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President Lungu urges church to continue preaching peace


President Lungu with Bishop Mpundu
President Lungu with Bishop Mpundu

President Lungu said this in Lusaka yesterday during the thanks giving mass for outgoing Archbishop of Lusaka Tresphone Mpundu at the Cathedral of the Child Jesus.

President Lungu said the church belongs to every citizen of the nation and hence the need to take a leading role.

He has since challenged Tresphere Mpundu to ensure that dialogue process with all political parties is looked into before he hands over on 14th of April.

President Lungu said there is also need for strong commitment for all the political players in the country.

The Head of State told the church that the peace process should not be left to the political parties alone but also comit themselves to the process.

The President said the church has the capacity to bring the country together and ensure that peace and joy is sustained.

He said he found it compelling for him to attend the thanks giving service for Bishop Mpundu because of the relations he has shared with him and his government.

The President said in as much as Bishop Mpundu is retired he is not tired.

And outgoing Bishop Mpundu has called for peace, love and joy to continue prevailing in the country.

Bishop Mpundu said it is important that love prevails because it is the only way that the country will continue being at peace at all times.

He said he is retiring a happy man because he has lived to proclaim the good news of the gospel of God.

Bishop Mpundu has since thanked members of the Catholic Church for giving the necessary support.

Bishop Moundu
Bishop Moundu

Bishop Mpundu
Bishop Mpundu
Chieftainess Nkomesha Greets Bishop Mpundu
Chieftainess Nkomesha Greets Bishop Mpundu
President Edgar Lungu greets Bishop Mpundu Mother
President Edgar Lungu greets Bishop Mpundu Mother
President Edgar Lungu greets Bishop Mpundu Mother in Church
President Edgar Lungu greets Bishop Mpundu Mother in Church
President Lungu Thanks Bishop Mpundu
President Lungu Thanks Bishop Mpundu


  1. Go well and enjoy your retirement Bishop, you have done your part and keep preaching the Gospel even in your retirement.

    • The Bishop has repeatedly preached and talked peace in his calling for a long time now. Those that he has interacted with for that period, as confessed here, have certainly heard the message.

      The question is; why don’t they act on the requirements of the Word as received it? Mr. President, the ball of peace is no longer with the Bishop, it’s in your court. Play it!

    • Go well Bishop Mpundu, you are a man of faith and principle. Please ensure the impostor president goes to dialogue unconditionally. There are very few men of Boshop Mpundu’s stature in this country.

    • Sorry people it is just a question. Can the bishop marry now since he has retired? I saw ka hug from the chieftanes nkomeshia kalya akakuchurch ka hug

    • Abandoning Bishop Mpundu for some UN woman ninshi muli amano?
      Edgar reads what I write, I said it Archbishop Mpundu started reconciliation very well. Then came some Common Wealth woman, ulunkumbwa, now another woman from UN shows up, again ulunkumbwa.
      Tresphor Mpundu lead team is the best for all man kind.

    • The church should continue preaching peace while Lungu damages it by putting innocent people in prison over Easter seasons. He did it last year, he has done it this year too. However the church has remained quiete.
      Too much hypocrisy!!

  2. You have been a great man , a great son of the soil, go well my Bishop and continue living side by side with Christ. And also accept if offered to chair the interparty dialogue coz you can be the best to do that as eluded to by the president Chagwa.

  3. Meanwhile HH will continue to preach “sanctions” and dialogue driven from outside Zambia.For me I preach development politics and any electioneering be strictly left for 2021.

  4. Go well bishop you have run your race. The onus is on our president now, please don’t mock people and God. Dialogue is a necessity to diffuse the tension that has gripped our country politically and economically. It is therefore imperative that we seat on our egos and foster a re-conciliatory process to bridge the gap of mistrust that has risen in our institutions of governance. People should have the trust that credibility is restored no sooner that later. If we are going to play mind games and fool ourselves that all is well, we are creating a time bomb that will explode right in our faces. Once again go well bishop.

  5. #2 osward, Archbishop Mpundu to chair the dialogue? That would be a great thing! But unfortunately h.h and upndeez will NOT accept. Just like h.h now hates Janet Rogan and the UN for interacting with a sitting President, you can rest assured h.h now hates Archbishop Mpundu for interacting with the President, happily as you can see from the happy pictures including a happy old lady mother to the Archbishop.
    You have to understand the way h.h thinks and reasons, same as the tribal Kalos2020 who thinks with his tribe and not his brain.
    Also ask yourself why h.h if he is a national leader chose not to attend that important farewell ceremony. Is that a good sign that h.h can accept Mpundu to chair the dialogue? Katwishi! Plus there is already disagreement between Commonwealth and h.h…

    • Telesphore mpundu knows what a corrupt theif lungu is , we all remember how he stood up to lungu and you rats where condemning him….now he is a hero ???

