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Police orders KFM to cut Kambwili’s live radio programme


Mr Kambwili shortly after he was released by police
Mr Kambwili shortly after he was released by police

Police in Mansa on Friday ordered opposition NDC Political Consultant Chishimba Kambwili to discontinue a radio interview on local radio station KFM.

Mr Kambwili who is in the area campaigning ahead of a local government by election was briefly detained by police after he was picked up from the radio station.

Police Spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed that Mr. Kambwili was on radio where he started with his interview well but later began uttering derogatory statements against President Edgar Lungu.

“Three officers went there and spoke to the station manager to have the interview discontinued as it had potential to cause a breach of peace,” Mrs Katongo explained.

She said Mr. Kambwili was taken to police where he was advised and left to go.

Mr Kambwili arriving at Mansa Central Police
Mr Kambwili arriving at Mansa Central Police


  1. How exactly does a radio interview cause “breach of peace”?

    The police should keep a cool head and let the flop get airplay and fade away naturally. With their unnecessary aggression, they’re only creating a hero out of a zero.

    • Lungu is scared of impeachment! Ck started to talk about it and 5 minutes later the police appeared. But PF were saying the numbers were on their side.. why kutina now?

    • Where is the freedom of the press and expression? Actually, if CK is unreasonable, then let his unreasonableness be exposed by letting him speak. That way, people will vote on the basis of what they make of his message, otherwise, Govt is going to be deemed scared of CK, which I am compelled to think is the case.

    • Go on radio and address the real issues affecting the people of Zambia and no police will stop your interview simply because you are tackling problems that affect them as well. However, if you go on radio and start insulting, then call that freedom of expression then let’s go back to the of freedom of expression and begin from there. Let’s not replace the freedom of expression with freedom of insulting. The biggest problem we have in Zambia is to practice the politics of insults instead of issue based politics.

    • CK naiwe walipama . Nasumina biweekly Junior Cobra. Lungu and his minions underestimated you. Fix the thief.

      We know thick CK for his vile mouth. He can be a thorn in the flesh at times. But let’s first of all learn what he was talking about.
      How unfortunate this thick CK can be. First he was thrown out’a Ukusefya pa’ngwena then out’a Radio Station.
      I cannot defend thick CK for now.
      I thank you.

    • People who call Lungu a dictator should ask themselves again! Where in the world and particularly Africa you go on radio and start insulting the president in the name of freedom of the press?
      Zambians, what’s wrong with your thinking? The an!mal called Hh has really messed you up!

    • What was the insult? I live in South Africa and I have never heard of the police here stopping a broadcast yet Zuma was regularly insulted on the airwaves. Insults should be dealt with in civil courts. Police should be policing the streets not the airwaves

  2. Looks like CK has fully recovered. Police should just issue an arrest warrant, he will collapse again! Coward…..

  3. They say the good die young or perhaps leave earlier than we want them to. In Africa a popular president leaves office very unpopular, detested and hated by the very people who once looked at him as the “messiah “. KK in 91, FTJ in 2001…RB in 2011. If there is a leader or leaders in the history of Zambia who would have left with more popularity than on innaugutaton day, I would say Mwanawasa MHSRP and potentially Sata MHSRP. Is it true or may be we like to give too much credit to the departed? I feel Mwanawasa was heaven sent, to die for our country in office, doing good …but hated. Of course even Sata….but Look at our beloved ECL he left us with.

    • Is it a coincidence that any election in zambia hels in a year ending with 1 brings new? 1991 chiluba, 2001′ mwanawasa, 2011 sata am not sure of 2021. Just an observation

  4. Who is Kambwili and what does he represent? Has joined another mad man called HH? I sympathise with those who are allegedly led by these cronies.

  5. I thought by now that ECL would have taken Kambwili to court for defamation of character especially him having pets in the corridors of power like one David Simusamba the cadre or what ever his name is, this exercise would have been a straw in the park but looks like Plot one has serious skeletons in the closet.

  6. …Remembered from my thoughts as DR CM , what is the rhyme and resonance of our nation anthem ?… Free men and women we stand under the skies of mother Zambia … is bondage a chorus ???…cry the beloved Zambia

  7. Zambia Police should spend their energies listening to their rodger rodgers for serious crimes not listening to radio stations programmes in case someone mentions ECL’s name no thats the job of cadres and OP.

    • Wrong…press freedom does not mean insulting the presidency day in day out….its like insulting ones father regardly…

    • Lungu is Tasila and Madaliso’s father. It ends there. Why are you people constantly bestowing parenthood on politicians, don’t you have parents?

      How do your real parents feel when you do That? That is an insult of highest degree you can like on your own parents.

  8. synonyms of Anarchy : lawlessness, absence of government, nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, riot, rebellion, mutiny, disorder, disorganization, misrule, chaos, tumult, turmoil, mayhem, pandemonium… did this , really happen in Mansa???… just thoughts from DR CM

  9. Thank you LT.

    Covarage of Police intimidation and curtailing freedoms of expression is better news than covering empty tins like lusambo……

    How did CK insult lungu ? By saying lungu is afraid of impeachment is insulting him ??

  10. This story is incomplete. What exactly did Kambwili say which amounts to insult. Otherwise we will crucify an innocent man.

  11. iwe ka miss hepizosta, which South Africa are you talking about and which radio station would encourage hate speech? do not encourage hate speech just because you have been to South Africa where you were after all treated as a second class African. How did you feel to be treated that way. Always remember that most people who unintentionally killed another person did so after they were insulated or demeaned. I edge you to encourage CK to tell us what he intends to do for us and not compete with hh and his flower boy GBM.

  12. When Zuma was president a South African artist drew Zumas’ ntheno and publicly displayed it. There were comments for and against freedom of expression and so on and so forth. When Zuma saw the painting at an exhibition all he could say was that the painter got the size wrong, and it ended there. Compare this to what Kambwili and other politicians say about others especially the ruling elite, – thief, crook, corrupt, villageless,
    and you call these insults. The truth hurts at times or is it all the time. FREEDOM OF SPEECH, EXPRESSION A MUST FOR ALL

  13. I miss a ride by train from Ndola to Luanshya. Who dismantled the rail line? I though the monkeys were extinct in Mansa. Which primates was Kambwili addressing in Mansa ? He looks very healthy. We pray that his health will remain in top gear to enable him answer for his criminal charges in Court. Is this the calibre of a politician that Ba Kolwe would like to vote for as Republican President. God forbid. Kambwili, Kalaba, HH and Mulongoti should take a leaf on the current political landscape that has generated chaos in the DA camp. Let these four disciples of Trump analyse and ponder over the South African and Kenyan political landscapes.

  14. Can we have the recorded script in order for us to make informed opinions as to whether any insults were uttered? Stopping a radio interview from an opposition in itself already smacks of an interference in the freedom of expression and a crackdown on the independent media. The burden to justify such action by the police is huge. But in Zambia, it would appear the police are puppets tied with strings that lead to the ruling regime – to be used at their capricious whim.

  15. Insulting the president is not the answer freedom of speech is accepted but freedom of insult is not allowed in any civilized country

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