Both ZCID and the Commonwealth are sponsored by foreign interests-Peter Sinkamba

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba
Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba

Green Party President Peter Sinkamba says the Zambia Centre for Inter-Party Democracy (ZCID) has always been a suspicious organization right from its formation because it is funded by foreigners. And Mr. Sinkamba has suggested that since there appear to be fundamental differences on Commonwealth and ZCID mediated political dialogue, it is better that the 1990-1993 model of inter-party dialogue is adopted to make progress.

Speaking this morning in Kitwe to journalist on the position of the Green Party with respect to the proposed inter-party dialogue, Mr. Sinkamba said ZICD was rejected by political players from its inception in 2007 because it is funded by a foreign political agent, the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD).

“There is nothing sovereign about ZCID, as our colleagues in PF appear to suggest. Neither ZCID nor the Commonwealth sponsored political dialogue is sovereign. Both ZCID and the Commonwealth are sponsored by foreign interests. So, if the yardstick for the dialogue is sovereignty, then I am afraid neither ZCID nor the Commonwealth meets the test.

“ZICD was rejected in 2006 as an honest broker by political parties led by the PF in opposition. Most, if not all opposition political parties agreed with the PF that ZICD was a foreign agent with lopsided political interests favoring the party in government. Consequently, most parties refused to submit their work-plans to the Constitutional Conference Working Committee (CWC). Apart from MMD, which then was party in government, felt and believed that ZCID was not as collaborative as it claimed to be.

“I do not think anything has changed in that regard. I doubt that any political party has submitted its work-plan to ZICD. Speaking for the Greens, we think that the late Mr. Sata was right. ZCID lacks the necessary credibility to honestly broker inter-party dialogue.

“I remember very well the late Michael Sata making allegations in 2006 that the then ZCID chairman Dr. Kalete Kalumba’s presence in the organization was simply to assure the continuation of the then ruling party MMD’s agenda and the prevention of any real change. I think that Mr. Sata’s view is valid today as it was then.

The late President Sata was one of the most vocal opponents of ZCID. His party, the PF, refused to be part and parcel of ZCID. Not only did he demand that Dr. Kalumba, who then was the national secretary of the MMD, be replaced with a chairman of neutral status but also was skeptical of the capability of ZCID to broker inter-party dialogue.

Despite IIJD, the sponsor of ZCID, trying by all means to encourage the PF to join the ZCID and help create a balanced constitution that is truly representative of the nation of Zambia, Mr. Sata stood his ground. Consequently, Mr. Sata rejected to participate in the ZCID-led National Constitutional Conference (NCC). PF MPs and mayors who participated in NCC constitutional dialogue were labeled by Mr. Sata as rebels, and subsequently he expelled from PF.

“For some MPs and mayors, their expulsions from PF marked the end of their political careers. Furthermore, the NCC constitutional dialogue yielded no tangible results as the NCC Constitution Bill was ultimately thrown out in parliament,” Mr. Sinkamba recalled.

“With the expulsion of the Cuban Ambassador vis-à-vis political interference by foreign forces, it will be interesting to see the future of Netherlands-sponsored ZCID in the whole political matrix in Zambia. If rightists will be allowed to support political processes in Zambia, will leftist organizations also be allowed to do the same? Mr. Sinkamba asked.

Moving forward, Mr. Sinkamba has suggested that the 1990-1993 model of inter-party dialogue be adopted which was not funded by foreign interests. He suggested that those who led the process in 1990s, including General Godfrey Miyanda, be consulted so as to guide the next steps.


  1. He has good reasons! Where was ZCID when things were going wrong till poor leadership from both PF and UPND created ground for foreign interests?We need magnanimous leadership from all sides;ruling,opposition,facilitators etc..The time Sinkamba is referring to was under KK with organized opposition and respected church,unions and student bodies.Foreigners had no room in internal dialogue due to mature leadership! Not now!!

    • Thank You Peter for mentioning my leader Miyanda.
      Unfortunately no one listen from him.
      I suggest KK need help us get organised before he dies. If only he can help dialogue to consolidate political parties to 5.
      1. PF
      2. UPND
      3. Christian Democratic Party
      4. Green Party
      5. Socialist Party

      Yours here:
      Presidential adviser #1

    • This man is USELESS and so is anyone who supports him and his kind. All morons really for me

      But then again Zambians are USELESS and worthless in my world



    • Mr. ECL knows very well, that no other party will support his shift in opinion from Madam Scotland brokered dialogue to suggested ZCID. This is irresponsible of the president. All Parties agreed to have the commonwealth broker the dialogue, why change his mind at this stage? This has now opened room for the different suggestion, this is simply going to expose our political leaders are incapable of solving our own problems. Mr. ECL, instead of showing leadership, he is brought in confusion. SHAME. I live by my opinion that until the Concourt makes a final decision on whether ECL is legible or not for 2021 election. Its only at that point things will set into motion. For now, it is going to be delaying tactics throughout. The current leadership is incapable of solving issues. Period.

    • Sinkamba: bulela! bulela! bulela wena! Sichaba sa kuutwa!!!!!!!!!!!!

