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Zambian government rejected recommendations to recognise Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex relations

Headlines Zambian government rejected recommendations to recognise Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and...


THE Zambian government has rejected recommendations to recognise Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) relations from eight countries.

The eight countries that recommended that Zambia should allow the rights of LGBTI relationships are Honduras, France, Spain, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Argentina and Uruguay.

Human Rights Commission (HRC) spokesperson Mweelwa Muleya said Zambia’s cycle of the UPR was in November last year in Geneva.

Speaking during a Human Rights media workshop, in Choma Mr Muleya said that Zambia received a total of 203 recommendations during the UPR submitted from 78 countries.

Zambia accepted 183 recommendations made, representing a 90 percent acceptance rate.

A total of 20 recommendations were not turned down, including those urging the Government to recognise LGBTI relationships.

“Zambia rejected recommendations that it should protect the rights of lesbians, homosexual, transgender,” he said.

According to Mr Muleya, also rejected by Zambia were recommendations made by nine countries for Zambia to abolish the death penalty.

Others rejected were recommendations to guarantee provision of social services for refugees and free education for migrants.

He said Zambia also turned down recommendations to raise the minimum age for marriage to 21 as a bill to that effect was already before Parliament.

Among the accepted recommendations are the review of the Public Order Act, promotion of inclusiveness and also criminalization of torture.

Mr Muleya called on the media to be fearless in exposing all forms of violation of human rights.

The workshops attracted all media institutions based in Choma.


  1. Most countries promoting LGBTI relationships have on thing in common – their pioneer leaders that brought them freedom spent a lot of time in prisons. The desire for sex converted most of these respected pioneers into LGBTI relationships.
    This is mostly so with most of the South American countries.

    • Keep yapping and yapping.
      This country is morally bankrupt .
      Look at the number of teenage drinkers teenage pregnancies defilements. The level of sexual affairs amongst married couples. Immorality at parliament motel.the so called lodges which are mere brothels. Homos3xuality in prisons.
      I haven’t even started on corruption, lies, and theft!
      Then you want to talk about putting what where?

    • But in prisons, gayism is allowed. How hypocritical of zambian govt.

      My light skinned & fat workmate was jailed in remand for 3 months. He got “married” by force to a cell captain & even had a wedding inside the cell. He was shaved behind & pumped from behind that nite and the rest of his time in jail.

    • Surely we need to revisit our laws. Why imprison somebody for life because he/she is gay? What a harsh law. If you are true christians you should be able to eradicate this by prayer. Bring the person possessed with a spirit of gay and pray for them. They should be able to change if your faith is that of Paul or Peter in the bible. So many sins in Zambia ranging from Stealing, corruption, whitchcraft name a few but not the least.
      There are many gay people in Zambia but hide so basically just like there are many thieves who hide yet they steal, and so there is gay people.
      Yes I disagree that a man and another man should marry but not jailing.

    • Salutation mama Zambia for rejecting a call for Perversion!!
      God calls homosexuality an abomination (Leviticus 18:22) (Leviticus 20:13).
      In this Leviticus the Bible straight-up says that homosexual behavior is an abomination. Furthermore, it says that homosexuals should receive the death penalty (!!!).
      When people turn away from God (Romans 1:26-27)
      It says,”Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones; in the same way, men committed shameful acts with other men and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.” says the Book of Life.

    • LGBTI relationships or homosexuality and sodomy are sinful, excessive, lustful, and against God’s law period. Absolutely no apologetic. Very proud of our faith values and covenant.

    • Fyabupuba. I know this stance taken by the government is been opposed by UPND who are in the habit of opposing everything the government does. All the opposers on this issue are upnd, it’s just because they’re afraid of losing popularity otherwise we were going to be hearing about taking the government to court or UN or amnesty international by their leaders over this issue. Even the male dog knows the female dog why should we sink so low that even the dog or cat will be laughing at us humans. The male dog is jumping on the female dog iwe we muntu pamatako ya mwaume munobe. Amafi yekayeka.

    • Let me congratulate my Government for taking the religious steps on refusing to grant such demonic groupings rights of sinning.The moment such sins are allowed,then there will be national apostasy which can bring about national disasters.
      Bakateka wesu cawama tukalelala insala ukucilo kupoke ndalama shamilopa kuba senshi bafyalo.

    • @Maloza, don’t tell us lies ya maloza, if you don’t know what happens in jails stop and learn from those that know. There is no cell, jail or prison that allows the rote going on in your head in Zambia. Boza muleke baba!!!!!!!!

  2. If it means to recognize the above mentioned abnormalities in people, they should also include pedophilia people. They too needs freedom to operate on kids. U cannot recognize one abnormality and reject the other.

    They all belong to one category. “Abnormal people “

  3. The dilemma is whether I have to surrender my gay son to Police to be locked up for good? Yet my family and friends love him just as I do myself. He is highly talented with outstanding academic achievements. Why give someone the right to condemn such a human being? Our only thoughts now are for him to leave his own country to live in another country. His own country has rejected him. He has to be a refugee out of no fault of his own.

