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I have No Intention of Seeking to Become President of Zambia-Inonge Wina


VICE-President Inonge Wina
VICE-President Inonge Wina

Vice President Inonge Wina has announced that she has no intentions of seeking election to the office of the presidency in Zaqmbia.

Featuring on recorded BBC Focus on Africa recorded television program in London this morning, Mrs. Wina charged that she has no presidential ambitions.

Vice President Wina categorically told the TV presenter Sophie Ikenye that seeking the presidency was not her priority.

“I think time has come for me to pass on the baton to the younger generation. We have done our part,” Mrs. Wina stated.

She explained that she is content with the vice presidency position and will continue focusing on her duties.

Vice President Wina stated that she has done her part in offering national service and as such the younger generation should to take up the mantle of leadership in the country.

Vice President Wina however said she will consider taking mentorship programme for women in order to encourage them to aspire high in life.

“It is important for us to groom other women, especially the young ones. And mentoring is one of the strategies we are using in Zambia ensure that we bring up new women who will be leaders our country. So count me in the mentoring sector not aspiring to be president,” she said.

Mrs. Wina further advised women in the country to be proactive and strive to achieve attain gender equity in society.

She observed that the fact that she is no presidential ambitions should not discourage other women from seeking public office.

“This should not dump the spirit of those young women to be there (leadership positions). I think they have a lot to offer. And our (African) countries should realize that a leadership by a woman will means a lot for the development of Zambia and other countries,” Vice President Wina said.

Meanwhile, Vice President Wina has disclosed that Zambia is on course in combating the high cases of early marriages in the country.

She said it is for this reason that the government is determined to protect and promote the rights of girls and women across all spheres in the country.

The Vice President Wina is London representing President Edgar Lungu at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in the United Kingdom.

The Commonwealth summit started on Monday and ends this Friday and is being held under the theme, ‘Towards a Common Future’.


  1. This is another reason why Old Hen Bo Inonge should never have been Veep and why Lazy Lungu chose her simply a token vote!!

    • She is not as good as Lungu Who in my honest opinion is the best president we have ever had.

      She should retire.

      I don’t know how – but she seems like she is either Tonga or lozi. Which is even worse.



    • How are you.
      Do you know God? If yes how do you know him?
      Read some few note bellow!
      God created everything Genesis 1:1, and it was perfect (good)! Genesis 1:31. Then people sinned against God Genesis 3. After some years one man by the name of Abraham became Gods friend according to James 2:23 and God blessed him, his children and all his offspring’s who were told to do Gods will. Because to God if our Parents or ancestors sin then we are also sinners and we deserve punishment Exodus 20:5.
      So since our fathers sinned and we have all sinned (obviously we have done something wrong before). God is annoyed and we deserve to be punished and the punishment is of death. Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” but still God…

    • I simply love that Inonge whole heartedly.
      Now to tell us she don’t want to be president is way beyond betrayal to Zambians.
      Then let her give us a signal which woman can be president… Give us a signal mama.

    • but still God loves people (us) instead of killing us all he said let someone pay for them who was his son. Who was and still is righteous so that he exchange his righteousness for the sins of the world (us) as John 3:16 state “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
      So now we have a role to play according to John that is to believe in the righteous son of God as the redeemer of our sins then we will escape the wrath of God. That is the only way!
      After we believe one day Jesus will come back and take those who believe to a place which will be perfect as that of the beginning John 14:3- so before he comes we need to read is word (the Bible) and learn how he wants us to live while waiting.

    • “…she has no intentions….”

      It is exactly this attitude that has enabled vicious and cruel foreigners to take control of Zambia and rule it ruthlessly. Since independence indigenous Zambians have shunned the presidency allowing Malawians, Congolese, Tanzanians and now this Mutaware who only God knows where he comes from. When are people going to wake up?

    • Do you believe Jesus Now? If so pray as follows.. “Dear God, I believe in your son that he died for my sins and all my inherited sins and I accept him as my savior. Amen”
      If you prayed that prayer please find a bible believing church and learn more about this Jesus

    • She can only become a baby sitter after Mutawale is impeached according to the constitution they raped and mutilated in order to keep foreigners in our GRZ illegally like they kept illegal ministers illegally. Stupid *****s.

