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HH formally writes to UN Secretary General to complain against Janet Rogan

Headlines HH formally writes to UN Secretary General to complain against Janet Rogan


UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has formally written to UN Secretary General, Antonio Gutierrez on what he has termed as the unbecoming conduct of UN Resident Coordinator, Janet Rogan.

Mr. Hichilema’s deputy press secretary Brian Mwiinga has confirmed to Q-News that the UPND leader has outlined a catalogue of how Ms. Rogan has allegedly interfered in Zambia’s politics.

Mr. Hichilema has further accused Ms. Rogan of being partisan and discarding UN’s core principle of neutrality.

He has also challenged Ms. Rogan to release the post elections reports which he says documented the flaws of the electoral process and has specific recommendation on how such flaws could be remedied.

The UPND leader has since copied his letter to among others the British High Commissioner, Irish embassy, European Union and American Embassy.

And Information Minister Dora Siliya has advised the opposition UPND to tone down on their wild allegations against the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) resident representative Janet Rogan whilst seeking a meeting with her.

Siliya said that it not going to help the UPND to go to town dressing down Rogan whilst seeking answers from her.

She said that some of the allegations raised against Rogan were so vile they could embarrass Zambia in the eyes of the international community.

The UPND has been at crossroads with Rogan over the alleged failure to publish the conflict structure vulnerability report for the 2016 general elections.

Being a diplomat Rogan has had little window to respond to the savage political attacks.

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    • The problen lies in the similarities between the letters. UPND and UNDP. HH probably thinks that ms logan heads a parallel political party and she might take over his party and become the 2021 prefered candidate.

    • The UN has been very complicity many a times in conflict in Africa, they fail to identify early warning signs . But for how long will donors to the UN condone this? Rogan must go

    • HH has reached a stage were he considers even his shadow a threat to his political ambitions. Very dangerous

  1. Just publish the report we see for ourselves what’s in there then we will make better judgment. Why is she failing to do so beats me?

  2. She is a PF cader.

    In not releasing the report and attending all PF functions like a dedicated PF cader, in her mind she thought this might be beneficial for these Africans as it lowers the tension , but she is unwittingly entrenching the corruption and misrule of the corrupt theif lungu.

    • Ms Scotland is probably disappointed with this guy. Today she is meeting veep wina who will explain to her about the conducts of the hh.

  3. Even if she is a diplomat, she can still respond when attacked. she has a public relations office who should have issued a statement by now. why is that its the PF defending her instead of the UN?

  4. I doubt that complaints against the senior UN official are justified. I can see interest in dragging UN into the headlines to gain mileage. This is strange as UN needs support from opposition political parties in order to promote democracy, rule of law and goo governance. What went wrong again? It is not clear what evidence was made available for such drastic steps to be executed. Addressing concerns to the senior diplomat in person would have been more appropriate than involving the UN officials in New York. There seems a problem understanding the role of the government of the day and the role of opposition political parties in a democracy. Issues of peace, stability, security seem to be sacrificed to gain political mileage. This is unfortunate. Remember, what goes round comes around.

    • “….in order to promote democracy, rule of law and goo governance. …”

      Do you know what good governance means ? Is hacking NDC supporters at central police with pangas good governance ? Is banning NDC from meeting and talking to people in CB good governance ? Where was the UN ?

    • Is beating up PF members in Monze opposition check and balance of the Government?
      Surprisingly NO UPND cadre is talking about!

  5. @ Bamwine. I am sure Rogan or the UN will give their response. What I am failing to get from HH camp is exactly and categorically how U.N. Rogan ‘helped’ PF to win 2016 elections. The accusation that she meets too often with PF is immature (to put it mildly) because the PF members she meets are government officials with whom the UN works. Are we supposed to accuse the UN of having been meeting too often with MMD and UNIP in retrospect? This is unbelievable.

    • @Spaka like lilo, You are just recommending for a promotion for Rogan because all you are saying is that she is always working hard if you actually see her at State house all the time. Free of charge recommendation to her boss.

    • @8.1 Spaka.. What if she is at State house trying hard to convince Lungu and his colleagues to level the political playing field which is also what UPND and HH are crying for??

    • Spaka so you want her to go to new Kasama House? Logic my friend should prevail over zealous support for a political party. If she’s frequenting the PF secretariat, then you’ve got the right to complain. Even the UN Secretary General will just laugh his head off. He’ll just wonder whether HH is the head of state or has simply run loco.