    • @ Dem, as much as your son is highly talented, the possibilities are he is highly talented in bed too, your suggestion is of high standard,for your sons sake, take him were such abnormalities are accepted, Zambia as a Christian nation follows it’s Christian values, only if God created Adam and Mark then we wouldn’t be having this conversation, only if Noah’s ark accepted two identical species by sexxx or if the bible said marriage is between man and man, I wouldn’t even bother replying to you, having sexualll feelings towards a same sexxxxx is not love, it’s sickness, bulwele, kupena, that’s being mentally challenged, for your sons sake take him to where these abnormalities are accepted, just not here.

      Message approved

  4. Bravo to the government for rejecting abnormal laws in our nation, nature has its own laws, accepting gay and lesbiansm in our nation is not so different as accepting to see a male lion do another male lion, just because we are the highest ranked thinking species on earth doesn’t give us the right to accept annnnal sexxxxx. Matter of fact I would support tightening laws on anyone found engaged in such behavior like gbms daughter.

    I’m breaker, I’m transcendent and I approve this message

  5. What about my daughter is a burglar who steals a lot from rich people’s houses. She is well liked and gives a lot to her family and those who know her among family friends. Everyone thinks very highly of her. Should we inform the police about her activities for fear of becoming complicity?


  7. Useless politians, uneducated and unproductive industries and people, bambi even quoting religious scriptures from religions forced on our ancestors by foreign devils we spend time caring who someone has sex with kwena ndalila lyonse

  8. Who ever, among leaders will advocate for such in Zambia will be his ending. GOD created man and woman period. Besides the same gay people adore having children at a latter stage. What does this mean?

  9. Human beings a re a very hopeless lot at times. Seriously busy making noise about wanting to allow men bum other men and women doing each other? Surely there are other and better things to use your energies on people.

    • So all these is because of Socialist Party???!!! I thought Membe was a saint and meant what he edited in the Post newspaper. This is true madness! Interesting indeed. A person run away only to come back more confused because kufilila munsenga? Awe bane. We can not all become Presidents better still mortgage your morals just to get to plot one to become rich. Unfortunately, it is too late baba for Socialist Party!!!!! Wynter thank you. Apa pena wabomba yewe!!!!

  10. The gays and all those practising odd sex are humans with medical conditions!They need help and one therapy is through hormones.Some it is a spiritual matter and need prayers.You cannot legalise sickness as normal no.Please people it is not true that when you have a different sex orientation you are going to jail no! WHEN YOU PRACTICE IT then you will go in! We do love our brothers and sisters who have unfortunately found themselves in this dilema by nature just as sickle cell and other related diseases may occur in a family. These friends should be respected as humans but should not champion their sickness as a platform to spread it and make it look natural.There cases of nymphomania,kleiptomania etc these are conditions which can be reversed and similarly gayism is reversible.

  11. This Topic should be made a National debate. We say we are a Christian Nation and only support “Straight Relationships) Or “Heterosexual Relationships” When most people are sleeping around more than WILD Animals , no sense of self control and dignity !One person having more than 1 sexual partner, when they are either married or single. LUST is allover. Who is sinning the most here GAYS ,LESBIANS OR HETEROSEXUALS? You tell me! IF you ask me there is no difference. As long as their is no self sexual control or any kind of self control, animal will continue to be better than us. We are all doomed. Only God can judge us now.

  12. What is important is to understand that as a people in Zambia, we do not approve of homosexual behaviour and this is further entrenched by our Christian values. Every nation or group of people have values, beliefs, and traditions that define them. The Americans refer to this as their way of life and usually go to war when their way of life is threatened.
    As Zambians all we ask for is for others to respect our way of life. Practise those things in your countries and allow us to be Zambians. If we abandon our way of life to embrace yours we cease to be Zambian and become you. That is called colonisation of way of life.
    There are a lot of things you do that we frown upon but as long as they are done outside our country, we will not change your way of life.
    For Zambians who shun our way…

  13. No matter how real the feelings are, for a man for his fellow man or a woman for another woman it will never be right to have same-sex intimacy. Never should the Zambian government allow that. We can copy other things from other countries but certainly not homosexual acts

  14. Let me commend the Government for taking this bold step not to accept this evil, disgusting and detestable dogma of perversion.It’s ungodly and against the values and beliefs of Zambians.We should not lose or compromise our morals for political interest.Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord Almighty.The fact that there are a few people practicing this act shouldn’t be a guarantee to accept it.If you’re a parent hypothetically speaking and one of your daughters behaviour is unconscionable, you cannot allow the rest of your daughters to be sluts.No! You’ll condemn the act to the core.Thats what the Government is doing.

  15. no need to argue,,,,,,, this homosexual thing in Zambia cannot be allowed. those practicing this evil thing are children of lucifa and they will go with him to hell. we need prayers as Zambia to curb this vice.

  16. Let what’s wrong be called by its name “Wrong” no two ways. We can’t allow our society to be reduced to this low level of reasoning, promoting homosexual rights??

