  2. Introduction of National health insurance is the key to this financing issue! The donors in Rwanda use the National health insurance as basket fund to pool all resources from Tax, donors, contributions, VAT, sin taxes etc into single fund to the health sector.

  3. @jay jay, that’s their language. “appealing”, whenever I am back home that drives me crazy. ba jukoka nabo ati are appealing, ba namayo pa market are also appealing, the president is also appealing…no pride. that’s their vocabulary now.
    there’s no fiscal discipline, none at all. no initiative to do anything. they are taxing the Zambian worker from all angles and yet are busy begging.
    ba Nostradamus ati “bakachikaka ichi”. lmfao. awe mwensekesha mwe!

    • They think the so called cooperating partners print money and drive around in big jeeps and live in govt houses …the money they send is their taxpayer’s money which they have to account for …I mean this is the very chap who was justifying buying a mere Mercedes Van Ambulance for $288K (X 50) a unit and he is there shamelessly begging to supplement his budget.

  4. More taxes, less money in the pocket. I dont support National Insurance. We already pay but still poor services. No guarantee with NH. We pay toll fees still toll gates havent been cpmpleted. More than two years just to build a tool gate. Shameful.

  5. …Nothing wrong in making a request… a lot did happen in the past of course …hopefully correctional remedial measures have been put in place …a fresh start is all that is needed…Dr CM

  6. It’s time to be serious. Start that National health insurance and get people decent medical services. Invest in real state of the art hospitals and health workers. That’s all

  7. Truth be told we getting tired of money issues every time the government officials read there speeches. ZRA, Water, Napsa, Electricity, BUS FARES etc please be leaders for once and give up your salaries and put in the basket funds.

  8. We are just going in circles, this facility was there before, the same politicians killed it. Why?? Now we too back to to them shame??

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