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Prime TV has not been closed by Government, just facing technical challenges with DSTV link


Privately owned Prime TV, the station that hosted People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti and New Labour Party Leader Fresher Siwale on Monday for a discussion on President Lungu’s nationality has denied reports that it has been shutdown.

Reports emerged on Tuesday that Government had ordered the closure of Prime TV following the programme where Mr Mulongoti and Mr Siwale made astonishing claims that President Lungu stole someone’s identity.

Some viewers reported failing to access the Prime TV channel on pay TV platform Dstv.

But Prime TV Acting Station Manager Makhokwa Khozi said the station has not been closed but merely facing technical challenges with the Dstv link.

“We would like to inform our viewers that we are are currently experiencing a technical fault and our team together with Multichoice are working round the clock to ensure that signal is restored,” he said in a statement.

“We would like to dispel social media reports that Prime TV has been closed. We will soon be back on air. Prime TV values your support.”


  1. This makes sense.

    People drooling all over the drivel on the President are flawed and mentally challenged.

    Smart people that are above such rubbish have ignored it with the contempt it deserves.

    I am a PhD holder



    • Ok, when back on Air, please Repeat the Program. We would like you to also post it on YouTube. We want to watch it. How did South Africans call Lungu Jonathan?? Something is fishy??

  2. In a civilised society such allegations are put to rest not with rhetoric but with solid evidence. Same happened with Obama and he put it to rest by producing documentation contrary to the serious allegations of being a non US citizen levelled against him. Such is a civilised code of conduct expected from people in leadership positions.

    • What documentation? You don’t even have a birth certificate or birth affidavit. Citizenship and NRCs in Zambia are obtained by sworn testimonies and oral track record.

      Lungu has done that several times.

    • Iwee @ mbeba na kolwe. ARE YOU EATING ALSO WITH LUNGU?? Let him come out and explain. what is wrong with people just answering questions.

  3. I don’t care whatever happens to this station. That story about 108 teachers of the Tonga tribe from one school being retired in national interest really put me off. I repeat how can one school have such a big number of teachers from one tribe?

  4. Me i donbiliveit this is like lightening striking twice. Didn’t this same Nsenga president close the Mast newspaper?

  5. Most things and most people with a public profile are subject to rumour every now and then. How many rumours have you heard about famous movie stars? Prime TV have done the right thing by refusing to be the subject of rumour. Great action by them. As for ECL, I don’t know why Mulongoti and Siwale can ignore the likes of Prof Patrick Mvunga for example. The man used to teach ECL. His UNZA law school classmates are around and they all can vouch for him.

    • Kikki people are very dull in zambia,i personally know three of my former classmate who changed names, one pa g7, g 9 and one after sch, Lungu is zambian by birth period,but he was not born jonathan mtawera. Did he change the names yes.where his parents native zambians No,

  6. Forgot the Obama case, that is a civilised society. Here in our new society of upndeez since the advent of h.h, some peple live in a sewage pond pond and come out everyday making all sorts of countless wild allegations every minute. Can a normal person cope with sewage citizens and a sewage opposition party shouting obscenities from a sewage pond their habitat?
    Is this not the same Lungu the member of LAZ we were told? Let upndeez go and check the records at LAZ and go back to their sewage pond, we will only allow our beloved President to respond to development.

    Dont you understand upndeez by now? They want to distract your attention from the embarrassing comments by Baroness Scotland and the Commonwealth, which has put h.h firmly in his place regarding the dialogue process, by…

    • “…Is this not the same Lungu the member of LAZ we were told? Let upndeez go and check the records at LAZ and go back..”

      What is the connection with LAZ and lungu , what were we told ???

  7. Dont you understand upndeez by now? They want to distract your attention from the embarrassing comments by Baroness Scotland and the Commonwealth, which has put h.h firmly in his place regarding the dialogue process, by telling him off that it MUST be led by Zambians and NOT Commonwealth or Patricia Scotland.
    It does not get more embarrassing than that!!

    • @Spaka: When, you ask??? Because your source of news is watchdog, you never hear what is actually on the ground. The British High Commissioner announced last week in Livingstone that Commonwealth won’t head dialogue, don’t you know?? Even LT hasn’t broken that news.

    • Spaka is head over heels spaked for Hakainde Hichilema. He’ll even mistake a cows mow for HH’s support by the masses.

    • The best is measured by popularity. ZNBC has more than 90% viewership. That’s why the opposition cry foul and want to be feature there. Continue with your PRY TV where people like Mulongoti pry into people lives instead of being useful politicians.

    • @MbiliYakale, ZNBC is force fed on the common citizen, it’s like saying the best place to live is in the ghetto. People have had no choice of TV.

    • @9.2, I don’t think so. We are now digital and Top Star which is meant for main stream Zambia has other channels apart from ZNBC, including PRY TV. GO TV which is just as cheap in terms of subscription also hosts ZNBC and PRY TV. So it is not true that ZNCB is force fed on the common citizen. Citizens have a choice and it happens to be ZNBC. Period.

    • Nobody is forced to watch Znbc. We’ve got quite a range of choices for news sources. I for one I don’t watch Znbc. …I just listen to the headlines and go to another channel unless one headline interests me like that fellow from a security company who drove away with almost 2 million kwacha in Ndola last Friday. Znbc maybe government biased but they don’t manufacture falsehoods or slander.