  6. Why respond to an opposition party. An opposition party does not represent anyone it represents the leader. in this case Nawakwi or hh

  7. @ Dr. Makasa Kasonde. You are on point. I suspect strongly that no such evidence exists. UPND are basing their displeasure with Rogan on the said ‘failure’ to release post-election report (a preserve of the UN!)her alleged meetings with PF (who happen to be government officials!) and some email correspondence between Rogan and UN-New York around HH motorcade fiasco (her job as diplomat!).

    • The report is now circulating in public domain and if the contents do not not bother you, then there is no hope for Zambia. The starting point is for this country to unite for common purposes by respecting human rights rule of law and respect for one another.

    • Reports are released according to the terms of reference. If the TORs stated that the report would be released for public scrutiny, then a justification would be needed for failing to do so. In this case, it is likely that the report was not released in conformity with diplomatic practices. Like a chess game, then opposition game outcome was checkmate. We went for re-run, checkmate. The winner is the people’s choice, not necessarily a moral or ideal choice. Democracy is an ethical system but a moral dilemma. Majority can make a moral omission. However, democracy is better than dictatorship morality. There can be no guarantee that losers of today will be winners of tomorrow.

  8. Way to go, HH. We all know there is a genuine and well-documented conflict between PF and UPND, albeit non-violent, so isn’t UN supposed to be the master in conflict resolution whenever a situation presents itself and thereby prevent a volatile situation from getting worse?
    By refusing to meet HH-UPND in the manner she did i.e. just shut the door in their face like they are children, without giving an alternative date or something, is UNDP Zambia country Representative Janet Rogan reacting in the best interest of UN conflict resolution strategy or not? Is this woman equal to the task? Would she have reacted the same way if it was in a European Country involved? or is she treating all Zambians as dumb people?


  10. The record 5 losses have made Kainde mad!!plus now he surely believes that 2016 was his last real chance because a lot of prominent politicians supported him and also those who hate PF in 6.5 provinces had no option on a ballot,so they ended up voting for HH.but now in 2021 voters in PF strongholds will have options in Kambwili and Harry Kalaba, a thing which will put an end to Kainde’s dreams of becoming a first tonga president in Zambia!!THESE FACTS HAVE SUNK INTO KAINDE’S MIND,HENCE BEHAVING LIKE A CHAINAMA PATIENT!!Look Kainde,UN deals with the head of the states and not opposition chairmen.so your letter will just be thrown into a dust bin at UN offices in New York as nobody knows Kainde there!!

    • Your UN PF cader is going……i expect her to last no more than 1 year in Zambia.

      Why is she indulging in PF activities ? Lungu deported the Cuban diplomat for attending a party function ……

  11. When the UN representative compiles reports on whichever assignment, they submit such reports to the UN HQ where they are subjected to scrutiny and that’s for the UN to take measures if necessary. These reports cannot be published on demand by the opposition or government before the UN HQ can study them. Even UPND itself there are things they cannot publish, for example their source of funds. So don’t mislead people not all findings by UN organisations can be made public.

  12. The UN does not take HH seriously. They know he has lost elections a record five times and cry baby who blame everyone else for his losses except him self. Has HH published the Parallel voter tabulation PVT that UPND conducted in 2016 to the public. Off course not because it equally shows that he lost. This Akainde is holding the country at ransom. HH get it to your thick scalp, majority of Zambians hate you.

    • “…Has HH published the Parallel voter tabulation PVT that UPND conducted in 2016 to the public…”

      He wanted to publish it in the petition court case, lungu refused…..

    • Spaka, Spaka, Spaka my friend I admire your loyalty to your leader. Hope you also follow him in his grave when he goes to join his ancestors.

  13. “Being a diplomat Rogan has had little window to respond to the savage political attacks.” He thinks she would take over the reigns come 2021. UPND and UNDP just look similar!!!! and he has a point on this matter!!!

  14. HH is suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Losing 5 general elections in a row has left him shell shocked. His mental state needs evaluation.

    • Please save him from a nervous breakdown in 2021. Put ka Mwetwa instead to stand so he can lose for the first time. At least it will only be once for him and he can stand that. Mwati ni 5+1=6 times. It will be too much for HH. Don’t say we didn’t warn you ba UPND.

