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Indian President Kovind to visit Zambia next week


Indian President Ram Nath Kovind
Indian President Ram Nath Kovind

Indian President Ram Nath Kovind, will embark on a three-nation state visit to the African countries of Equatorial Guinea, Swaziland and Zambia from April 7 to 12.
The visit has been confirmed by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India.

The Ministry said the visit would help to further deepen the relations between the three African countries.

President Kovind would arrive in Lusaka in Zambia on April 10 where he would be received by his Zambian counterpart Edgar Chagwa Lungu and would be accorded a ceremonial welcome.
President Kovind would also hold talks with President Lungu.

His programme includes a meeting with Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, a state banquet would be hosted in honour of President Kovind, interaction with the Indian community and addressing a business event jointly, with President Lungu.

The bilateral trade between India and Zambia reached USD 1 billion in 2016-17 and India imports copper from the African country.

The Indian investment in Zambia is nearly USD 5 billion, mostly in the mining sector.

India has given lines of credit to Zambia in the areas of power, agriculture and health.

New Delhi has also trained nearly 40 per cent of the Zambian armed forces.

Almost the entire Air Force of Zambia has been trained by India, the Ministry said.

After assuming the presidency on July 25 last year, Kovind has visited five countries – all of them in the African continent.

India has intensified its cooperation with the continent witnessing an increasing in influence of China.


    • So he will visit Presidential Memorial Park too?
      In India they don’t have grave sites, they burn bodies and through ashes in rivers, where they bath and fish.

    • @1.1 I thought him being leader of the biggest opposition was key to be seen as well. To be honest the last person I would dream about is him. Absolutely no value even I my dreams

  1. We want the Indian Prime Minister’s visit that’s where the real power and influence lies.This guy is just a ceremonial figurehead president.

  2. The Indians were earlier than the Chinese, they were involved in almost all spheres of Zambian life. They sold almost everything be it needles, buttons, chewing tobacco, etc. Most shops were owned by Indians, some worked in the mines while others worked as accountants. Indians brought corruption and now it has thrived. They’ve a weird culture whereby in Chipata they impregnated so many girls but refused to marry them. That upset Paul Ngozi. They’ve now been displaced by the Chinese because of their greed. They might not regain their influence

    • You seriously think an Indian (or Pakistani) would marry a black woman…you do not understand the ghastly Indian caste system where you have the Brahmins at the top who are the Priestly, academic class and four levels below you have the Dalits the manual labourers and cleaners. They only way to escape the caste system is migrate abroad.
      You have to wake up and study about self…I dont know why black people are so welcoming and seek acceptance from these evil people and the disgusting mindsets.

  3. He has only visited five countries ever since he came to power last year. Ours in two years has visited more than 50 countries and we are an impoverished country. Says a lot indeed.

  4. Some countries chabe. No value in meeting this man as he won’t offer us anything other than a deal that benefits India.

  5. @ 5 Ayatollah. You know your history. Paul Ngozi released a song Half Mwenye Half Muntu. Check it out on YouTube. Ba Mwenye can be very dirty.

  6. There was a mwenye who really used to abuse his shop workers in Kamwala about 15 years ago. The guys lived a hell on earth but those were the only jobs that they could get to feed their families. The fo0l even used to tell his workers in Nyanja that had it not be sembe munayuma na njala

  7. So he is visiting Equatorial Guinea, Swaziland and Zambia…these countries have one thing in common and that’s corrupt leadership!!

  8. Take that mwenye to KAMWALA to go visit his bululus that have taken over the entire KAMWALA township

    • Those people in Kamwala are like a second generation Indians and Pakistans been here 50 years yet will not allow a black man to operate the till, some of these workers have been with them for years…when boss goes for prayers or restocking he has to close the shop the go outside and wait. He would rather lose money than leave his shop to a black man.
      I am always get shocked when I visit that awful place.

    • That Kamwala has made billions of dollars for those Indians and Pakistanis but they never pump anything back into the place, still looks like a tip… they would rather invest in building extensions to their homes in their yards to bring in more relatives or invest money-back home…this is why Amin detested them for this very reason.

