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Fred M’membe’s response to attacks



  1. So why are you scared Fred. You speak as if you’re at gun-point. Take it easy, you now have joined the politics and you expect to throw stones as you go along as some dogs may seem smaller but bite hard!

    • Mmembe and Kabimba have been having an affair for a very long time. Mmembe is a known gay in Zambian Gay community which operates underground. Am not too sure about Wynter but these guys Mmembe and Wynter have been screwiiing each other for a very long time.Mmembe cheated on Wynter with a Cuban guy

    • I don’t care who Mmembe sleeps..Zambians are hypocrites..99% of Ministers have side chicks the President included.Even Godfridah has a handful of boyfriends. So whatever Mmembe does in his bedroom for as long as it makes him problem. Most men do their wives in the assss and so what difference does it make and you will be surprised alot of Zambian men sleeep with fellow men even though they’re “happily” married with children.So please stop pretending

    • Anonymous you are not Zambian. Please speak on matters that represent you, do not bring greek and roman vileness to Zambia.

    • @1.6 Nzelu
      Am Zambian but I don’t discriminate…just stop being ignorant…i respect everybody Gay,Lesbian,straight,Trans or whatever. Does Mmembe want to sleep with you or any of your family members? Does Mmembe eat in your house. Mmembe has the right to be whoever he wants to be with no restrictions. Nzelu you live in the USA but you sound like you just got off from the boat…Get rid of that Zambian mentality of yours and by the way how long have you lived in the USA???

  2. He can not run away from these rumours, if you remember the post newspaper never condemned gay acts. Having said this Zambia should remove the law that sends people to jail for 14 years for being Gay. It is archaic and we need to progress as a nation. It is none of our business if Fred and Wynter wanted carnal knowledge of each other. As long as they dont teach homosexuality to children I am all for allowing homosexuality in Zambia.

  3. The hypocricy in Zambian politics stinks to the very high heavens above. I mean, literally all Cabinet Ministers in Zambia, men and women with the sole exception of Inonge Wina are maintaining illegal steamy adulteruous affairs knowing only too well that the seventh commandment states thus, and quote: “Thy shall not commit adultery – Exodus 20:14. However, these PF goons are keen on cherry picking which laws to abide by and which ones to perpetually violate. In Swaziland during the last Reed Dance function, both Kaizer Zulu and Lungu were Santa Clauzed with pretty Swazi girls but Kaizer in hus drunken stupa missed the love hole and landed in the stinky “neigbour” tearing the anal tissues in the process. Now, this is the master of sodomy who wants to smear M’membe with his own filth…

  4. Really laughable…Fred that’s not good enough in politics, you are no longer hiding behind keyboard and a barrel of ink.
    You started this game …people died of stress because of you!!

  5. I expected him to tell us what happened in 2013 as alleged by Wynter. In the absence of that there’s nothing to talk about

  6. Fred can genuinely be called the architect of public opinion in Zambia. Using his shrewdness, he labelled various individuals corrupt and all sorts of titles successfully and destroyed their lives and careers at will. Today, he enters the arena he created with the hope of being a saint who has come to save the nation but smack, the first label he gets is that of homosexuality and no one is convinced otherwise. You reap what you sow, Fred. I doubt he will ever recover from this label…

  7. Anyway, what accent was that in the video clip? Another Tonga on the scene, my my Dundumezi has been split, if you understand what am saying.

  8. So upnd MPs and their small god hh are not involved in steamy love affairs. Oh Keith Mukata, upnd MP will face the hangman for murder, was that his wife he was with?

  9. Mr Winter and you other holier than though Zambians. So what happened after Mr Membe proposed love to you? What were the circumstances? Did you give him some give him some form of green light? Was alcohol involved? Did you accept the proposal? If not what type of relationship have you had with him all these years?
    It always takes two to tangle.
    To be honest with all you hollier than thou zambians on this blog, you don’t have much of a choice here between an alcoholic, reckless, vindictive and corrupt visionless womanizer and a gay person running for president. You willingly chose the former before so it means you can do the same and choose the later using the same reasoning! So despite all your protestations I am not really impressed

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