  8. @8.2 Zambian citizen, you are very right. Even Baroness Patricia Scotland herself in person was on TV meeting Inonge Wina and emphasizing the same. I have no doubt Patricia is disgusted by politics of sewer ponds.
    By the way, is h.h attending the Commonwealth summit? No? Isn’t he a president too? Or is the summit only for recognised Presidents and their nominees?

  9. There is one thing that i notice.The paranoid fear of HH.The man is not part of the story but 50% of the comments are leveled at him.
    Can the president put a stop to this story or he doesnt realise how such discourse is disruptive to national progress.?
    Who will they blame when people start believing that there silence means guilt?
    This again brings into light the quality of presidential advisers.Despite warning our president has maintained the inept lot including Smiler Sikazwe,lwabo……

    • The PF rats don’t sleep thinking about HH.
      HH is their nightmare…

      After all here is a man who forced lungu to be dancing and gp on to cheat and rig elections inspite of just having spent then $10 billion…..if it was any other candidate , after spending that amount , there was no need to even campain….

  10. it could be true that they have closed it down! hw abt those in lsk, are they able to access it? This prime Tv is the complete opposite of ZNBC, ZNBC is for Lungu as Prime is for HH!!

  11. People don’t understand where we are coming from, I was given a name at birth after failing grade seven I changed because we were told that you will not pass the machine which marks the exames will recognise your name and I picked up my late elder brother’s name, but if you to chililabombwe mine hospital where I was born it’s not there ,all I did was inform my parents.
    Ba Mulongoti you are old enough you know very well that a lot of people who grew up in the 80s did that, stop being jealous bwana.

  12. Ba Spaka like lilo. Mulongoti is bluffing. He knows it but wants attention or political mileage, whatever you call it. His story is full of serious inconsistencies. Mulongoti knows that there is a limit to which one can produce records. He is exploiting that. ECL will do well to ignore these useless allegations. Is every past Zambian President a foreigner? Give us a break!

  13. Even mad men and women can be useful in society. How they do not have problems with dirty food and malaria. Equally, all the loosing candidates accepted the loss but for one UPND. This scenario can also be used by the political scientists to examine the thinking of this looser.

  14. The arm chair critics make news of every kind and think they are the know it all.Deep down they gnash their teeth and know the noose is getting tighter every day.

  15. I wander how HH is being connected to Lungus parentage when its Mulongoti who brought it up….

    Bane let’s stop insulting the innocent why do you people hate HH so much?????..
    I know poor people don’t like the rich…..just work hard bane one day you could make it as well.

  16. Spaka,
    what ever you call your self, I started grade one at Mitondo primary ,my father retired we went to Luapulaat Mulundu primarily go and check if it bothers you, all my adult life I’m known by the that I carry now and the people that at secondary school know me as such.where is the problem.

    • That is what mulongoti is asking about lungu ?? Where was his primary school , his early childhood and where are his patents , uncles aunties from ?

    • It appears only read what pleases you. He was at Kwacha primary before going to Chimwemwe A so what exactly are doing in UK or how did you manage to there if simple things are too hard for you?

    • Where in his autobiography ” against all odds” is there mention of lungus primary education. ??…..stop lying , you also probably heard this information from the blogger FACTS…..

  17. You poor people kindly go and get licences for mukula logs ,export to China Chinese, become rich like HH and stop hating him for being rich.You can also start exporting grass from luapula to USA.They need it for their horses.

  18. I am beginning to wonder whether people who claim to be educated really have wisdom or not. ECL worked in private companies in Zambia like Backlays Bank and has a bank account with local banks. Why can’t people go to these institutions and look at his documents or NRC. Plz stop cheap politics and think about constructive issues affecting our country. For example new pay as you earn system. If you get K 15,000 as your gratuity, you will be deducted about K 4,034.38 and you will take home with you K 10, 965.62. Which is not fare at all.

    • He also worked for ZCCM owned Mulungushi Investments. Anyway it’s good to be entertained by people who have nothing to do other than peddling lies.

  19. No Mwabantu!!!!! the misinformation started with Antony Mukwita’s book. In his excitement, he didn’t research enough and see what impact the disinformation has brought on the President. I think its up to the President to put all this to rest. He should state which Village he hails from in Eastern Province or Nyasaland. As most workers in the mines at a time came from Njisi in Malawi. The names of his parents, siblings, cousins, uncles. remember in the 70s Zambians had very large families. Though, it was not easy for indigenous Zambians to attain higher education but foreigners children had money to pay for school fees & other school requisites. It shouldn’t make the presidency lose sleep. Unless, the Jonathan from Zuma was just a slippery of tongue. But keeping quiet. It will make…

  20. Close the station. Next time they will broadcast that bird flu is spreading death and people should burn their coughing babies.

    • Prime tv u got those prostitutes from muvi tv who failed to perform mwape, melody ooouch mwape wins awards but look at original copy bitch

  21. What have done with PhD,coz that’s just a paper in Zambia,even all degree holders are cadre pride for degrees.go in firms and ask who does the maintenance s,its just simple artisans

  22. Degree ,PhD are just sold,if u want to challenge me,have u manufactured just a simple aerospace . professors are cadres today Shame

  23. I would like to rule Zambia one day since I see you people are pretty docile. Who do I see for a fake reg? Which lawyer can I use for organization of my political party? Where are the most broke peasants that I can buy for a winning ballot? How can I buy Rupiah Banda and Dora Siliya for the eastern vote? Sylvia Masebo is she on the market?

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