    • Indians have never developed any country they go to, instead they outbreed the locals and call others from India eventually taking over like in the Maldives

  9. HH oval head are you really in australia, china is the biggestt buyer of iron ore from australia.
    Why not tell the truth what do u get put out of misinforming the pipo of zambia .credibility

  10. ….walasa ‘che – che’. I wish Idi Amin was president of Zambia even for a week unlike ba KK who instead of checking closely on these koolies; he went on preaching HUMANISM – a useless ideology to our current young generation today……

    • True….indians are the most racist people towards blacks…..blacks get lynched in India.

      In Zambia the Indians have cartels where blacks are excluded and instead they bring other Indians from India in preference to blacks…

    • Nkope – they helped in the libration struggle but they only did it for self preservation…even in England they open businesses and never employ people from outside even though they are in an area of majority Whites or Caribeans who are providing them with wealth.
      The young ones are beginning to think differently but they are very few.

    • KK wanted to sound different from the colonialists and brought Humanism ideology which he even never understood hence the repercussions we are going through today. Zambians started thinking for themselves when Chiluba the political engineer came to power in 1991. Before then , we were just being carried along hence the idol minds we see to day. That is why it was common to hear things like who is the Kaunda of Malawi because we thought the name Kaunda denotes the Presidency.

    • mwakale you are very correct, KK left Zambians with no drive or self awareness for the most. The ones that were aware and forward thinking were always shut down. Only now are the young ones growing out and expanding. The older generation needs to grow as well. Zambia is one, forget PF or the nonsense from opposition parties.

  11. UPND can only win a presidential election if a Bemba or an easterner stands on their party. A tonga standing for a presidential elections on the UPND party shall always kiss the ground. Look at HH, he has already kissed the ground seven times and he thinks an impeachment will get him straight to state house ulabeja mwana!!!

    if the impeachment goes through which I highly doubt, Madam Wina will still be in charge and come 2021 the great PF party will continue to reign and you HH will continue crying over spilled milk.

    UPND please save us the drama and adopt a bemba man.You can adopt the following

    Nevers Mumba
    Felix Mutati
    Bwalya Mwamba aka GBM
    Nalumango Mutale
    Sylvia Masebo
    Mwakafula Nkonde
    Chishimba Kabwili

  12. Zambia and Africa do not need to do business with India unless we are exporting to them period! In fact all Africans should stop buying Mahindra, those useless TATAs and exporting politicians there. Africa needs inter African trade and the seeking of Yesu. These cows mistreated our brothers and sisters in the last two years. We really do not need them. Idi Amin was evil and wrong, but he saw the evil of these people. For once PF, MMD, UPND and FDD cadres be patriotic.

  13. Last year they were killing African students in India and their government did nothing. It is time African leaders looked out for their young and sent those remaining students to developed cities in China and Japan. Developed Cities by the way not Tu Minzi kikikiki.

  14. I hope the time he is in Zambia China builds 5 factories and gives Zambia grants. Zambia wins when China and India are mortal enemies. Our Economists just need to learn to play the game.

  15. Haters will always be haters ,from pf haters to indian haters,u re sick indeed.we need indians,we need chinas,some of us work for indians owned factories,the biggest prolem we in africa,its no indians or china,but policies are so bad,beta policies is the solution to a beta zambia,we ill all share.but xurrent situation favours those in power.

    • We do not, we need our own industries. It is time we started replacing out sourced, with internal companies.

  16. Corrupt HH has money laundering activities! He became rich by dribbling Zambia privatization programme! Paradise papers! British Analytica connections! He is desperate to win but he is unelectable!

  17. Birds of a feather always visit and flock together.Zambia and India are very filthy countries with the former having undergone an epidemic of cholera.
    Mr Nath Kovind welcome to kulima tower ,Misisi and Chilbolya …very exquisite world class areas.

    • I think Indians are worse…atleast with Chinese you know what you are getting…indians might befriend you or employ a few of you but they make sure they are taking over…..

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