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Zimbabwe propose twinning Mashonaland West and Southern Province


Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale
Southern Province Minister Dr Edify Hamukale

Zimbabwe remains grateful to the Zambian people for the unwavering support and hospitality displayed during the bloody struggle for emancipation from colonial bondage in which so many lives of indigenous Zimbabweans were lost.

Zimbabwe’s Mashonaland West Province Minister Webster Shamu said Zambians sacrificed immensely for the current freedom the people of Zimbabwe are enjoying by offering sanctuary to their troubled sisters and brothers.

Mr. Shamu said time has now come to give full recognition to the significant role played by Zambia and its people.

He was speaking in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe, when Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale visited Mashonaland West Heroes’ Acres and Museum.

Mr. Shamu said the proposed twinning of Mashonaland West Province and Zambia’s Southern Province is not only symbolic but a clear demonstration of close historic ties between the two neighboring countries that share a lot in common in terms of heritage and socio-economic conditions.

He said the twining programme will also enhance trade between the two countries as both Zambians and Zimbabweans will enjoy cordial business relations.

“I really look forward to the day when we sign the twinning agreement between Mashonaland West Province of Zimbabwe and Southern Province of Zambia, which will create an enabling trade environment between the two countries,” he said.

And Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale who is on a three day working visit to Zimbabwe said the twinning of the two Provinces will provide an opportunity for enhanced socio-economic ties for the mutual benefit of the peoples of both countries.

He said the political struggle is long gone and that it is now time to fight for economic liberation through skills training, agriculture and job creation for the general citizenry.

Dr. Hamukale said for the liberation achievements to be realized there is need for the two Provinces to continue working hard and developing strategies that seek to develop the economy better than it was during the colonial rule.

He however, noted that Zambia has recognized various national heroes that took the front battle line during the fight for independence by naming roads and buildings after them.

And Mashonaland West Province Minister Webster Shamu noted with sadness the escalating level of corruption in most African countries.

Mr. Shamu said corruption is one of the negative hindrances of development to which he is optimistic that through the twinning programme the two Provinces can share ideas on how to fight the scourge.


    • What twinning? Let them have it all as part of Zimbabwe. Then HH his chief Mukuni will belong there. May be they will be happy as Zimbos.

    • Mashonaland West also covers the Zambezi valley, home of the Tongas of Zimbabwe and where HH has his roots. It seems plausible to twin SP TO MW. After all the two peoples have a lot in common from language to culture. I give it a nod.

  1. “…..Shamu noted with sadness the escalating level of corruption in most African countries….”

    Everywhere Zambians go corruption is preached because people know lungu is a corrupt theif…….how can you have a president being accused of being a corrupt theif every day and he does not deny it ???

  2. Just look at that minster’s desk you can not tell if its 1985 or 2018…not a single PC or Laptop in sight …just a big Oxford dictionary!!

  3. no no no… let Zimbabwe be Zimbabwe… Zambia shall be Zambia… what twinning? We built Harare and liberated those Morans, what did we get to show for it? Those Zimbos would actually lough at us, literally when we went through a terrible patch.

    They would call little money in their pockets as being in possession of KWACHA. Telling off each other why they are having KWACHAs and need to advance to Him Dollar.


  4. There was more Zimbo’s killed by the current prez of Zim than during the struggle and Mugabe has totally destroyed Zim. When we were down and out in the late 80s did they help us? no just made fun of us.

  5. Let zambezi river remain the boundary. Because if southern twins, eastern will want totwin, next northern, luapula, NW, and then western. At the of the day, Zambia will be a shell. Lets remain one unitary state.

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