    We shouldn’t even be getting such recommendations in the first place, Government needs to boldly explicitly come out and set a proper examples against those wanting other wise We risk having foreigners (external beliefs) recommending that we should start sleeping with corpses!

  17. LGBT rights are there, LGBT zambian citizens have the right to education, employment, and according to the law of torture, mental torture which is the same as descrimination should not be exercised on these people. The only thing not allowed is gay marriage.

  18. We say we are a Christian Nation and only support “Straight Relationships) Or “Heterosexual Relationships” When most people are sleeping around more than WILD Animals , no sense of self control and dignity !One person having more than 1 sexual partner, when they are either married or single. LUST is allover. Who is sinning the most here GAYS ,LESBIANS OR HETEROSEXUALS? You tell me! IF you ask me there is no difference. As long as their is no self sexual control or any kind of self control, animal will continue to be better than us. We are all doomed. Only God can judge us now. Why get concerned with what this SHUBA man is doing? This is his choice and his life ;Am sure his ready to deal with the consequences of his sexual orientation.Its between him and God, you just worry about

  19. A christain nation is a nation that completely follows bliblical values all the way and not half way. where in the bible does it say consexual heterosexual sex is acceptable by God. The religious minister should change the law that allows consexual sex. zambia is a christain nation all the way and not halfway

  20. We will be reporting all kinds f human rights violations including descrimination by herosexuals all because they know about your sexuality. we will be reporting all LGBT persons jailed because of thier sexual orientation. we will be reporting descrimination from work places, schools, universities and hospitals. every unfair treatment by the public should be reported. no one deserves to live a painful life inflicted by others. all are equal before God.

    • Report to who? go to countries that promote this nonsense as for Zambia its a no go area for LGBT. These people are sick in the head, to quote Robert Mugabe’s words “they are worse that dogs”.

  21. Good One! Zambia stay strong! say no to LBGT. It sad to know that there is a party here in Zambia that is sending young boys and girls from poor families to Brazil to be exposed to these immoral habits. Please people do not get swayed by these people who have sold there souls with the hope of gaining wealthy.

  22. You don’t change rules bcoz most people are failing to obey them. You fall into relativism. Homosexuality is intrinsically evil. Even if the whole world can fall for it. The western world is using relativism to deconstruct our sound moral values. What makes something right is not the number of people that are doing it. Even if all the people in the world became homo, or les. It will still remain evil. Why can’t we regalise murder since many people are being killed, defilement because many are defiling. Tafilepanga sense

  23. Spaka and Jay Jay are quiet. Why? Since they are pathologically dedicated to condemn anything to do with this government, no matter how good, they are probably working on a mechanism to find faults with the government’s move to reject gay rights. Lol!

  24. All of us know that witchcraft and theft exist in our society and both are evil but do we allow them? The answer is a categorical NO.So similarly we know that homosexuality exists and is evil too. Why should we allow it?


  26. A national “amnesty” should be called for all pathological sexual perverts and degenerates to come forward for REHAB. They have a right to be helped spiritually, psychologically and medically so they can be panel beaten into normal people. We have the institutions for this with the church at the helm. Anything that is against the order of nature cannot constitute a right. It is a malady, a disorder that needs correction or treatment. Zambia cannot support the encouragement of sickness. Such people need healing in spirit, body and soul. It all starts with surrendering one’s life to God. Jesus can turn your situation around. The fallen nature of man, with its master mind the devil, is responsible for what you are right now and the creator can recreate your whole person to normality.

  27. Fred Mmwembe is so disappointed. Zambia is not a country that allows ifya patako, and when that boy Patrick Sumba Wakanda Zulu visits Zambia is going to be locked up for practicing homosexuality. It doesn’t matter whether he did in the USA or Canada as long as he is Zambian he supposed to uphold our Christian values.

    Patrick Shumba you are a curse!!!! Jail is waiting for you here upon your return. ifya pamako ukokwine not here!!!

  28. Great, this is wonderful we are a Christian Nation let us not hear to those who calling for ungodly things in this Country.

  29. It does not mean if a country is a Christian Nation then it should allow wrong things to be done. Some people are talking about corruption, sexual immorality and many other things. Those things are not legal. People do them because of their own fleshly desires. If you sleep with someone’s wife and you are caught you will be arrested because it is forbidden to do so. Should the government legalise that because people are doing it?

  30. But we all know Lungu is having some on the backside of Ambassador Mukwita while with Nkandu Luo it’s pretty much anything goes through virtually all holes on her body, natural or man made! And yet these are the chaps dictating what flies, my foot. Lock them up in Chimbokaila for a month so they see what’s happening in Z!

  31. Guys, this Christian nation tag is a fooling masquerade, honestly, it’s blasphemous to the great god that such a Soddom and Gomorrah can declare itself a Christian nation! You have a kleptomaniac alcoholic president wedded to adultery & torturing adversaries, he is Lucifer and you’re in hell!

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