    • This woman also..cant she just retire from politics and take a well deserved rest…You have enough money Bo Inonge just relocate to Lealui and rest

    • @Jayjay. Here you go again with your derogatory and disrespectiful comments. I dare not think your mother is a hen. Such language comes from a fractured upbring. But like I said last time, your mind has reached a stage of cognitive distortion in which you only see terror and darkness. You see nothing wrong with the negative comments you make on daily basis. I, a doctor, see the deterioration of your mental health. I doubt you live a fuller happier life. Please give my advice a serious thought. You sound intellegent, don’t waste it.

    • @Mushota she is better than you 30 years ago! Anyway, ba Lungu said the same thing before he ”tasted” the power! Or to put it more bluntly as one FTJ said”I didn’t know this position is so sweet”! But let’s give her a rest for god’s sake!

    • Chagwa, fearing to meet that woman from the Commonwealth hence chickening out…ni bambuli ba Chagwa bena….

    • Mama Wina people will respect You if you Step Down NOW. These young excited stupid boys you work with have finished our country. Don’t be part of their Failure. You have done your PART as you cited?? Please Resign before the end of the YEAR.

    • Simply put while the rest of Zambia would have no problem were she to ascend to or seek the presidency the major issue would arise with how she would have to fit in with the royal establishment of Bulozi being one of the Litunga’s subject.

    • There is no place in this intellectual world for a fruitful discourse with Mushota because she is a wasted semen. She should have given chance to that semen which oozed and tricked down between her mother’s bums

    • I am sure she had no intention of seeking the vice-presidency either. But look where she is. Some things, just keep quiet and wait for the signal

    • Assif
      Those are not words of a mature woman,they are words of either a coward or a sellout as Malema calls them.Under the new constitution the Veep is protected from being a pupet.Did this woman not see how Mrs Banda in Malawi accounted for herself so well,she refused to be part of State capture by the ruling party after the death of the former president Mbingu wa Mutarika.If Lungu was to be impeached she would be used even by Lungu himself to protect himself.We have seen a lot of transgressions from Lungu and his cabal and this woman has been quiet.Even when she followed her conscious and voted for retirees to be paid when queried she was apologetic.She has betrayed the nation and if she left it would be good riddance.

  2. Yes Bomaa Inonge!! You MAY BE thinking like that BUT in our country, A FEW Presidents had no intentions like you are putting it BUT CIRCUMSTANCES made them Presidents: Levy, Ruphia Banda,Edgar Lungu. Levy was handpicked by FTJ while Banda and Edgar “inherited”the presidency after the death of the incumbents. Circumstances of PURE POLITICS and LAW could force you to become President!! As a VICE, please prepare for any eventuality!!

  3. She is one of the most wise women we have in Africa, indeed she has done alot for this country, firstly as she was the wife to the late political veteran, Mr Arthur Wina.

    • Wise in what way by being a passive ceremonial figure….just seating there whilst the rats are stealing…if she has zero ambitions she has more of a better chance fighting corruption what has she got to lose?

    • I respect Madam Inonge and she is free to aspire for any office in the land. unfortunately, the entire crew of ECL and Bo Inonge have no clue. We probably deserve better. Thanks.

  4. Mushota nyo yahao inyafuta mabuku kanamunungu tuwe! Just what the hell has her being Tonga or Lozi got to do with anything, are Tongas and Lozis not as Zambian just like any other Zambian? It’s that kind of gutless tribal bigotry that is fueling secessionist sentiments in Barotseland, North Western and now Southern Province. This country is without doubt a failed enterprise and the sooner we part ways the better. Katangese pygmies like you Mushota can go and link up with Kabila in Ituri Forest, you apes have caused enough trouble na busakala bwenu!

    • @ Ngombala: Charles Darwin must be turning in his grave to know that there is one Ngombala an alien from outer space who is not a product of evolution. Just speaking for Charles Darwin. I don’t believe in evolution and Ngombala must know that unlike him from outer space I am not an ape and have no monkey past, but am a creation of God crowned with glory and honour.

    • Ngombala mwa lwahanga bati. waheusu, ukalukisize kana ka lisholi kange Mushota. luitumezi luna bana ba Barotseland.

  5. @ zambiaisors….. Levy had intentions of becoming a President and he even challenged Chiluba in 1996 during the MMD convention in Kabwe. Get your facts right.

    • @8 Tolo Tiger, that was in 1996… what was he doing between 1996 and 2001?? He was NOT even an active member participating in the political life of the country!! He tried once, failed in MMD internal elections and he “quit”! Is not true that HE WAS HANDPICKED BY FTJ?? A point of correction on your part, the convention was NOT in Kabwe but in Lusaka at the Mungulushi Conference centre!!

