Police summon a Nampundwe Woman for declaring that she does not want a “Chakolwa” for a President


A woman of Nampundwe who was captured by Prime TV stating that she does not want to have a drunkard for a President has been summoned by police for questioning.

Donning a Dorcas Mothers uniform of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, the lady told a Prime TV news crew that she does not want to be ruled by a Chakolwa (drunkard).

This was when UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice Geoffrey Mwamba made a stop over at Nampundwe Market from Mwembeshi Maximum Prison after they visited incarcerated MMD leader Nevers Mumba.

The unidentified woman, without mentioning any name said she does not want a Chakolwa President and later flashed a UPND party symbol.

The clip has infuriated the ruling PF with its Chairperson for Women Jean Kapata condemning the woman’s actions and called for her arrest for allegedly disrespecting the Head of State.

Ms Kapata also called on the SDA leadership in Zambia to discipline the woman for showing luck of respect to the President whilst wearing a Dorcas Mother uniform, which she described an a respectable institution for female members of the SDA.

PF cadre Max Choongo also took matters even further by donning the Dorcas Mothers uninform on a Saturday and posed for photo whilst holding beer.

The PF leadership condemned the photos taken by Choongo and distanced the party.

But Police has since summoned the woman for questioning at Westwood police post along Mumbwa Road today ,Monday April 9th 2018 at 09:00hrs.

According to the UPND, all believers and advocates of freedom of expression should give the woman support.


    • AliKOLWA naimwe. Just forgive her and let’s move on. In life, we have ups and downs. We should not dwell on Downs all the time.

    • The woman did not mention any name, this is not a case worth taking to court and wasting tax payers money on. Likewise if the SDA so wish they too can file a Civil Lawsuit against Max Choongo (Sharon).

      What the State should do is merely ask for an apology from this mother, why should we be taking our mothers to the flithy cells over small matters. Let us have a heart of forgiveness.

    • She must be a counterfeit. I doubt a devoted SDA member Dorcas for that matter could be an embodiment of this kind of partisan demagoguery characterized with sub-human mindset of hatred, prejudice, and bitterness. She needs deliverance and total subjudication at yhe hands of the humble servant leader for another 8 years. Let her enjoy opposition wrath but constructively.

    • Defamation is still law. We have been advising these sdas for long to distance themselves from politics but they wouldn’t listen. The other time someone was busy offering a prayer for hh to win right in church and all the members shouted amen and clapping. This is what you get as a church when you align yourselves with politicians and get involved in partisan politics. Being tongas and sdas doesn’t give you express rights to support upnd.

    • Who is Chakolwa????
      Ine am not chakolwa, so she is not talking about me.
      Why Jean Kapata think Ba Edgar Lungu is Chakolwa, does she drink with him? If I was Edgar I would fire Jean for this very reason. And arrest anyone mocking Edgar.
      Jean – Thinks Ba Edgar is a chakolwa.
      Chi Max Chongu- Thinks Ba Edgar get so drunk that he even wear dress by mistake.
      Arrest these 2 PFs, leave the Nampundwe woman alone, she said the truth. Who wants Ba Edgar to be drinking again?

    • And there are so many presidents out there:
      – Tayali is President of EEP
      – Sinkamba is president of Green Party
      – Rainbow Party has no president
      – NDC has no president
      – Nason Musoni is president of some party
      – Mutati is a president of a certain MMD party
      – Ba Miyanda used to be my president in Heritage Party.
      Me too I don’t want a chakolwa to be my president, thats why I joined Heritage Party. Whats our symbol again?? I will just lift my middle finger then!!

    • She never said ‘Lungu is a Chakolwa’. It’s the retarded PF00Ls who have presumed that she meant Lungu.

      She did not mention any particular president but as the old Africa adage says “whenever old bones are mentioned, old women become uncomfortable”. Anyway Lungu is well known chakolwa, that is why he thinks the woman was referring to him.

    • This intimidation of citizens is not fair. Let people be free to express themselves however they want. Its their basic right.

    • Ba upnd are blood hounds who won’t rest until lungu is hanged. It is all clear that they are now scheming for a civil war in the country in order to wrestle power from pf as opposed to the ballot. This is a timely warning to pf followers to make sure they are not caught by surprise.

    • Iwe Maloza, If I mentioned U5 Satanist on this platform without mentioning a name you chaps in UPND will start insulting me because you will immediately presume this to be referring to you know who. Like wise, as you put it: “Anyway, HH is a well known diablo, that is why you chaps may think that I’m referring to him.

