Sunday, March 3, 2024

Sunday Interview With Stephen Kampyongo



  1. If kapoyongo did not have a boss who is a corrupt theif , he would be a very good custodian of Zambias wellbeing……

    But because lungu is too corrupt and immoral with zero integrity kapoyongo is draged into illigal activities to pleas lungu.

  2. @Spaka like lilo, youth is wasted on the young lease look inside yourself and figure out what you want out of life. You are in a depressive realism hence you keep on insulting the President on pseudo and false grounds.

    • Lungu is being called a corrupt theif every day in Zambia , I am just repeating what is in the public domain….let him come out and deny that he is a not corrupt theif.

    • As a leader, who’s potraite is displayed in front of all schools and now even on school books don’t you think lungu should have taken time to deny the allegations that he is a corrupt theif ?

      Is it a wounder now the corruption and immorality is on the raise with a so called president who thinks being called a corrupt theif without addressing those allegations is ok ??

      He is a corrupt theif until he comes out and addresses those allegations….the youth of Zambia can not be emulating some one who thinks nothing of being called a corrupt theif…

  3. watching prime tv news my heart had to bleed for my mother zambia where the officer incharge allowed apermit for NDC to have ameeting and letter he went there claiming that i am canciling the permit. that proved that he recieve instructons from somewhere and that didnt show and profesionalism. it was a real sign of DICTATORSHIP. I felt pit for the offcer how he was fighting to get the permit back coz he was like fighting for his life.

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