  6. You got no ambition grandma, in fact you a are a useless deputy. Go home and herd chickens, you wasting our time

  7. Inonge Wina show us the signal maama. Will the people in the under five clinic ever rule? We need a signal, show us the signal. We need a signal on how to treat those people that have lost elections a record five times and blames everyone else except themselves for stealing their votes maama.

  8. As matriarchy of the party she oversaw the worst state sponsored corruption this country has ever seen, mismanagement and misapplication of resources, and never said a word. She is therefore complicit in the rot and plunder that has been going on. She was of no consequence and her going is long overdue. She can go and mind the grand children in Nalolo. Thank you very much for nothing Mama Wina.

    • Her attitude is talk no evil, hear no evil, see no evil, do no evil and all will be well and no one will accuse you of having done anything.

    • She is too tired …she should be at home enjoying retirement with her lovely grandchildren instead of getting paid for nothing.

  9. She is in the office way beyond her expiry date! Lets more vibrant younger women of a calibre that can move the nation into the sphere were we can raise above rank mediocrity and stand shoulder to shoulder with progressive nations on the continent.

  10. Now if we can only get a Tumbuka elected as president that would make us proud and finally feel we’re part of Zambia. Ms Inonge should support one of us.

  11. Betrayal? A leader of a tribal grouping that opposes using tribal basis as grounds for opposing while masquerading as alternative political views WILL NEVER be president in Zambia!

  12. A wise, articulate and well educated woman who never dances to tribal views is an example of what this nation needs! Atheists and satanists want to destroy Zambia! God will not let them to! Zambia is for JESUS!

  13. She’d had reached the zenith, what more can she want? Vice is as good as the President since she acts in his absence!

  14. The quality of leadership in Zambia really amazes me. Can someone of her quality (or no quality) even think of becoming a President of anything? Is Zambia really a serious country or it is just another katemba? It does not seem that Zambia is still in the 3rd world category. It must be in the 6th world. It is like we have given up on ourselves as a people. Please Zambians, what has befallen you? Can you even debate this woman? Santa Monica Community College graduate with an Associate of Arts Degree in Social Work? Really?

    • She should be put to pasture with Fossil Chikwanda …this is why I like American Veeps their Offices are independent from Presidents Office; they are not mere followers like this old hen Bo Inonge here who is a mere passenger with zero contribution apart from her name.

  15. Anyone with the quality of the opposition with the caliber of HH in Zambia cannot lead wiser Zambians. Only those who think the disaster of a man of his quality believe he can! “Laughable!” borrowing the chronic “laugher bully”

  16. Mrs. Wina shall takeover Presidency of Zambia or shall just resign and let Chief Justice takeover when Lungu is impeached.

  17. @Dokowe. I guess your comment was meant as a joke…otherwise, that will be the most ignorant statement I will have come across this year!

  18. Impeach this clueless Nsenga president and bring in a Tumbuka ,Lenje or Soli to propel Zambia into a new dawn of prosperity.

    • I will repeat what I have said already. First qualification is honesty. Tribe if ever it counts come last. Tribe is not what makes you a good or bad president.

  19. Dont you understand upndeez by now? They want to distract your attention from the embarrassing comments by Baroness Scotland and the Commonwealth, which has put h.h firmly in his place regarding the dialogue process, by telling him off that it MUST be led by Zambians and NOT Commonwealth or Patricia Scotland.
    It does not get more embarrassing than that!!

    Nasheniko ama opposition politics yamu sewage ponds

  20. She should just retire now because she not added any value to Zambian politics under PF; Jonathan just did not want any questions from the Commonwealth about his abuse of power and corruption; PF in Sinda have caused more violence to the opposition;and Jonathan and Inonge are quiet; Christians of Lungu are quiet; and the ka katemba organisation they want to use for dialogue is quiet;

  21. I like her sincerity, she should have gone a step further and just also highlighted the truth that PF has failed. I am PF but honestly takangiwa.

    • Clement
      I like your honesty.But there some like Kampyongo who still cant smell the coffee and are busy harassing the opposition when they are slowly reaching the 11th hour with clearly no hope of pulling off a surprise in 2021.

  22. @29 Clement, you don’t fool anyone Sir. Your language thoughts choice of words etc give you away as that opposition party from the sewage ponds, cant mention the name just now but Patricia Scotland abd Janet Rogan and the international community are disgusted with its “leadership.”

