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Kuomboka traditional ceremony postponed to 28th of April

General News Kuomboka traditional ceremony postponed to 28th of April

FILE: An image we will not be seeing this year.Here the Litunga emerges from the Nalikwanda during the 2009 Kuomboka ceremony

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has postponed the Kuomboka traditional ceremony of the Lozi speaking people of Western Province from the 21st to the 28th April, 2018.

In a statement issued to ZANIS today, BRE Representative Induna Katema Aketata Batunda, disclosed that the change has been necessitated to allow the Kuomboka Kufuluhela Committee to prepare adequately.

“I wish to repeat that the date for this year’s Kuomboka ceremony has been changed from the 21st April to the 28th of April 2018 to enable the Kuomboka –Kufuluhela committee prepare thoroughly and complete necessary tasks and obligations,” he said.

BRE Representative Induna Katema said the preparations of the ceremony were receiving overwhelming responses from both the local and international communities.

Induna Katema apologized to all well-wishers for any inconveniences the adjustment would cause.

Meanwile the BRE has expressed disappointment with the infamous dark city boys who have been terrorizing residents of Mongu district in Western Province.

Induna Katema said the behaviour being exhibited was uncalled for and strange to the cultural of the land.

He said Zambians are known to be peaceful and trustworthy thus the disturbances emanating from the notorious group were a source of concern.

Induna Katema cautioned the group perpetrating violence to desist from the behaviour stating that police were on the ground to bring the culprits to book.

He expressed hope that the Kuomboka ceremony which has been pushed to the 28th of this month as announced will be peaceful.

And police in Mongu have assured the public that they are conducting patrols and will intensify police presence to ensure that the situation is addressed and culprits brought to book.

Earlier this week Police arrested 9 boys between the ages of 17-18 from the group after disrupting learning and forcing a number of schools to be closed in the district on Monday.


  1. ” Meanwile the BRE has expressed disappointment with the infamous dark city boys who have been terrorizing residents of Mongu district in Western Province.”

    National Service and Police shall soon teach these misfits a lesson.

  2. The outlaw HH will be there with its online-paid chief hooliganism and bullying chief strategist as a new bodyguard. Oh! Wait a minute! It won’t be there because the president won’t be there! It needed attention, publicity and to cause drama.

  3. Balozi naimwe please learn to be organised so that you can reap from tourism. Make your dates known a month or so in advance and do not change them anyhow because if a tourist has planned to view the event his cash would be stretched baaad by a week’s postponement. Government must also invite investment into the event so that tourists can find good accomodation and entertainment in the Kuomboka period. Our friends the bazungu know how to exploit the commercial aspects of such an event and after 50 years of independence we should also know how to make money out of this event

  4. Sharon: So why is law enforcement system not dealing with the outlaw HH? Who’s failing to do their job here?

  5. Kuomboka Ceremony has a huge potential to fund it self. But due to poor planning, it will forever be asking/begging for funding from external sources. First it was set for 7th April, then changed to 21st April, and now again changed to 28th April. Who knows, it might be changed yet again by this time next week. With so much uncertainty and short notices, which investor /company would want to risk doing business there during the event?

    Since the BRE Ngambela acknowledges and recognises that the Kuomboka is an INTERNATIONAL EVENT, then it stands to reason that;-

    1.) He should know that the international audience that travel to Barotseland to watch this event need to know dates of the event in good time to PLAN with minimum risk.

    2.) He should know that the people of Barotseland…

    • …. Barotseland who set up businesses i.e. Stands to sell foodstuffs, Souvenirs and Mementos, Merchandise etc.. services like Mobile Toilets, etc to meet international standards need to know dates of the event in good time to PLAN with minimum risk.

      3.) He should know that failure to give ample time, or switching dates every now and then, results into reduced number of international attendees, hence reduced business and loss of revenue for people of Barotseland.

      4.) He should know that the above-mentioned points undermine the Litunga’s statue in this modern World we live in, both in the eyes of the international community and in the hearts of the Litunga’s subjects who lose out in their businesses.

      So, the question is why does the BRE Ngambela (and his planners) appear unaware…

    • …… unaware of the loss of revenue this is causing? Are they content to be beggars of funding instead of being generators of own funds?

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