    • Are you afraid of your tribe? I am not Tonga but I am because they are my brothers. Tongas are smarter than you and whoever you support. Most Bembas as far as I am concerned are tools. Check around you. Pure tools.

  6. ….Also ask yourself why h.h if he is a national leader chose not to attend that important farewell ceremony. Is that a good sign that h.h can accept Mpundu to chair the dialogue? Katwishi! Plus there is already disagreement between Commonwealth and h.h. Commonwealth has stated that dialogue should be led by Zambians but now h.h disagrees. But wait a minute, Chief Mukuni would be acceptable to h.h not so?

    • The insecure corrupt theif banned the UPND leadership from attending incase lungu is overshadowed….

    • upnd cadre and Kalos 2020: Obviously both of you have no clue what it is to build a nation and the efforts that go into it. No nation can be built if others feel that the Zambia being built does not respect or include them or if others feel that they are above their fellow citizens. The nation-building foundations built by UNIp are in need of serious repair , hence what both of you are saying. Unfortunately I do not see that those with levers of power recognise this. Although ZNBC starts its news broadcasts with the slogan “one Zambia one nation” and this was in the UNIP foundation for nation-building, I do not think that it means anything at all. Seven local languages broadcast but no due recognition is paid to who they also represent. Songs in some languages aren’t being played or…

  7. hh is a sadist that’s why he didn’t attend because he knew that President Lungu will be there despite the church inviting both

    • Songs in some local languages are played less and less frequently although they are there and you expect those whose languages they are to feel that the Zambia being built respects them?

  8. Kick Max out of our party(PF) before he destroys it. He brings nothing to the table. This is not big brother house made up of chancers. As far as I can remember this boy has never voted for PF cause the last elections he was in prison .

    • “He has never voted PF because last election he was in prison.”
      Why is sentence not making sense?

  9. Let him continue campaigning for his boss the dranken master. Why do you want to expel him when Lungu is very happy with his performance. Has Lungu or indeed Amos Chanda come out to condemned him! The answer is NO. What does that tell you!

  10. There’s nothing greater than a honourable retirement after a lengthy service. This crop of elderly priests were a rare breed, many of the current generation aren’t emotionally connected to what they preach. To them priesthood is no longer a calling but just a career. It’s common nowadays for a young father to lock up a concubine is his quarter, put on robes, take 2 shots of jemasoni and go to minister to the congregation without any remorse. Prayers have become mantras to be repeated as a routine. Father you have left a troubled ministry, don’t be surprised if you’re called on soon. Priests don’t retire

  11. The bishop has called lungus GRZ a GRZ of thugs…..he has called a spade a spade…..he has refused to be corrupted by the corrupt theif lungu…

  12. The way Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu is smiling with president Edgar Lungu is very annoying to HH,so dont be surprised when HH calls for his usual endless and useless press conferences next week to claim that Telesphore Mpundu rigged 2016 elections for PF-mark my words!!Kainde has become mad and since all prominent Zambians have ditched him,he is more confused now than ever before!!upnd’s members are defecting to PF in large numbers almost everyday-kekekekekeke….ukose Kainde!!in 2021 i can forsee Kainde committing suicide once ECZ declares Edgar Lungu as a winner again!!!
    Enjoy your retirement Archbishop Mpundu and may God ever bless you as you did your work well!!continue preaching peace for mother Zambia and remain too close to president Lungu as he needs your wisdom Sir to take…

    • Telesphore mpundu is smiling at lungu thinking how lungu and his gang of thieves climbed down after dismissing the church…..

  13. Why do I feel like Lungu was celebrating for a different reason? Does anyone remember how PF cadres and Lungu reacted to Archbishop Mpundu? The use or misuse of the Pentes to foster evil schemes by Lungu and crew must be watched. Lungu’s bunch did not like the archbishop. Not at all. Lungu and his chipata bishop attacked Mpundu viciously. If Lungu had powers, he would have removed the archbishop. I don’t trust or accept Lungu’s praises or pretenses.

  14. It was only this archbishops faction that stood up to lungu and his gang when HH was in jail…….

    We all remember how the PF rats were denouncing the archibishop for standing up to lungu

  15. I only see a lazy bum father who begot HaGayGay who projects his bitterness on the president. Underrate the president tribal party UPND at your own peril. He will trounce HaChronic Loser Hagain soon.

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