  23. @29 Clement, you don’t fo.ol anyone Sir. Your language thoughts choice of words etc give you away as that opposition party from the sewage ponds, cant mention the name just now but Patricia Scotland abd Janet Rogan and the international community are disgu.sted with its “leadership.”

  24. @Mushota do not make yourself better than others: Remember one thing God is watching you. That is a sin to think that your are more better than the other. Shame on you. What Tribe are you? No one is more important in the eyes of GOD whether you are a PF Die hard or UPND Die hard. What ever position you hold in this world you are nothing if GOD is not in you. Thanks:

  25. American community colleges have very good teaching standards. Where they lag behind is research because their budgets are small. Joe Stiglitz went to a community college for his under-grad degree but look at what he has achieved. These colleges produce manpower that competes in the same economy as graduates from top universities so they cannot afford to have low teaching standards. Steve Jobs went to a community college also. Need I say more.

    • In your infinite ignorance, you read “college” you think all of them are 2 year community colleges. Reed College where Steve Job went is a private four year degree with masters courses offered. Reed college has produced Rhode scholars than the all entire Zambia has. So you cannot compare Santa Monica Community College run by the city of Santa Monica to Reed College. Ubufontini nabo, ala bwafya. Learned something today, not so?

  26. The problem is the way Bo Inonge and Lungu who are both Ex UPNDee members ascended to PF leadship by way of forcing cadres to raise hands and Pangas at Mulungushi rock in Kabwe without the presence of the inccumbernt Veep Guy Scot and Miles Sampa’s supporters.These two bulldooze there way to Pf Leadship.If thats the way you will mentor other men and women to ascend to power? That was undemocratic.

  27. Whilst we think you would clean up the rotten system in government withe Kampyongo, Jean Kapata, Kaizer Zulu and Amos Chanda being the biggest culprits neither do we seek you to lead us. Every one remembers how in Kabwe you were part of the system that made ECL President with out following proper election procdeures.
    No Mama we do not want you as President.

  28. “Presidency is not my priority” Can we for a moment look at the word “priority”. main concern, top on list ……, that means its there on the list but not just top on list. think of those words in relation to impending impeachment….add the rest

    • Mwelwa: LPM faced an impeachment motion but none of what we are seeing now ever happened. It was tabled for consideration without much ado. LPM had a very small majority in parliament compared to ECL. No rumours of corrupting his MPs, no nothing. The motion was debated , voted on and defeated and after that no dog barked, not even a mad one. What is so different about now?

  29. You have a Vice President who has no ambition. How would you think she would be inspired to work even harder if she is done? Very uninspirational fart. We are cursed as a nation.

  30. Are you sure our Presido is a foreigner? Who is not a foreigner in this country? In-fact as Zambia is concerned I would rather be referred to a foreigner than being referred to as a citizen without an origin. Up to tomorrow no one knows where Tongas came from. This means HH hailed from nowhere according to deductive reasoning. Zambia is the largest refuge centre in the world because all of you runaway from somewhere (Kola and South) except Tonga who do not know where they came from and came to settle in this land. So all of you are foreigners. Leave Chagwa alone to continue opening up Dundumwezi by way of putting up that road for the first time. Mwefinkula mwe. Muletasha?

  31. Kalos2020: In case you don’t know, our ignorance as humans is in fact infinite and our knowledge finite. There is so much we do not know. You missed the point I was making entirely. I was referring to the quality of teaching in America’s community colleges and liberal arts colleges( latter term clearly confusing) and I said that it was very good. Many Santa Monica alumni continue on to UCLA and that is a testament to the quality of its teaching. In Zambia we have been badly let down by very well enlightened people so our problem lies elsewhere. On sign of being cultured is disagreeing with people politely. Obviously you are yet to appreciate that.

  32. Kalos2020: In case you don’t know, our ignorance as humans is in fact infinite and our knowledge finite. There is so much we do not know. You missed the point I was making entirely. I was referring to the quality of teaching in America’s community colleges and liberal arts colleges( latter term clearly confusing) and I said that it was very good. Many Santa Monica alumni continue on to UCLA and that is a testament to the quality of its teaching. In Zambia we have been badly let down by very well enlightened people so our problem lies elsewhere. One sign of being cultured is disagreeing with people politely. Obviously you are yet to appreciate that.

  33. She wasn’t suppose to be the VP in the first place we must choose people merit, People we think can really take the nation forward but in Zambia its all politricks for example Mwanawasa RIP choose RB because most of his support came from Eastern and see what RB did. Am just fed up with Zambian Politricks because its full rubbish.

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