Saturday, June 22, 2024

Zambia has talent: President Lungu being interviewed



  1. Atleast ecl has an open character that anyone can relate to unlike the under5. The best way to imitate hh is to show a bitter oval face and say derogatory remarka against ecl. Well its hard to relate to this satanist

    • Imitate. One problem we have as Zambians. We want to be somebody else. One strong point about Sata: He was himself at all times. Like him or hate him, what you heard is what you got. He Imitated nobody. And people followed him for who he was. That is the zenith of leadership.

  2. Those are the only coeherced interviews lungu is cable of holding…..he can not have an open interview with anyone incase he is asked about his stealing….unlike hh who has had open interviews with any and many news organisations……

  3. ECL far much better than hh.All what hh knows is lies,crookedness,no mess stance, know it all character it will be shameful to have hh as president he has a lot of weaknesses, wife not educated can’t speak in public no much to previous first ladies she appears disorganized.

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