      As always, he speaks with clarity of thought. I think he is the most ideal politician who must lead this country. He offers objective critiques. He offers direction.

      Thumbs up Sinkamba

    • Why does this Mushota thing insult? Why can’t she/he have logical and civilised debate? Were there no condoms those days to stop this misadventure of a person?

    • Yes we do not need foreigners to solve our own problems. Africa wake up! No foreigners in internal matters. Well said President Sinkamba. Please HH and Lungu – grow up and believe in yourselves. Organise yourselves and build trust. What makes you that the foreign organisations can be trusted? A formidable dialogue team can be formed and funded by government. Let each party suggest names for the dialogue team. We cannot be going back to foreign powers to bring us to a dialogue table.

    • Well said baba, well said! My President Sinkamba once again has spoken sense. I’m happy he has mentioned bringing in Brig Miyanda in this process. If anything both Miyanda and yourself the Green Party President along with some members of the civil society such as NGOCC, UCZ, SDA, Catholic Church, Marketeers Association, MUZ and even ZNFU etc should participate in these discussions. Such a dialgue should consist of a broad spectrum of Zambians from all walks of life.

  2. Finally, someone with solid reasoning behind ZCID’s rejection. I support Mr Sinkamba’s suggestion to follow the 1990-1993 model.

  3. I dont think there is anything for the commonwealth to fund the dialogue process just it may be the case with ZCID. What may unacceptable is for them to apoint foreigners to come and supervise the process. It may be embarrasing. Think about it.

  4. I dont think it is wrong for the commonwealth to fund the the dialogue process just it may be case with ZCID. What may be unacceptable is for the commonwealth to send foreigners to come and supervise the process. It can be embarrasing. Next time you will want them to supervise the elections.

  5. ”ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” SAYS SEJANI- Political dialogue must be entirely left in the hands of Zambians with no foreign interference. At 53 years I believe we have what it takes to handle this dialogue without any foreign help. If Kenyans can do it why not ourselves? The problem is emanating from this tribal grouping called UPND who have shown double standards already; Dialogue or impeachment. UPND misleader HH has lost direction as to which way to go; dialogue or impeachment. This guy will just bring chaos and political unrest if he is not tamed immediately because his desperation for state house has reached a point of no return and he does not care the consequences of his actions. HH A TICKING TIME BOMB TO ZAMBIA’S PEACE AND SECURITY

  6. By the way is it really even necessary to have the so called dialogue? Is there anything wrong to warrant the same? We all know that this desperation from HH is nothing but a way to get sympathy from his followers. I mean the man is a loser, 5 solid times, imwe it’s really bad for him. You can now see the man is hallucinating by accusing anyone and everything for his political demise. Unfortunately the the problem is actually UPND itself, how do keep same loser again and again and expect different results?

  7. Compare and contrast between Peter Sinkamba and Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Who has a better political understanding of Zambia and what can help the country? Can Lungu debate Peter Sinkamba? Who is more intelligent? Can you guess Peter Sinkamba’s IQ compared to Lungu?

    • I asked my question. Ask yours. I am not comparing opposition to opposition. It is a worst of time and a futile nonsensical exercise. Brainless Zambians like you what us to spend time having inconsequential cage fights. No, it should be any opposition leader with Lungu only. That’s what will change Zambia.

  8. Ba LT your headline ka, Commonwealth is a global entity that Zambia is a part of, it is not “sponsored” by foreign interests. Anyway good comments here by the Green Party that show current PF “reloaded” is basically the same MMD as before

    Park Geun-hye, the impeached former South Korean president, has been jailed
    “The defendant abused her presidential power entrusted by the people, and as a result, brought massive chaos to the order of state affairs.”


  10. The most talked about “dialogue” is not even necessary in Zambia.what will they be talking about with losers such as Kainde?Zambian voters have rejected this man for a record 5 times and in 2021 it will be 6th,so what more does upnd want?
    PF must just ignore these useless opposition political leaders who have nothing to do on daily basis apart from dreaming about state house!!
    WE VOTED FOR PF IN LARGE NUMBERS SO WHOEVER LOST CAN HUNG AS WE DONT GIVE A DAMN!!next elections will be in 2021,therefore all losers must simply wait for that and allow PF to rule us in peace-period!!
    Let leaders in countries such as DRC Congo,Somalia,South Sudan,etc have dialogue and not here in peacefull Zambia!!HH must be ignored because he has borrowed heavely since 2006 to fund upnd,hence being so bitter…

    • @Njimbu, you definitely have no understanding of what this dialogue process is all about and so do many others on this platform. Its not about PF and UPND alone but a process of strengthening and growing our young democracy. There is no doubt that the past elections left our country more divided and many people voted based on tribal lines, a situation which is not ideal for a group of tribes living together. The dialogue process is here to ensure we come up with best practices and procedures that can keep us together even when we differ politically. I believe the dialogue process is an opportunity for President Lungu to help create a foundation where both parties agree on key pressing issues and differences. You must be proud to be part of a Zambia that is united and standing as one. A…