    • The colonialists who brought about these fake congregations to strip you of assets dont even wear those ridiculous uniforms! momma Dorcas, nonsense!

    • Freedom of speech and expression is a right for everyone also the consequences of the same rights should be accepted if found wanting. You’ve the freedom to say anything about anybody but should you injure the feelings of others then you have to pay thats how it works badala. Its called democracy. These so called rights comes with responsibility and this is what you should be teaching others. We live in the first world nations and you know wgat it is.

    • is our a president a chakolwa? who did she disrespect, our current humble and dedicated Christian leader? Police after questioning her, please also tell us who she was referring to because some of us are in the dark…we don’t patronise drinking places to see who is a chakolwa and who is not.

    • If you still believe hh is the head of state then it’s him she was referring to but if ecl is the head of state then its him. It all depends on who you regard as the president of Zambia. Smoe of us who knows ecl is the president of Zambia already knows who she is talking about. Its that simple.

  1. “According to the UPND, all believers and advocates of freedom of expression should give the woman support.”
    Equally Max falls under freedim of expression. What is bad here is the name of the SDA who have to be careful how they handle this as upnd will tarnish its good name and associate it with politics, tribalism and upnd’s vile language. It will leave a bad mark on the SDA who will jeopardize its relationship with Zambian society.

    • What I know of the SDA church is that they don’t support drinking of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, this SDA woman naturally should be inclined not to support any drunkard as her leader just like I don’t support Socialists. Since I’m Catholic, I don’t have a problem with an occasional beer, however, I also don’t have any problem with other religious beliefs in that I don’t have to fight them. I just stay away from those I don’t support. It is my freedom of choice …. and theirs also. Why make a fuss? Religions have been there for thousands of years and have been responsible for numerous deaths of people. You can still be stoned to death in some religions. Which way are we heading?

    • The Police are not operating on professional basis. Jean Kapata screams that arrest the woman and the woman is called for questioning.What makes me sad is that the police have become like toys for PF. Shame!

  2. This ECL must be really an insecure person. Was the woman lying or tlling the truth. The people who must be ashamed are the people that assumed that “Chakolwa president must be ECL”! Those are the ones ECL must be worried about e.g Jean Kapata!

  3. @ 2020vision I too understand that the woman did not mention any names so why pursue her? Jean Kapata must be called to provide guidance for she suggests the woman can not insult the head of state! Therefore Kapata knows that the head of state is a drunkard thus “drunkard” is synonymous with the Zambian head of state. Come to think of it, which sane person would be happy to be led by a drunkard?

  4. The question is should this really be defamation? I drink moderately and find it nothing wrong to drink at the right time, in the right place in the company of right friends.

  5. Leave the woman alone; i too don’t want a drunk president; what is wrong with her statement? why has Max Chongo who has insulted the church not been summoned to the PF police? KK drunk water than this drunk Lungu who is drunk with power, corruption and violence;this Kapata will one day pay for her misdeeds;

  6. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. That is why you compete for votes. Do you think that those who voted differently have kind things to say? Wouldn’t you rather have a feel of how people are feeling? Let’s embrace the 21st Century for what it is and not usher in historical practices of suppression and intimidation. LEAVE THAT WOMAN A-L-O-N-N-E!!!

  7. Every one is title to their opinion !!! And if she did not mention anyones name why should she be questioned by the police ???????????????????????

    • She didn’t mention any names but we all know that the office of the president is occupied by ecl. Did you learn simple algebra at primary school. Dont you know how to equate or find x.

  8. What’s the problem here, is PF telling us their president is “Chakolwa”? the lady didn’t say any names. but it looks like PF knows they’re the beholders of chakolwa.

    why not summon Max Chongo too, hey ba god-Frida??


  10. Those who understand Both English and Law will condemn the state for wasting tax payers money and time on this case.The dorcas mother did not mention the name of whom she was talking about. The word [A] is used in general .Unless if she used THE, then would have condemned the Dorcas mother for disrespecting the President of the republic of Zambia. Please fellow Zambian we can do better than this. What is the outside world thinking of us? That we cant understand simple statements or word meaning.

  11. What value shall we derive as a nation in enforcing the law and prosecuting this Dorcas Mother woman for her remarks, insulting derogatory and defamatory as they certainly are?

  12. Ethics should be the basis of this argument.The bitter SDA woman was totally wrong to use the image of the church to denounce whoever is in state house.Zambians must sober up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. First HH and GBM must distance themselves from this woman and secondly the SDA must censure the woman for attacking another citizen while in Church uniform. Serious churches don’t allow their uniform to be associated with misconduct. Mad Max was right.

