Thursday, June 20, 2024

FAZ bans Siwale and two others


FAZ has banned expelled executive committee member Blackwell Siwale and two other councillors from all football activities.

Siwale has been banned for allegedly illegally obtaining and circulating official FAZ documents.

“Following a meeting held by the FAZ Ethics Committee, on Friday April 6, 2018, Chaired by Mr Kephas Katongo, Mr Siwale was found guilty of obtaining and circulating illegally obtained FAZ documents,” FAZ spokesperson Desmond Katongo said.

“He has further been found guilty of uttering statements with potential to scare away FAZ partners and potential partners.

“The Association notes that, despite failure to appeal his case at the FAZ Council, Mr Siwale has continued to put the association’s name into disrepute through the press.

“FAZ wishes to appeal to all its members not to allow Mr Siwale entry to any stadia as doing so will culminate into serious penalties.”

Also banned are Kelvin Chipili and Damiano Mutale.

“FAZ has further banned Mr Damiano Mutale and Mr Kelvin Chipili from all football related activities for putting the name of the association and it’s President into disrepute,” Katongo added.

“This follows the duo’s decision to take the FAZ President to court for abuse of authority of office, a matter which was later withdrawn by the complainant. The duo has also been found guilty of falsely accusing the Association of preventing them from attending the Annual General meeting.”


  1. Siwale didn’t leak the documents, your employees whom you failed to pay salaries did. Anyway, you’ll be out the next elective AGM then you’ll dance chikokoshi

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