  15. Can someone educate me on this one. HH writes the UN Secretary General. As who? Te soni that the woman just shredded their request to meet him. How will the UN entertain this knowing that we have a UN representative from the Zambia as a Nation.

  16. Ms Janet Rogan has been in good books with HH and of late she has been having private visits to State house, the thing that has left SAD and BITTER. This time around HH has developed psychological challenges as a result his is as good as a wounded buffalo. He needs strong political counselors to take up his plight. He has 5 times recorded a lose of elections and his is spending a lots of money sponsored by ANGLO America SA. More worse, he has accepted psychologically that through ballot boxes he can’t win general elections. However, his anger increasingly day and night and has resulted in to his frustrations to the point of attacking anything.

  17. @ Obatala. I have read the report over and over searching for where and how it amounts to UN helping PF win 2016 elections but to no avail. The circulating report points several already known weaknesses in our electoral system. That information is hardly new. But how that information in UN report amounts to UN helping PF is a mystery to me. I am seriously worried for badala & Co-very strange logic. Who can you serious like that?

  18. I had a dream in which HH was given 6 months in which to pay back the money he borrowed money for campaigns. He assured them that he would pay very soon because he’s resurrected the petition. But the guys were running out of patience so they told him that they will sue him to pay back the money in a London court. His next plan? Pretend to be mad and incapable. So he resorted to all kinds of rantings. Then I woke up due to a cockcrow and realized it was just a dream. I am looking for Joseph of Egypt to interpret the dream for me.

  19. The first time Hichilema met the British High Commissioner and the American Ambassador was at a function organized by Ompie Nkumbula Liebenthal, the person he had hounded out of the UPND on mere suspicions that she supported Saki. It’s when I knew that he’s short of wisdom

  20. HH you are not in government but just a leader of some tribal party you run like your own company how in your in senses do your expect UN to address your personal agenda.stop embarrassing our country

  21. “ONLY A TONGA MUST LEAD UPND” Says Sejani. HH does not mean well for Zambia he is a very destructive character bent on tarnishing the image of this UN envoy to Zambia. Whoever does not agree with HH becomes an enemy of HH and his tribal cult UPND. He has now added Janet to the diary of his enemies. This strategy of confronting anyone in his bid to go to the state house is not healthy politically for this country. HH now knows that he cant win the presidency through the ballot paper hence this madness. HH is power hungry and a desperate man such that he is becoming a danger to this country. HH A TICKING TIME BOMB TO ZAMBIA’S PEACE & SECURITY just mark my words they shall come to pass in 2021.

  22. I had a dream that someone had been sued in a London court for failing to honor his part of an agreement. …to win the 2016 election. The sponsors are not interested in the 2021 elections because there’s no guarantee that the sponsored person may live to that time or be able to win the election.

  23. Cry baby, where is Garry nkombo to take over b4 someone is admitted to chainama, pls your excellence Ecl continue producing better, massive development so that someone will have sleepless nights in Jesus name

  24. Mwebantu, HH is very right, he is actually showing us that this is the man who want to rule Zambia, with all his weird mannerism.Forgive him pliz !!!

  25. No single country has ever been built on INSULTS, day in day out. Foundation of insults, disrespect etc can never take a nation forward, what a shame. Righteousness builds a nation but SIN is a disgrace to any people.

    • U ar ryt..He who watches over His pipo sha laugh n bring the evil devices against His pipo to nothing… Jst watch hw God will bring down everyone planning evil devices against His chosen nation Zambia as was declared by our late forefathers chiluba and his team

  26. Prof. HaNdulo: “Badala, you wrote a letter to the UN on a University letterhead? Hahaha!”
    “Yes, Badala, I did!” Prof. Hansoni.
    “What was the point, Badala?” Prof. Handulo. “To make a point and emphasis, Badala!” Prof. Hansoni.
    Prof. HaNdulo, “But that Badala, showed that the University was stating its position on Zambia, Hahaha!”
    Prof. Hansoni, “That was the point Badala, the UN has to know that educated Zambians don’t want this ‘corrupt’ (code word for NON-TONGA) government!”
    Prof. HaNdulo, “I think they got it that you are a supporter of Hazaluza Hagain!” Prof. Hansoni, “That is the point Badala, SUPPORT your local team mudala! The UN can’t tell! If you write our local bodies they will know why! HH is the only person who can and must lead Zambia, Badala!”

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