  11. There’s nothing serious to dialogue about, the so called conflict is just a failure by Hichilema to accept a resounding defeat. The failure by Lungu to arrest Hichilema when he ordered the killing of non Tongas in Southern province is what has escalated the problem. When they composed the song “Mubemba ngu satana” Edgar should have acted decisively by banning UPND and arresting its leaders. Those who lost their relatives are still crying for justice. Some were even scared to submit to the commission of inquiry. To date people are still intimidated, even Hamukale confirmed this in Parliament. So there’s nothing that will come out of that dialogue than Hichilema making senseless demands

  12. H.hs understanding of dialogue is overturning 2016 election results and becoming President outside the ballot process. Anything short of this is rigging. For example now its UN rigging, and when Baroness Scotland disowns him inevitably, it will be Commonwealth doing the rigging.

  13. Mushota middle finger to u.U think coz u in some foreign country moping floors,that u better than us..u are a disgrace to humanity.Am sure your mama regrets pushing u out of her womb.

  14. Dont pay attention to h.h, he is a confused man, mad even. He doesnt know what he is doing or what he wants. How can he demand dialogue under the Commonwealth when the Commonwealth itself has made it clear that the dualogue shall be led by Zambians themselves. On his last visit Prof Gambari made this clear and informed h.h himellf personally. Today he is soeaking a dufferent language. Bushe mwaliba amano muli ba h.h? Patricia Scotland will be disappointed and confused with this African tribalist.

  15. Some reasonable arguments from Sinkamba. Their double standard these PF guys is remarkable!

    To extend Sinkamba’s argument about ‘sovereignty’ and ‘external influence’ as yardstick, well the entire country is bankrolled by foreign entities, including the government, political parties, NGOs, corporations, etc. What is there that is locally owned and funded? Zero, except my mum working hard to put food on the table. So maybe come up with a different criterion.

    But for god’s sake, the Commonwealth is a member state organization to which Zambia is a member. It is has more representation and more integrity than some local entity. Commonwealth has more African countries members than Westerners. So there!

  16. Instead of discussing the brilliant ideas Peter Sinkamba has put across, some chaps are discussing HH. These alarming levels of dullness in the country have reached very alarming levels. It is worrying

  17. The only problem is that Hichilema has failed to accept the results of a resounding defeat, considering the large amounts of money that he put into that election. What has compounded the problem is the failure by Edgar to act decisively. He should banned the UPND and arrested its leaders the moment they composed the song “Mubemba ngu satana”. The people whose relatives were murdered in Southern province still await justice. There’s nothing that will come out of that dialogue except for Hichilema making unreasonable demands

  18. There is no dialogue happening anytime soon. Forget!

    Political leaders are full of themselves. Humility is too clean for their filthy characters.

  19. But Miyanda is also one of the Opposition Leaders how could it be? i dont think na MIYANDA is the right person but try maybe the Church no Brig.Gen.Miyanda is an interested part.

  20. I see myself smoking weed with Sinkamba.
    He is true opposition.
    I like his objective approach nationhood.
    Viva the Greens!

  21. The choice between Commonwealth or ZCID is secondary. It became an issue when the opposition showed disregard for Commonwealth brokered talks by instituting impeachment preliminaries. Therefore, a weakening of public trust in the ruling party was the result of the opposition party’s decision. Dialogue is a means and not an end in itself. Dialogue is a means to preserve sanity in the governance of the nation. Dialogue is a proven way of achieving peace and security. So, what is dialogue? Dialogue occurs when leaders talk to each other about matters of national interest, including promotion of good governance, rule of law and sustainable development. Remember, the public becomes also violent when the leaders react also violently.

  22. I am just thinking, why is Zambia part of the Commonwealth (CW) if it has the audacity to label the same club it belongs to a foreign entity impacting negatively on sovereignty?. I feel the justice minister needs to mobilize other resources to allow Zambians participate in the decision of whether to withdraw from the CW or not. Hearing from Professor Gambari, i got a sense that he was not proposing to chair the dialogue but rather facilitate the process. He went further to ask the opposition and ruling party to propose the eminent people to be in the steering team. I am not sure any one of the eminent people that the two camps nominated were foreigners!!

  23. This guy is intelligent, every time he speaks, he reasons through every line and the nation listens. He’s the epitome of history for our political landscape. How old could he be? His face looks 50s.

  24. Sorry…., but we are plain ‘dialogued out’…, with power hungry self serving Opposition!

    Can we just take a break….!

  25. In politics, always leave some room for the opponents to feel equally important to a political process. Politics it is the art of the possible. Foreign support is not always bad and in a country where even churches and NGOs express openly their political choices, bringing in foreign entities like the Commonwealth must be appreciated. Like it or not, UPND and PF are currently the biggest parties on the scene and their continued standoff is unhelpful. Yes, expressing readiness for dialogue and yet move a motion to impeach the PF’s and Zambia’s President on the part of UPND doesn’t play well, especially to the politically naïve. Yes it is unnecessary especially that it was still-born ab initio. But this should not distract the nation from the importance of political dialogue in our land…

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