  14. So “chakolwa” now is personal to holder; it refers only to one individual? Amazing how lies have short legs and cant run fast! That is how even the other illigalities being denied will soon come home to roost.

  15. chakolwa ninani nkashi! come on guys we hard Nyama Soya, cabbage, king cobra fonko-fonko and no one was taken to court or jailed for it! i mean who is Chakolwa?

  16. From today I will wear that docas uniform whenever I go beer drinking since nobody seems to see the wrong with it


  18. The SABBATH OR Saturday is an opportunity to rest from your material pursuits LIKE addressing political meetings, rallies, press briefings etc, thus demonstrating that you trust God will bless your efforts over the last six days, and provide for your material needs otherwise my ELDER, HH, should just FORGET it.

  19. 3/4 of Zambian adult population drink beer,no doubt about that but the woman in question was purely referring to Ecl coz upnd at several rallies have insinuated to that.masebo at one time said don’t call him Edgar but vodka a brand of beer.

  20. Dictatorship has entered Zambia. KK was called black mamba, no one was called to police. Sata and several PF cadres called Mwanawasa cabbage, no one was summoned to police. Sata was called Chimbwi no plan, (which really is supposed to be for Lungu), no one was called in by police. What the heck is going on with Lungu? What would have happened if the woman said she does not want a mason for president? Was she speaking in future tense or present tense? Some of these things really shows how petty that pet in state House is. He ate mangoes on the street like a chakolwa seeing food for the first time after binge drinking. What does that show of him? Buchakolwa is not in any sense defamatory. It’s a habit, not character. Defamation is character assault. Not habit attack. Would calling Lungu -…

  21. If indeed this woman is from SDA and she actually meant that insult for the President then she is not Christian because Romans 13 v 1ff is very specific about respect for those in authority. For non believers it doesn’t matter but for any professed Christian it’s a sin to insult a leader whether you like him not.

    • What insult? Chakolwa is not an insult. It is what those who overindulge in alcohol are called. What do you call them?

  22. Now I know we have a leadership crisis in our Country. Where is Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda kanshi?? These civilians are jokers in politics!! I can’t see any meaningful leader in today’s politics. I miss Baldwin Nkumbula.. He could have made a big difference in our politics if he didn’t die young. MHSRIP.

  23. HH followers please note that leadership is from God .no amount of money will make you president of Zambia.The majority of Zambians voted for our beloved Chagwa Lungu wether you believe or not that’s the truth.There is no crisis in Zambia as per your sponsored Cadre so called musician Pilato self imposed exile in SA sponsored by HH and GBM just for there personal hate for our beloved president.The majority will not run to the streets and cause any anarchy for your hunger for power wait for your time.The majority of Zambians will then decide through the ballot if it’s your time to rule.For now bring in constructive opposition which is relevant to the development of our beloved country.

  24. Some comments are uncalled for even when no name is mentioned. This woman in the story can now express her freedom of expression by telling the story to the police who she was aiming at. Then she can prove her allegations thereafter. It is not proper to just insult randomly hoping no one shall complain because you mentioned NO name. After all one can drink so much today and be a born again the next day.

  25. Well she did have a moment of poor judgment I suppose on account of Adolf and Fat Alber stop over! I also here the area MP will foot her legal fees if she is sued, but we wait and see. We wish all the parties concerned well as 2021 draws nigh. Happy to see that Freddie has emerged from the dungeons and has joined the race to plot one but having listened to him twice only as the ‘commander’ I think he was better off when run editorials

  26. I would rather be led by a “chakolwa” than a known tribalist and satanist called Kainde!!
    Your HH seeks votes from millions of Zambians who drink beer on daily basis!!i remember in 2015 when upnd used to call ECL a “chakolwa”, a lot of Zambians here in urban areas were busy saying “we better vote for our fellow beer drinker than a satanist!!”for real ECL won,while your tonga angel Kainde lost terribly!!Upnd and all its tribal followers keep on making same mistakes but hope for different results,kekekekekeke,HOW DULL CAN SOME PEOPLE BE?how many Zambian voters drink beer? A LOT.now can the same people you insult vote for HH?BIG NO!!!

  27. Please read, listen and watch objectively and not subjectively. The woman did not mention a Presidential candidate name and why jump into conclusions that she meant someone? She was just speaking in general and why victimize her? Then you may be the ones who exactly know who is a CHAKOLWA. Please inform us who is a CHAKOLWA among Presidential candidates unless the woman mentioned a Political Party or a name of Presidential Candidate then you need to question her. If what if being reported is what transpered then we have politics which belong to the archives and ancient world.

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