Ballot Papers for Local Government by-elections arrive from Dubai

A folk lifter moves a parlet of ballot papers from the UNIPRINT warehouse on to the truck for transportation to King Shaka Airport

Ballot papers for the local government by-elections slated for 24thApril this month for all sixteen wards in the various districts have arrived in the country from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The arrival of ballot papers at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) this afternoon was witnessed by officials from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) and representatives of political parties.

Speaking after witnessing the arrival of ballot papers, United Party for National Development (UPND) member, Stephen Kapenda said his party was looking forward to the verification process tomorrow.

“We have witnessed the arrival of ballot papers and tomorrow we will witness the verification process at ECZ. But we are shocked to have seen a huge presence of police officers here for the first time, we only hope things will be ok,” said Mr. Kapenda.

And Patriotic Front Director at the Party Secretariat, John Phiri pointed out that his party was happy with the arrival of ballot papers in the country.

Mr. Phiri said his party only awaits the verification exercise tomorrow at ECZ offices.

He however, took a swipe at the UPND member, Stephen Kapenda who expressed concern with the tight security.

Mr. Phiri stated that it was disappointing to hear such a concern from UPND owing to the fact that ballot papers boarder on national security hence the need to safe guard them.

“As PF we are happy with the arrival of ballot papers but it is disappointing to hear UPND complain about the presence of police officers when they are the same people who condemn ECZ of not being independent when there is not enough security,” he said.

The wards where the Commission will conduct elections include Mudyanyama, Mushima, Kanongo, Kakoma, Kalebe, Mikunku, Luapula, Kansuswa.

Others are Ntumbachushi, Munwa, Chiweza, Chiwuyu, Mwanza East, Lealui, Kalilele and Nampundwe wards


    • These ECZ why not try government printers for these WARD elections?
      And why so many deaths among ward Councillors?

    • I agree that if they are serious about printing locally, they should have started with By-Elections. Even in schools we do mock exams before final exams. These should have bee mock exam type of elections to test the local printing capabilities.

  1. All these ballot papers should be printed in Zambia providing jobs for people but if PF thugs can maime NDC supporters at central police while police watch and smash radio stations hosting the opposition while police watch , what guarantee is there that the PF thugs won’t take over printing pre marked ballot papers while the same police watch ??

  2. Every Zambian alive must question themselves why we have to import printed papers 50+ years after independence? 16 million of us, damn!!!

    • Actually, they used to be printed locally at Government Printers.

      When the rigging narrative ceased to be folklore, measures taken consigned the printing abroad. Now not just abroad, but overseas. At the rate the narrative has intensified, a costly space ship will be launched to find a planet to print them!!

      These perennial losers should just own up so that decency returns and costly covers to hide the rejection are done away with. Govt Printers should just print these things on recycled paper made in Ndola.



  4. i don’t trust PF; the other day Lungu was saying that 2021 papers will be printed at government printers; why did they go to Dubai to print papers for the by-elections? did they want to make more kick backs before 2021?

    • Indeed, I thought they’d use the local gov bye-elections to test the government printers in readiness for 2021.

  5. No one can trust any GRZ printer where the police are powerless against and some times act with PF thugs to brutalise opposition….you see the lawlessness and corruption in all systems of governance caused by lungu has further costs for the country …… no can trust that lungus thugs will not take over printing in their desperation to hang on to power and people would rather printing is done else where……

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