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Sub-merged vehicle victims escape death


Kampemba river (facebook post)

Kampemba River in Chama district in Muchinga Province has flooded again leaving several people and motorists stranded on both sides.

The flooding of the river followed heavy rains that the district has been experiencing in the last 48 hours.

Both Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Jobbicks Kalumba and Chama District Council Chairman Gibby Kabandama have confirmed the development in separate interviews with ZANIS in Chinsali yesterday.

Mr. Gibby Kabandama said that one of the government departmental vehicles was swept away by the fast running water in Kampemba River and it later got submerged into the river.

Mr. Kabandama however, said all the occupants in the Ford Ranger vehicle managed to swim to safety.

He added that the flooding of Kampemba River has again cut off Chama district from the rest of the Province and has since appealed to the Road Development Agency (RDA) to intervene by providing a temporal crossing point.

In February this year, about 377 houses in Chama district were destroyed, cropped, submerged and a number of public infrastructure including crossing points damaged.

Government has since procured 3, 016 iron sheets which have been distributed to the flood victims in the area.

Government through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) in the office of the Vice President have also in the last two months been distributing relief food to the affected flood victims who have been put on a 3-month program of receiving food rations that include Mealie meal, Beans, Salt and cooking oil.

Meanwhile Acting DMMU Muchinga Province Regional Coordinator Joshua Banda said his office is closely monitoring the latest floods in the district.

Kampemba river (facebook post)


  1. The driver of this vehicle should be charged for causing damage and sabotaging Government property.
    How stupiiiid was he to drive the vehicle in such a huge pool of water? OR IS HE SO BLIND THAT HE NEEDS EYE SURGERY???
    He did this deliberately because it was not his personal vehicle – this vehicle was bought using my hard earned money in form of TAX DEDUCTIONS that I pay to Government every month.
    This driver and the officials who directed him to do so must all face the law and PAY FOR THEIR SINS.
    If I had his details I would be inclined to sue him in my personal capacity – Government normally waya wayas on such matters.

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