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Swedish business delegation arrives in Zambia for trade and investment opportunities


 Zambia's Ambassador to Sweden, Her Excellency Ms. Rose Salukatula
Zambia’s Ambassador to Sweden, Her Excellency Ms. Rose Salukatula

A delegation comprising 10 different business entities from Sweden is expected in Zambia tomorrow to learn and discover opportunities for trade and investment that exist in the country.

The delegation includes the world renowned transport solution provider, Scania, and ABB, a Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation operating mainly in robotics, power, heavy electrical equipment and automation technology areas.

The trade visit is a culmination of a series of planning meetings and a range of other collaborative efforts by the Swedish-Southern Africa Chamber of Commerce (SSACC), the Zambian Embassy in Stockholm and the Swedish Embassy in Lusaka.

Zambia’s Ambassador to Sweden, Rose Salukatula says it is impressive that well established companies in that country are interested in exploring Zambia’s business environment.

Ms. Salukatula urged the delegation to take advantage of the favourable investment climate in Zambia and ensure that they utilize the trip to establish firm relations that would translate into sustainable economic development for Sweden and Zambia.

“We are excited that we have been part of the efforts that have resulted into this business delegation comprising several companies of good international standing. Zambia is open for business and I want to encourage the business community to explore the huge potential that lies in our energy, infrastructure, tourism, agriculture and manufacturing sectors,”

Meanwhile, SSACC President, Åsa Jarskog said the delegation will be provided with an exclusive opportunity to meet high-level business representatives, SSACC local business partners and government representatives in order for them to grow their network.

Ms. Jarskog noted that the fully subscribed seminar on April 17th 2018 will cover essential first-hand information from government officials, private sector institutions and regulators as well as the business community.

The delegation will be part of a business seminar that will be held on Tuesday, 17th April this month under the theme ‘Doing Business in Zambia-Opportunities for Swedish and Zambian Companies.’

This is according to a statement issued to ZANIS by the Zambian Embassy in Sweden Counsellor, Nicky Shabolyo.


  1. We have too many “Excellencies.” What do they bring to the table? We are just still as poor and hungry today as we were yesterday.

    • @Mushota at least she dresses better than you! And she has brought a whole delegation unlike you relying on BB2016. How many years ago is that? Scotland no investors limbi Ka!

    • MB

      You to love to hate me – here is the thing I definitely for what its worth shop in high stores such as Debenhams, House of Fraser, Topshop H&M , the top end of the fashion Industry in the UK!

      The only thing she has on me , is that she is OLDER than me and has a percievably better job than me, I must add by Zambian standards.

      Besides places I shop I am dating a white man, is she?

      I dont want to go on, but I think thats a whitewash?

      At least me thinks!

      I am better than most Zambian women!



    • @Mushota the old white man you are dating is 62 years old! Even the skin is wrinkled! Ba Guy S has even better CV credentials as he was Veep. As for Nick make sure you are mentioned in his will otherwise it will be back to Kalinga Linga or ku ma benefits in Glasgow. As for Ambassador Salukatula, wachepa mwaiche! You now need artificial IV as poor Nick is not touching the right G spot!

    • 1.3 @ mushota

      “..Debenhams, House of Fraser, Topshop H&M , the top end of the fashion Industry in the UK!…”

      Hehehehe , you are hilarious …

    • Dating a white man is an achievement for Mushota,certainly she must have come from a poor and miserable family,with no values by the way its good you have thrown away that PHD nonsense

  2. Thank God that sly kaponya rat Anthony is no longer there in Sweden ….he would have followed these people all the way to Lusaka on the plane!!

  3. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” Says Sejani. This is good news to all well meaning Zambians but I know this is a bitter pill to swallow to the people in the tribal cult who only celebrate when bad things happen to our beloved country. They were happy and rejoiced when Micheal Sata died, they were happy when we had load shedding, they were happy when city marked was burnt down, they were happy when the Kwacha was depreciating, they were happy when the inflation was skyrocketing, they were happy when the price of Millie meal was increasing, they were happy when the copper prices on the world market were slumping, they were happy when the army worms destroyed our crops etc. In all these our GOD has been on our side to shame these unpatriotic and heartless human beings. HH A TICKING TIME…

    • My friend Siambwende. Looks like you are depressed by something. I presume the economy has had a puncturing effect on your life. I know you have insomnia but we are here to help you. You cannot hold such things to your chest and lead a normal life.

  4. Mushota you are a disgrace to the nation ati ‘ am dating a white man’ is that an achievement? wake up before its too late

    • Nine Chale …being dominated and colonized economically is not “good type of rolling “.Lets see Zambians investing big in Kenya, ZA …thats the right type of rolling.

  5. … Good move , I love the music from Sweden in the name of ABBA … brings to mind such songs as,Dancing Queen, Money, Money, Money, Knowing Me, Knowing You, Take a Chance on Me, Mammia Mia, Thank You for the Music, The Winner Takes it All…thoughts from DR CM …not to mention Volvo cars

  6. When are Zambian investors going around Afrika and Asia hunting for investment opportunities in engineering ,supermarket retailing and banking?

    Zambians are dull and encultured to self doubt unlike Kenyans,Nigerian and South Africans who’ve ventured around Africa investing heavilly in foreign lands.

  7. It’s not just about opening show rooms …..can we have GRZ input in guiding these people into establishing assembly plants atleast ???

  8. Under5s are shy to talk about this article but have shifted their insults to a fellow blogger mushota who has nothing to with the development kiki. Swallow your bitterness and just say something positive for once.

    • What is there to get excited?You think Swedish companies can waste their investments in an unstable political climate like Zambia ahead of Kenya, Botswana or Mauritius?Masr k my words, At the end of their tour they will be briefed by the Swedish ambassador about the high risk of investing in an undemocratic police state.

  9. Where did ECL get these so called excellencies with foreign names ? we dont have a zambian named Nicky Shabolyo and Ms. Salukatula they are ANGOLA OR MOZAMBIQUE Names please let the right ambassador report this tourism visit by SWEEDISH PIPO, who just came to see animals , nothing positive will come out from their meetings. SCANNIA would rather invest in CHINA or nigeria where they have a population and working Government NOT somalia Zambia

  10. Some people are just arm chair critics always talking evil against others. The good news is top investors are in the country to explore business opportunities in the country. This is exciting news and we just hope the best will come out of this interaction.

    • Truth,

      I entirely agree with you. We seem have Zambians who hate their own country with passion. Every time there seems to be some hint of good news like investors coming to Zambia they pour cold water on the whole thing and start ranting about how bad Zambia is as an investment destination compared to countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa! What type of Zambians are these?

  11. Truth,

    I entirely agree with you. We seem to have Zambians who hate their own country with passion. Every time there seems to be some hint of good news like investors coming to Zambia they pour cold water on the whole thing and start ranting about how bad Zambia is as an investment destination compared to countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa! What type of Zambians are these?

  12. I thought Swedes were good at forestry industries, anyway this ambassador looks better than most women in the UPND like bena Moono Lubezhi

  13. Some of the comments here are so childish….
    And since when did dating a white man become an achievement and something to brag about….hmmmmm….Smh.

  14. Mr.Mpondela with due respect I am requesting you to step down for failure to develop athletics in Zambia.What sports development are you talking about?Company fun run.The Commonwealth Games are taking place right now and its an embarrassment for a country like Zambia to miss out on the medals table.Look at Botswana.a country of just over two million population, yet so far they have 2 gold medals and a silver medal. Infight has played a big role in this disruption of athletics in Zambia. Please step down and allow those capable to revamp sports in Zambia.Twasebana bane pafula 2 0

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